A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 10×02 (Demon kung fu is best kung fu)

SN 2x02

Being a demon means not having to succumb to brotherly love. Dean shares this fact and a few punches and stabs in tonight’s episode “Reichenbach” I searched but only found several regions, rivers, and areas regarding the name. I’m fresh out of research mode to go diving into the meaning, but it’s not a mega concern at the moment.

We quickly learn Dean’s action against our marine character Cole. As it turns out, a year before Dean found Sam in season 01, he encountered Cole’s father, Edward and through an unseen struggle, Edward’s throat was slit and Cole saw a young Dean’s face complete with a knife in hand. Vengeance was born and built since. We know the what and when, but not quite the why. Not seeing the struggle formally take place, I think it’s safe to say Dean may not have been the actual murderer here, but Demon Dean (Double D) won’t fess up an explanation as he pummels Cole to a bloody pulp. Props to CGI for creating a younger, thinner, and more acceptable Dean of 2003. No amount of makeup and gym routines could have sold that in the present, so this is one case where CGI is approved.

This was a bit of character arc for most of our quartet. Cas is quickly losing his limited grace and refuses a deal from cameo Metatron to gain what’s left of his original grace back. I don’t blame Cas for choosing this route but I scarcely believe this is will be Castiel’s final trek through Supernatural. There will be other options, maybe it will involve another dose of other angels, it does create a polar opposite feeling to Dean’s necessity to kill. But now that Dean doesn’t have the blade, how will that affect him? Is the mark of Cain even an issue at this point?

Aside from last season’s falling out between brothers, Sam is back to chasing Dean with a mission to save him based on their entire relationship and hardship. While it’s good to see that kind of attitude back on Sam, I struggle to wonder if Sam truly contemplated letting Dean go. It’s something I think earlier season 9 Sam would do, even though they seemingly reconciled during he finale. Seasons have a way of wiping a previous years tribulations, and this could easily be one of them. Sam is back on track and wants to save his brother. It’s virtuous, altruistic, and commendable. And for the moment, completely useless as Dean seriously doesn’t care about being saved.

Crowley continues to dance around his relationship with Dean and ironically makes fun of the fact that he “broke up” with him when Dead kills a client who sold his soul to watch his cheating wife get murdered. If it wasn’t for Crowley staring at a picture of the pair happy and wearing cowboy hats at a bar, I might have thought Crowley was being facetious. In truth, the picture wasn’t necessary, we all know Crowley has been sentimental since the end of season 8. He’s managing quite well, but I wonder if his need of human blood is still a thing for him or not to feel good again. He still has an agenda to create the perfect hell with or without Dean’s help. So what does a perfect hell entail? Will that be the focus for this major arc of the season, or is Dean’s soul the issue at heart? It’s time to see if Sam can really purify a demon’s soul.

We’ve seen human characters who are Anti Sam and Dean make their rounds in a season before. Is Cole a main stayer, or is he destined to end the same way as his father? I’m still interested in knowing Dean’s involvement in Cole’s father’s murder way back when. It can’t be cut and dry as the memory suggests. I’m not keen on Cole’s family being monsters of some kind as Cole would have exhibited something of that nature by now. There could be a light conspiracy at play here, meaning I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a no brainer.

The episode ends with Sam capturing Dean and driving to an unknown location. Dean admits to nothing beyond what he plans to do to Sam if he escapes and what keeping Cole alive will do to the man who couldn’t stop him. Sam may be winging it, but it’s very likely another round of demon exorcism will commence soon. Castiel only knows about Dean as of this episode. His cringe suggests Dean’s turn is in fact catastrophic, but hopefully he can help. Does this mean Metatron could have one more play in his book that could help Dean, or was this in fact Metatron’s only appearance for the season?

Reichenbach had an old school feel to it. The humor was dialed down, save for a few moments of Hannah trying to understand a bit more about humanity. Though, it’s funnier when Cas is the one trying to understand and reflecting on it. I still feel like the writer’s aren’t 100% sure with how Dean should be portraying himself. Demon’s have no conscience as we know it and Dean is selling that point to home and back. He’s shown to have accepted his role as a demon, but wants no collar on him from Crowley or anyone. He just wants to do as he pleases, as a rogue demon does. It’s early, but we still need to see Dean in a desperate state of needing to kill, maybe then we’ll get the ferocious nature along with the black eyes.



Sam confronting Dean in the bar. The show wouldn’t sell well without putting the brothers in the same room together and this needed to happen sooner rather than later. Sam won’t give up and prepares to cuff Dean up, which strikes me as odd. But I assume the cuffs are special seal wearing cuffs so demons can’t just get out of them. Dean has refrained from showing a shred of decent humanity and won’t give Sam the time of day. How much of it is a cover though. Could Dean be in a lot more pain than we realize. That annoying and condescending smile of his as of late certainly doesn’t help with the diagnosis.



For the second week straight, Dean gets the vote. I overall liked the personality Dean was selling. His cockiness goes completely through the roof, but to be fair, a demon is designed to be evil, but demons in the past can be genuinely neutral characters if they choose to be. Which is why I wonder if Dean’s need to kill is stuck no matter if he has the bone knife or not. You can tell Jensen is enjoying some of the breaks with how normally aggressive he plays Dean. Demon Dean is surefooted, bored, and plays by his own…okay that sounds a lot like normal Dean. Okay, there are some difference, and not just the amount of times the kid smiles. His willingness to kill humans now. Will that extend into innocent people?

The tally road so far

Dean = 2

Sam = 0

Castiel = 0

Crowley = 0



Does Dean know enough martial arts to have beaten Cole the way he did? Something felt off there and demon’s don’t suddenly gain omniscience in combat unless I imagine their host knows of it. Strength I get, but Dean wasn’t displaying strength over Cole, he was displaying an ass kickery that actually had some finesse to it. Doesn’t really need to be explained, just wondering.

Sam’s arm injury was dodged twice now. The longer we go not knowing, the more we want to know what happened. It may not be anything big, but then don’t treat it like it’s no big thing.

Can Crowley beat Dean if need be? I get the “Friendship” they share hindered Crowley from taking action when Dean pushed him down, but I’d like to think the King of Hell has the power he needs to subdue Dean should the time come.

Where did Sam get that suit, if all he had was his bag of weapons and no car?

I can still see Dean’s identity as a demon lasting for quite a while. Could there be a scene in the works where mentall, Demon Dean and Human Dean confront each other? Sam’s gone through it, and Dean’s gone through similar moments. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?



Tonight, SN gets a 7 out of 10. I go back to this episode had an old school feeling. Certain camera shots and the ambience of the plot didn’t make me roll my eyes when the angels were involved. I was tired of seeing Metatron, so I kind of hope he’s done for the time being, but Hannah and Castiel I thought worked well together. Castiel won’t turn in the towel until he knows the Winchesters are safe. That could lead to him making rough decisions on his own. It was an enjoyable episode and Dean showed his delight by doing what he does best, wrecking shop wherever he goes. We’ll see what happens when Dean tackles a monster of the week as a demon. That’ll be fun.


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