A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×21 (How many witches does it take to hold down a pregnant werewolf?)


Everyone’s game face is officially on as Marcel’s vampire hoard attempts to prevent Genevieve from completing her spell for Klaus that will give the crescent wolves control of their transformation and extra power under Klaus’s rule. Meanwhile, after Josh suffers a vindictive bite from Klaus forcing Davina to give him Marcel’s location, she is once more greet by Michael who agrees to help get Klaus’s blood to save Josh and commits to knowing how to kill Klaus.

After a grueling battle between Elijah and several of Marcel’s vampires, Franchesca is revealed to be a surviving member of the Guerrerra werewolves and secretly made a deal with Genevieve for the stones in exchange for Hayley. The deal is made and Genevieve takes her to the church where the other witches and Monique demand the child’s sacrifice. Hayley screams in defiance as Klaus hears from the distance, weakened by a spell Genevieve casted that links the stones power to him.

This episode brought to light the truth of Franchesca’s involvement in the show. Until now, her “mortal” confidence had me questioning the longevity of her character, but it was a clever ploy to returning to form another wolf tribe that was wronged by the vampires who claimed New Orleans years ago. With her turn complete and power to control it through the stones, she and her brothers will be just as equal a force to battle the other groups, if not more so. Whether her character and tribe make it beyond next week’s finale, remains to seen. I’d like to think that they have staying power, because the wolf arc has been lacking up until recent episodes. Welcome to the team.

Regardless of her involvement, I still feel bad for Genevieve. She had a cruel run of vengeance between Rebekah and Klaus but found herself more concerned with keeping the witches intact and regrettably followed the will of the ancient witches. Under Monique crazed constant bantering, Genevieve and Davina are the only witches that can be considered neutral-good considering the circumstances. Her secret deals aren’t truly made from malice even if she felt dubiously wronged by Klaus and his constant threats of betrayal. She reacts as characters do under constant pressure and need. What I appreciated most out of her character is that she’s more fitting to duel and combat Klaus on both a romantic and oppositional level than Camille ever could. It was one reason that kept Klaus from truly pursuing Camille, and so far it worked. I can foresee Genevieve being ousted by Monique for the safe of the harvest power and the need for it since they are at a serious disadvantage against any other group. I’m not in support of it, but it still think it’s happening.

As for Camille, on one end of the spectrum, she now has major access to relics, and information that led her to determine Franchesca’s true bloodline. I’m certain that was Fran’s entire motivation with attaining the key in the first place to keep her secret. Although it seemed rather redundant the moment she revealed herself as a werewolf which had to be the intention since she needed to kill to activate her gene. I’m hoping Camille will continue accessing and using the information stored in that secret room. This opens the door for some good opportunities I hope are not wasted quickly.

One of the scenes that felt strained was Elijah and Hayley’s second passionate kiss. While true it was necessary to address and maintain continuity, the action and stress of the episode didn’t lend to surreal moment that certain “Halijah” fans want to continue witnessing. There was a moment where Hayley explains that she was once betrothed to Jackson and wanted Elijah to do more than just confide a basic answer. Elijah did his part and told her she’ll always have a choice, but the betrothed concept is nothing more than a reluctant memory that continues to be brought up like it means anything at this point. It’s clear that Hayley cares for Jackson, but they’ve had very little scenes to engage their feelings that there’s hardly any kind of struggle for her to choose. And Elijah wins solely based on his patience and over-abundance of concern for her well being and safety. For continuity’s sake the scene had to fit, but it was an incredibly tight fit in a very quickly paced penultimate episode. We already know Elijah will do anything to keep her safe, all that’s left is for the two to come to terms and except that they are a couple.

Every one of Marcel’s vamps including himself have been bit and have wolf venom in their systems. This will likely spell disaster for nearly every basic vampire on the show. I’m not expecting Diego to survive, but stranger things have happened. The real question is whether Marcel will survive? In my honesty, not only do I expect Marcel to be taken out by the end of the finale, I think it would complete the character’s sense of purpose and serve to fuel Klaus in a way that no one has ever affected him before. When it comes to the growth of a supporting character, change is inevitable. The start of the season we were led to believe that Marcel was the tried and true antagonist, but as the season progressed, we got to know the real Marcel and how he really works as a character. His true bond was never with Rebekah but rather with Klaus and it’s more than obvious the two will never see eye to eye, not when their city is involved. If Klaus is ever going to evolve, he needs to understand what his limitations are both physically and emotionally. The death of Marcel can redefine something in him that isn’t just power and control. He can duel and debate with his siblings till the end of time, but Marcel is not truly immortal and can be killed. He’s one of the few characters left that can strike an impact on Klaus and help make a change by a strong ending. Marcel can have longevity, but like Klaus, there needs to be some change in his character and outlook on what matters to him.

Considering Davina has not brought Michael back to life, I’m more inclined to believe that it will be a finale scene or very close. Michael can’t just appear in the last five minutes and have a true reunion with the ending to match. If he appears in the middle of the multi-feud, it won’t work, not with Klaus so devastated and hurt already. It would be more appropriate if the finale scene was Michael subduing or appearing before Klaus with an extreme upper hand in everything. I don’t believe he has any intention of helping save Josh’s life. He hates vampires just as much as he hates Klaus especially if they are not his kin. Though, if he’s brought back, does he retain his vampire abilities or something different? We’ll find out next week.

Overall, I very much liked this episode and the build up to the finale. There was plenty of action to go around and a few twists that will keep everyone guessing how the finale will play out. Hayley is in serious plight and Klaus can do little to stop it as he roars his frustration at hearing her screams. I hope Rebekah finds a way to return, even though her heart was set on staying away. The siblings should be together for the end regardless of good or bad blood between them. See you all next week as we wrap up season 1 of The Originals.


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