A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 1×22 (Klaus Wars: Episode 22 – A new Hope)


Our first season about the oldest vampires draws to a close in The Originals climactic finale “From a Cradle to a Grave”. Wounded hearts and forgiving spirits race to ensure the safety of Hayley’s child as she is brought into the world and in instant danger from all who would harm her.

The finale foreshadowed coming full circle with the plot of Klaus and his family, including his parents, who want an end to their kind. It does a prophetic job at closing off all loose ends of the past arc and promises a more condensed thread that’s much more familiar for those who remember Klaus’s escapades on TVD. Many rich decisions were made and few pleasant ones to add. This finale drew on appropriate emotions and subtle teases with what’s to come as season two has already been greenlit for the fall.

Klaus is forced to watch while being bound by the witches as Hayley gives birth to her daughter. Monique slits Hayley’s throat and break Klaus’s neck then leave with the baby with a finite time to sacrifice her in the cemetery. Elijah finds Klaus with Hayley as the two leave to find and stop Genevieve.

Davina uses her abilities to siphon Klaus’s blood from the area where he and Marcel fought. With only enough to save one vampire from werewolf venom, Marcel tells Davina to save Josh. Afterward, Camille shows him and Hayley Kieran’s hidden room with relics to help stop and bleed Klaus including an object called ‘The Devil’s Star’.

Elijah and Klaus reach the cemetery but are stuck in an illusion-like maze. Meanwhile, Hayley reawakens in a transition state having her daughter’s blood inside her before death. She finds the brothers and together they seek after the witches.

Davina takes several relics and uses them to resurrect Mikael who is eventually brought back to life. At the cemetery, Genevieve, Monique, and the other harvest girl attempt to keep Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley at bay. Elijah disarms Genevieve and Klaus impales one of the harvest girls. A Monique attempts to kill the child, Marcel arrives and uses the star to kill Monique. He then steals the child and returns to the compound. Klaus catches up with him but they realize that all the bitten vampires are dead (killed earlier by Mikael) Even though Klaus realizes that Marcel was going to use the baby to leverage his blood, he thanks Marcel for saving his daughter and offers his blood anyway.

Davina reveals to Mikael that she is in control of him and will punish Klaus when she’s ready. Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah later realize that the baby will always be in danger as long as everyone knows she’s alive and will be hunted if they stay or run. Hayley offers a third option and Klaus agrees with the plan and sets in motion events to make everyone believe that the child didn’t survive. Marcel plants evidence suggesting that Oliver killed the baby and Hayley ingests a tiny amount of her daughter’s blood to sustain her transition into a hybrid. Klaus then takes his daughter to a remote location where Rebekah arrives and takes the child. Klaus names his daughter hope and tells Rebekah to find a witch who can perform a cloaking spell and to be happy.

In the final scene, Cassie, the final harvest girl is seen ressurrected and walking through the cemetery. She goes to a grave and is met by an unkown male who refers to her as “mother”. The grave is Esther’s thus revealing that Cassie is risen as Esther and the male is her son, “Finn”, one of the originals.

I applaud this show’s tenacity and perseverance with providing it’s own approach to telling the vampire, werewolf, and witch story that exists in the realm of The Vampire Diaries. With New Orleans an ever existing background of rich history and gothic allure, Klaus, Elijah, Marcel, Rebekah and Hayley have made this series an enjoyable one. The finale drew in remarkable emotions at exactly the right times. If there’s one constant, it’s the chain that tightens and loosens its hold on Klaus and his growth with accepting family as a means to do good things. Those good things will always remain self-centered, but it’s a step in the right direction. He and those close to him will have to keep their biggest secret and contend with powerful and destructive parents. But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s review our strong points.

Klaus and Hayley pushed their performances in high gear. Every piece of anger, fear, and passionate pain flowed their cores and felt real. Klaus doesn’t need to holler and swear pain to get his anger across. He can roar with the best of him and his helplessness help really sell that burden with watching Hayley die, initially. I admit, I was caught a bit off guard by Hayley’s apparent death and tried to imagine the rest of the show without her…and then they brought her back. Normally, I’m very against these “get out of death free” cards, but in Hayley’s case, she didn’t need to be sacrificed for the finale’s sake. Just watching her break down at the situation toward the end while holding her daughter made enduring her character for the past 22 episodes worth it. That kind of tearful outburst was the kind of overload necessary to truly add life to her personality, something I think had been lacking since day one. She’s driven now, and will do anything to se that Hope can come back to their city, just like Klaus promised. I enjoyed how these two interacted during the flashback as well. It was a little campy and fluttery, but we need to be reminded that Klaus does care, he just can’t be around anyone else to show it.

For those that didn’t make it through the finale, I can’t say I’m surprised by those events. Monique never had the right characterization and was barely balanced out by Genevieve desperation to stay alive. Their deaths, put an end a revolving issue with the witch plots that never seem to find the right focus with good characters. I like Genevieve a lot, but she couldn’t gauge her choices effectively and was driven to do cruel things at the end. She wasn’t powerful any longer and likely wouldn’t be if she remained on the show. Witches can have an afterlife presence, so maybe we can see Genevieve again some day. But not Monique. Leave her with Sophie and never bring them back.

Elijah was a bit of a miss on this finale. I felt more for Klaus’s plight then I did for Elijah and for one brief instance we got to see a bit of his vulnerability when he told Klaus how he opened up to Hayley. I like that, but it was a one shot scene. There wasn’t any chance to build or recreate that kind of moment with him because of the scenes that followed. They didn’t get to share in their harmony together due to horrific circumstances and that made Elijah suffer a little in the finale. He remains stalwart and driven to protect his immediate family so he didn’t falter his original course at all, he just didn’t expand on those emotions like Hayley and Klaus did, or at least enough.

Even though Klaus has forgiven Marcel and is part of the baby hiding plan, I still think he’s a bit of a wild card in this. He can still be persuaded because he has an ego and a love for the city that can make him a dangerous ally. I expect him to continue secretly plotting, even if its for the good for Klaus and company.

Another thing they did right was not oversell Klaus’s feelings toward Camille. They didn’t jump into each other’s arms and she’s not a part of the Hope’s hiding. These are good moves. It allows breathing space and a tease that he’ll pursue her again when the time is right. Now, in all fairness, the time will never be right for them. This was a repeat conversation they’ve had several times this season and this situation was very different. Camille and Marcel have unfinished business and I’m certain Klaus remembers this. In any case, they’ll be the next season’s “will they won’t they” as season one was mainly dedicated to Hayley and Elijah with “will they? yup.”

That leaves two elements left, The evil parents, and the room of ancient relics. Esther’s return is fantastic. I prefer the original actress, but Cassie may be fine. I’m hoping she doesn’t body swap a lot, that will just get confusing. Introducing Finn with her was interesting as well. OF all the Originals, Finn is the least interesting, but with new actors and come new life, so we’ll see where they take this. Is Esther hell bent on Klaus’s destruction or will she resume her original plan and eliminate all supernaturals from existence?

Keeping Mikael out of Klaus’s line of sight was also a tactical move on the writer’s part. I was thoroughly convinced he’d be the finale’s main villain, but this turn out makes vastly more sense. Keep him hidden and them unleash him for season 2. Being bound to Davina is also a gutsy but bold move. She’s always stressed about finding a way to kill Klaus and now she has the ultimate weapon to do so. How will Esther and Mikael react to one another when they meet again. And they will, they have to. I’m looking forward to finding out.

Kieran’s supply closet of ancient relics is also an acceptable addition to the plot. Let’s just hope they don’t use to too frequently and have a arsenal of obnoxious “This object totally fits with the problem of this episode and character” motif. I expect them to have fun but to also not overdo it. It still strikes me as odd that he’d leave that room for Camille to discover.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the finale. Hayley’s is now a hybrid and Klaus has a resurgence of good intentions. They expelled the necessary characters and reintroduced some more fan favorites. I hope Rebekah’s role isn’t downgraded to a camero every ten episodes. It would be funny if she took residence in Mystic Falls, but I’m not counting on the world being that small. She deserves more screen time and I’m glad she and Klaus buried their negative feelings and have moved forward in their lives. Him giving her and Hope his old wooden toy was precious and added to the heartfelt moment. My only cringe was the name of the child. Hope is very common when the child is more a symbol then a person. It’s cliche, but since Klaus named her (presumably) it works for him, because he needs a symbol to believe in and hope should do the trick for the time being. I’m uncertain if TO will continue into third season territory if VD ends after six seasons. Spin-Off shows have grown past their predecessors in the past and TO is looking to stay strong which is an excellent sign. Thanks for reading my season one reviews, we’ll return this fall when season two begins.


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