A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×02 (Understudy’s have it lucky when vampires direct Shakespeare)



Sometimes finding out about hidden relationships can help strengthen the bonds of characters that normally don’t associate with each other. Tonight, we learn that Elijah had taken to schooling young Marcel in the 1800’s and Klaus reawakened Cole as a show of envy. It was short lived as Cole’s murderous antics were soon put to the dagger once more by Klaus and Elijah feigned annoyance with young Marcel so Klaus could reestablish his connection to humanity with the boy.

Flashfoward to the present and both Elijah and Marcel shared a moment of the latter giving Elijah a fresh new vampire, Gia, in the hopes he can be a better mentor than Elijah was in the past to young Marcel. The plan in itself is for Marcel to rebuild a vampire community to battle against the wolves and witches were have allied with Cassie (Ester) save for Hayley’s pack who have taken refuge at the plaza for the time being.

Tonight’s episode “Alive and Kicking” is a bit all over the map with a few varying themes on familial relationships. Nothing to overtly concrete but I gather the message is that the relationships that draw on humanity are important for the supernatural and that vampires themselves are the ones who are limited the most by it’s most basic concept. Beyond the metaphor, we’re treated to a few realizations as Klaus discovers Ester’s consciousness within Cassie and Elijah is reunited with Michael, who still intends to kill all his vampire children.

There are parts I think definitely worked well tonight. Klaus speaks with Cassie and slowly deduces her as Ester through both the way she speaks to him, calls his full name, and drinks tea she used to love. I know it’s part of Klaus’s makeup but it wasn’t completely necessary to tell her step by step how he figured it out. What’s odd is Cassie didn’t outright admit, but it’s now one of those “She knows that he knows that she knows” kind of things and eventually that won’t matter.

I also don’t buy for a second that Oliver will “spy” on Cassie on any legit way. He’s a neutral DB that may be protective of his pack but will also likely seek his own survival first when it comes down to it. He might volunteer his own defection, or Cassie (Ester) may force him to, in which case, his loyalty won’t matter. He’s not the right character to put in that position, because he’s not someone I care about that if put in danger would matter to me.

Klaus and Hayley have another rerun on their anger and hatred over not being able to see or be with their daughter, Hope. I understand, it sucks and the pain is shared differently by both parties. I would have liked to have seen how Hayley killed those witches in the beginning rather than see a forced sexy moment with her in the tub and two dead witches lying like pieces of uneaten dinner. It’s an aspect of her wolf nature interwoven with the brutality of being a vampire. I get the image, I just think her acts are more important to show rather than the aftermath. Hayley is getting better at being expressive, but when she’s moody, everyone suffers.

Cole (Kaleb) was also very heavily focused on in this episode. I find it interesting that he’s shown in the past to have just as bad of a destructive, killing nature as Klaus had yet they tend to part on sides quite frequently. In the present, he follows Ester’s plan but hates how he was attacked by the wolves while he was with Davina. Once he knew Ester caused the incident, he wanted to leave but was forced to remain loyal. In his own defiance he lies about knowing how Davina stopped the werewolves, namely having Michael and the white oak stake in his possession. This likely means that Cole will play to his own survival and find the means to leave her mother’s grasp and utilizing Michael to some degree may be the key. He already has an establishing relationship with Davina that he can exploit.

Let’s also get something straight. Cole is evil, he’ll do whatever he has to to meet his personal agenda. At no point will I suspect he’ll turn over a new leaf for Davina or anybody. Now that he’s mortal with a put of witch power (Still trying to figure that one out) he’s susceptible to a normal death. He’ll have to play it safe if he expects to live.

The episode puts to light all the major players of the game. Klaus and Elijah are aware of their parents’ return and Klaus devilishly questions which one will they go after first. The set up didn’t take long in season 2 and looks to deliver some awesome segments of family ripping on family. If Ester wasn’t so righteous in her views I’d almost say her details on how New Orleans used to be before the vampires arrived made sense and was balanced. But as far as this series goes, it’s never about good vs evil, it’s about who thinks they deserve the city the most and what they’ll do to see to that end.



I enjoyed Michael’s return to violent action a lot. He’s just as ferocious as Elijah can be and hasn’t lost a step in his bloodlust. He even had Elijah dead to rights with the white oak stake slowly plunging his chest until Davina retained control of Michael. In a way, he’s the most dangerous out of everyone. Cassie has an army, but Michael is just one man on a mission. They reflect each other quite nicely but it was a good reminder that Michael has serious strength on his side.



The spotlight goes to Cole (Kaleb) Both from his flashbacks and the present. He displayed characteristics akin to an old vampire I remember seeing on the big screen played by a youthful Mr. Cruise and it was a bit nostalgic to be reminded. The scene with him playing out Hamlet with people actually performing murder was gruesome but something I’d expect from a vampire who doesn’t view humanity as anything more than pawns to play with. He excelled at his own deviousness and he barely got to bite into those old methods in the present. I’ll be amazed if he can hold onto his charade with Davina more than the next pair of episodes, but tonight he was the most entertaining of the lot.



Are these new moonlight rings tied to Klaus’s power at all? It wasn’t mentioned, so I’m guessing not, but I’m not sure at the moment.

How hard would it be for Ester to put Finn or Cole into another body if they were killed? They could essentially last forever like that.

Could Klaus make a temporary alliance with Ester in the hope of taking out Michael? Would that even work?

How important is Gia going to be on this show? Her playing the violin before she was turned suggests that she has that unspoken desire and the “it” factor that Marcel was looking for, but he completely throws her to Elijah for tutoring. I don’t expect Elijah to take too much time with this new raising, unless she proves to be very promising. We’ll see.

Michael is convinced Davina won’t be able to unlink the blood from the originals to the other vampires. Which basically means Davina will eventually figure it out. It may not be a quick fix, but it’ll become super evident as time goes on. It might take a few arms, legs, and hearts, but it’ll happen. Now that we know it’s a possibility.



Not too bland, it had a few notable moments. It gets a 6 out of 10. Everyone played their role as expected. Marcel still cares for Davina. Elijah still cares for Hayley, and Klaus still longs to be the true king of NO. I do enjoy Cassie’s representation of Ester. She plays that older personality with enough dramatic flair that I do buy the character as she’s shown. Plus, having short hair helps with the heightened age. I’m waiting for the inevitable scene with Ester and Michael reuniting, let’s not wait too long on that encounter. And ease down on the werewolf fatalities. You make me think there’s only so man last season and now there’s plenty to be used as cannon fodder to the point Cassie could have hundreds at her beck and call. That many could overrun the city in no time. Stick to a plausible number and their deaths may be a little more heartfelt.



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