A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×01 (Sheriff Jack Carter from Eureka joins the cast as…not Sheriff Jack Carter)


Episodic party in the background? Check

Over serialized exposition? Check

New random interest for at least two characters? Check

Plain Stefan is plain? Check

Whiney Elena? Check

Obligatory Damon and Bonnie have breakfast and read the newspaper in the afterlife scene? Check…wait, what?

Welcome to season 6 of VD! Here, summers means no accidents, deaths, or strange happenings occur until that new pesky semester starts in school. Elena wants to be a doctor now while secretly drinking psychotropic herbs given by Luke for the purpose of hallucinating Damon. I’ll get to how completely unconventional that is later, but for now, it seems to satiate Elena and baffle Caroline with how the former is handling the “grieving” process.

Out of all the characters, Matt, our only human left on the show (Jeremy doesn’t count because he’s in town) is the only one who is being productive enough while other characters such as Jeremy sit and stew over the deaths of their friends. In Jeremy’s case, the love of his life, Bonnie. He fills his time with video games and ordering out for one night stands. Tough life that one.

Caroline is frantic over finding away to remove the witch spell that keeps all magic and vamps out of Mystic Falls while in college, Tyler is having issues keeping his anger in check. Alaric, our new top of the line vampire does his duty warning Tyler and the audience that his werewolf gene is just one kill away from reactivating. Tyler is high-school crushing on Liv, who is not very flirty back, for good reason.

Stefan, surprisingly, well not surprisingly, has ditched his efforts with finding a witch to help find Damon and has settled down with a girl, Ivy, and eventually tells Elena in soft brooding fashion that he let go. I do find it poetic that he decided to finally speak to Elena but still ignores Caroline. They are going to make this pairing take the whole season to form, my theory.

As far as premieres go, this one was a bit under the radar of good. We’re kind of jerked around a bit with bitterness, annoyingness, Frustration, apathy, despair, and a dash of brooding that the fans would come to expect from a typical episode. Stefan, I think is the only supernatural character who’s learned anything and tried to settle on moving on. Unfortunately, his curse is that the new girlfriend is one of two things:

  1. Dead within the next 1-2 episodes
  2. A witch/evil thing masquerading for some evil/whacky plot thread

Who knows, maybe Ivy is normal, but normal isn’t very interesting right now.

Our only glimpse into a seasonal plot is actually the final scene when Damon and Bonnie prepare breakfast and sit at a table in a house that’s brightly lit. They tease each other over his pancakes and that’s it. After scratching my head I’m concluding that they’re either stuck in some sort of limbo or they’re fully integrated on the other side and that’s just what the afterlife is like now. Not that we expected these two to be truly gone from the show. It does open a door to some interesting possibilities. Maybe even a flashback or two on what happened to them over the summer. Hopefully they’re not actually together, that’d be weird, like Stefaline weird.

From beginning to end, we were given glimpses into how each character has dealt with their grief. Some better than others, but no one is closer to solving any of their plights, mainly getting back into Mystic Falls and finding a way to contact Damon and Bonnie. At the end, Elena accepts her fate and asks Alaric to compel her to forget about her love for Damon. I cringed a little bit because that’s a very scapegoat excuse to get over him, and I get her love is tremendous and soul deep, but if she’s learned anything from her emotions being turned off, she has to know something will go wrong if Alaric agrees. I’m 50/50 on whether he will or not. He had that stoic look that doesn’t really say one way or the other.



Lotta vegetables on this plate looking for the good stuff, but I did find Elena’s attempt at saying goodbye to hallucinate-Damon (hallucinamon?) was a step above the other scenes in tonight’s ep, “I’ll Remember” She tried to say goodbye, kissed Damon, and found he was still there, warning her with how awful it’s going feel later. She gets upset and throws things losing herself in deep sadness. She wasn’t strong enough to deal with her subconscious and that’s what ultimately sends her to request that Alaric wipe her of the love she feels. It was a good scene even though we’ve viewed Elena’s tantrums many times before.



I’m giving this to Hallucinate-Damon. Mainly because he played Damon more casual and cool-like, plus he’s a representation of Elena’s psyche and her view of him is much more gentle and smooth and less of a snarky jokester. It was there, just more dulled down. When it mattered, he dialed in exactly what Elena didn’t want to hear or experience causing her distress and frustration over trying to let him go. He’s a means to an end and will likely be the only appearance now that we’ve seen the real Damon at the ep’s cliffhanger scene.



I’m so used to seeing Colin Ferguson as Carter on Eureka, it’ll be interesting to see how he plays this character, Trip. A foil to the Sheriff in town? A love interest? Or will he just be another standard victim of a vampire massacre?

Tyler will eventually boil and kill someone to reignite his werewolf gene. Don’t make us wait too long on this. As for his crush on Liv, the dude is just not a good boyfriend and Liv hopefully knows this and doesn’t fall for the college bad-boy routine. Right now, seeing them together is not an interest.

Luke somehow procured psychotropic drugs for Elena, who drank them almost like how a witch would drink a concoction. I could be wrong on this, but psychotropic drugs are basically mood stabilizers and are used as anti-psychotics. Unless some witchy weirdness was thrown into it, they wouldn’t even come close to the effect that Elena had. Maybe when vampires take it, it’s different, but it’s a weak explanation. I assume Luke did something to the drugs otherwise, why him? I don’t buy the friendship and guilt. Liv and Luke are just crazily inserted into this drama like they’re meant to be. Aren’t there witches that they’re tied to still that are a threat?

Will there be any official crossovers with The Originals this season? I have to say, VD needs to grow up a bit if it’s going to catch up to TO’s standards. Like Buffy to Angel, the spinoff is holding it’s own and in a lot of cases is a stronger show.

If Damon comes back, will he still be a vampire? Would Elena turn him in a second?



The season premiere scores a 5 out of 10 this week. We were barely treated to a moving plot and expectedly dealt with the woes from the finale’s ending. With as many characters that inhabit the show, there are certain combinations that work better than others. For now, most of them are on their own at least in the short term. I believe any possibility of Elena and Stefan rekindling their feelings are dead and buried. That’s fine. A lot of fans are over that hump, myself included. What always creates interesting moments of drama is when characters like Elena and Jeremy find new people to invest in only for their old loves to magically return. Gotta love those awkward moments. Wasn’t impressed by this premiere. It, at the very least established the world and who is where. But right now I couldn’t say what this season will be about aside from Damon and Bonnie finding their way back to life. It’s going to be a long season, so hopefully they make it fun. Right now it’s just high school all over again.



No more words



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