A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 7×04 (Tig has Bananarama’s “I’m your Venus” stuck in his head)


A different set of chaotic fallout rains down on Samcro in tonight’s episode “Poor Little Lambs”. I was riding out a mind-made-up score by the halfmark when suddenly, that magical word of maelstrom entered into Charming; Retaliation.

Even though both were absent in person, August and Lin were very much felt and impacted Jax and the Sons as they try to negotiate a drug deal with Tully’s men on the outside, using Lin’s drugs. Simultaneously, Jax finds and convinces the deceased preacher’s wife into signing a deal that allows August to launder money on church property. All the keep the peace, until other factors twist the bullets into every direction.

I’m not surprised by the early turnout of death’s, and one can almost feel the mark placed on Colette when Gemma practically gave her an unofficial blessing to take care of Jax for helping her. Now, due to an unknown snitch, Lin’s men have terminated everyone in Diosa Norte including the lovable Colette. Her death saddens me, not only because I liked her character but because it’s too soon for Jax to feel that kind of sting. In my mind, I already played out the evening’s events which would have revolved around Jax and Colette sharing another embrace necessary for both parties involved. Now Jax is once again on the bitter end of Lin’s blowback.

In the background, Juice’s APB has been green-lit and Gemma has been forced to pull Juice out of town herself. There’s a bit of complaining coming from Juice in this episode but it’s mean to solidify the fear he admits to Wendy and Gemma that he doesn’t want to die but can’t do anything alone. It’s still mildly heartfelt if not a little repetitive for the character. I’m still convinced something big will happen with Juice at the center of it.

The death’s the two police officers scouting the meet between Jax and Leland was also cringing considering it was the only expected outcome. Alas, one is still alive and knows Jax was there. With Wayne watching her in intensive care, he’ll likely get that knowledge first hand. But what will that mean for Wayne? Sheriff Jarry can’t find out and It may seem too obvious for Jax to silence the wounded officer. I’m in the dark on how that will play out, but that’s not a bad thing.

For the third time, Gemma converses with Tara about putting Abel in a private school and that though Thomas may grow up to be a doctor like Tara, Abel is most certainly going to follow Jax. This conversation is important but I’ll elaborate in another section below.

It was good to see Walter Goggin’s return as the sultry and sweet Venus. Her pivotal role in the episode was appropriate if not a little shoe-horned, but the writers were looking for a way to bring her back and it’s fine. No complaints. Tig finally puts a wounded move on the lady and they share one of the more tender moments of the show. It could very well outshine Chibs and Jarry with their relationship upgraded to hand-holding in a car. I can see Tig sitting the next episode out while Venus takes care of him. He did take a bit of buckshot in the gut for his troubles after all.

I’m cautious about what comes next and I don’t like spying on teasers for upcoming episodes. Jury sat this one out which means they’re saving his retaliation for another day, possibly when Lin and August have been dealt with. Lin is the obvious immediate threat and Jax won’t be able to let the other groups take each other out as intended. No, Jax will once more make this very personal and escalate the crew as needed to handle their own. I would normally expect Nero to side along Jax for the ride, but based on his comment that Jax enjoys the violence he inflicts, I’m not certain he will support more retaliation even though Diosa’s was hit hard.

The end of the episode marks a sting of vengeance for the executions at Diosa Norte. Barosky may have a hand in the strikes back, but then again, he could be the snitch. It’s hard to navigate through these webs these days and with this the final season, the spinning is even more prevalent.



This weeks favorite scene goes to Gemma’s conversation with invisible Tara while driving in her car. I wasn’t much satisfied with most of the earlier scenes and the shocker scenes at the end were moments to stare at wide-eyed then they were to reflect. This scene was very subtle but continues to build on Gemma’s character, something she never does throughout the course of the series. I have to give the writers a lot of credit. But the more I see Gemma talking to Tara about the way things are, the more I believe that somewhere deep inside, she really does regret what she did. Crying every episode only gets you so far as a sorrowful villain, and this is what Juice’s problem is. With Gemma, it’s different. She’s channeling conversation after conversation as if it was a casual thing like getting a cup of coffee. I’m not expecting it, but I’d be surprised if Gemma was caught having one of these conversations. It isn’t necessary but Wayne is an easy target to pick up on something like that and question the nature of it. I don’t think these conversations will stop anytime soon and for the sake of Gemma’s development, they should keep going.



Speaking of Gemma, she is my pick for this weeks character MVP. Never doubt her ability to call on her skills as a tactful person in the moment. To her threat to the mother at the daycare/school for beeping at her continuously, and for throwing in a few sarcastic remarks to Jarry just to make sure she knew who was the alpha female. Gemma is still juggling through plots with keeping Juice safe, handling Nero’s outbursts, soothing Jax’s violent tendencies, and watching over her son in general when it comes to women or what not. She was all over the place this episode and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Plus, I enjoy her conversations to Tara as I’ve stated before. They’re fresh and interesting and should keep happening, but hopefully not to the point of insanity.



I immediately thought Jury would be the one who sold out Jax to Lin, but I’m not certain Jury has enough recent information to do that. My next guess would be the Grim Bastards, in case they have a secret loyalty card we don’t know about. But they wouldn’t know where Samcro stored Lin’s guns, I think. That leaves a Samcro officiate, and it’ll be hard to believe anyone that close to Jax is letting things leak. It could be a mislead and Lin found out through other means. There’s just no way to know this early.

Both Juice and Gemma loaded their bags with silenced pistols. This is peculiar, not that they’re loading weapons but with silencers. Gemma contemplated bringing hers but packed it anyway. If all they’re doing is going to her father’s house, why silenced guns and why both of them?

Jax made sure Nero knew Juice was still in town. We all know what Juice did last season and what he admitted to Nero in his drugged up state. Nero is a man of justice, but does that mean murder? Why would Jax need to keep that line open? Is it just in case Jax and his crew can’t find Juice that maybe Nero will take care of it for him? After that scene I expect Juice and Nero to cross paths at some point. This could have an unexpected benefit for Juice since Nero is a bit more forgiving than Jax is and might listen to Juice.

Tig said “giggity”. Just thought that was funny.



I give this week’s episode a 7. I was convinced it wouldn’t go higher than a 5 until the shock scenes started showing up during the second half. They boosted the score because it’s hardly a Sons episode without crazy WTF moments like the grenade in Scoops, or the bloody hit at Diosa Norte. Most of the acting was par for the most part though I did appreciate Colette and Gemma’s small moments together and of course Venus’s suave delivery all to which captured Tig’s heart. Things are picking up a little faster than expected, but I like the pace. Jax can’t be Jax if everything goes right for him and his crew. This season is about bloody retribution…like season 6 was…and 5…and 4…and 3…well 3 was a nice trip to Ireland, but still. Thanks for reading!


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2 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 7×04 (Tig has Bananarama’s “I’m your Venus” stuck in his head)

  1. I agree the second half picked up nicely, but the grenade in the ice cream store was a little too much. I know you have to take the events on this show with a grain of salt, but the fact that no one got hurt in that explosion is a little too far fetched for me.

    • Good point. It looked like an m67 or a 69 frag grenade which would have done serious damage in that radius. I don’t believe there’s a lot of explosive fire from those but I could be wrong. It also looked like the first one thrown was also a grenade and not a rock, but I couldn’t really tell.

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