A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×03 (At least Klaus didn’t take an arrow to the knee)


Mommy dearest strikes at the cores of Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley in tonight’s 3rd entry, “Every Mother’s Son.” Though Rebekah and Cole were missing from the dinner reunion, there was enough spite, temper, and revelation to keep the undead blood boiling between allied brothers against their foe, Esther and Finn, the ever the loyal follower and eldest brother. It’s not every episode one can showcase a tale about Klaus that brings sympathy out in the open, but to his credit, Klaus finally understood the meaning behind the necklace Esther once gave him to wear as a child. Meant to keep his strength low so that he’ll never kill and trigger his werewolf gene, Klaus understood it as a means for Esther to keep her secret from Michael that Klaus was the son of the wolf leader whose pack were responsible for one of her son’s deaths. Even thousands of years ago, the drama was pretty intense.

For once, Elijah and Klaus stood as true brothers and took ownership over their decisions over the centuries and both managed to keep their vanity at bay. Well, certainly Klaus who took the brunt of the emotional attack that Esther and Finn brought to the dinner party. We’re treated to a few flashbacks which showed Esther in her original body and young Klaus who needed the love of a mother, while a fazed Finn watches on. The jumps were well placed and didn’t feel too much like filler. Klaus’s long haired look brought the old viking image stuck in the wrong part of the world. The sword stuck in his shoulder was also a clear indicator of that heritage, ironically speaking.

As strong as the family drama was, the subplot with Marcel forcing Elijah to bond with Gia, a new vampire, wasn’t quite as thrilling or entertaining. Gia started with some silent charisma but quickly faded into an every day vamp who complains about what she doesn’t know. Elijah was bored very quickly and so was I. He eventually succumbed and gave her some helpful advice about learning how to play music again in the hope he can offer the kind of encouragement that he felt his siblings should have gotten long ago. Gia was proud of her accomplishment as was Marcel who had hoped the pair would be successful. That moment made me question whether Gia was in fact tricking Elijah for his help, but there’s no sense in that process. Marcel is growing his vampire community and will soon be looking for his chance to return to the city.

I was looking forward to seeing Hayley give Oliver a quick “make it look good” beating, but that was sadly skipped. Aw well. The introduction of Lenore was decent and I thought she’d make a good witch addition, but now she’s Esther which also makes me sad because I thought Cassie did an excellent job portraying her. Does this mean Cassie and Davina will mend their friendship that we never saw? It’s hard to know how relevant Cassie will be now that she’s not possessed anymore.

Hayley and Elijah are also returning to old habits with her driving the wedge further between them. I’m not particularly surprised by this act, because I recognize this as a sign we may need to hold off on their union either indefinitely or for a good chunk of the season. Elijah is returning back into the “Watchful Avenger” role he’s been known for around her only Hayley isn’t buying it this time. Given that’s she considering Esther’s offer is a bit comical, because Esther doesn’t know that Hope is still alive which gives Hayley all the reason to keep fighting with the strength that she has. If Hayley was a bit more traumatized with becoming a hybrid I’d buy the offer, but right now it doesn’t click and I would be surprised if Hayley went for it.

Since this was a Esther centric plot, I’m expecting Michael to play a bigger role coming up to switch the violence up. As the mother, Esther was calm, precise, strategic, and offered a loving way out of their curse. I expect Michael to be very rude, terrorizing, and all the thing Esther was not. While Esther is “willing” to end the curse, Michael just wants to end them. It’s a cool dichotomy but still their paths have yet to cross. May that rainy day confrontation happen soon.



The dinner seen was exemplary. Finn (Vincent) showed his aggression, something the character himself had been lacking as the least developed brother of the bunch. Everyone in the scene shined in their own right with Klaus the most hurt and angered over his desired revelation about the necklace and truth behind it. The family drama needs moments like this to liven up the conflict with all familial characters. All that’s missing is Rebekah and Cole’s input on the dilemma at hand.



It was a toss up between Klaus and Esther (All three variations). But I did like the look and feel of Klaus’s struggle in his flashback after he failed to confront his father. Klaus is fully capable of showing pain and fear, and it’s something we don’t get to see often. Emotional pain that is. He hides it with violence and a knack for lashing out but in that moment under a mother’s embrace he was a child again and in the dinner scene you could see his heart breaking all over again. Good use of conflict and reinstalling his hatred for Esther.



Davina wants to disconnect the bloodlines from Marcel and Josh. Esther wants to end the curses. Michael wants to see heads on pikes. Chances are one of these three will happen this season.

Would Caroline or Stefan be a better fit to show up in New Orleans to make things interesting?

Marcel needs more free thinking vampires under him. Making Gia the only one worthy of actual dialogue forces us to like her and that isn’t intelligent writing.

Does Cassie have a loyalty or a power level worth keeping her on the show?

Cole is technically a wildcard, but I can see him striking up a deal with Michael or even worse, stealing Davina’s bracelet and using Michael to hurt/kill the others.



The dinner seen was fantastic, but as a whole the episode had too many dragging scenes that didn’t help the characters deal with what they needed to. It gets a 6 out of 10. Hayley and Elijah need to stop avoiding each other and Marcel needs to be thrown back into the fold of the struggle. We were given glimpses of crucial moments such as Marcel giving the necklace to Klaus and Hayley’s outburst toward Elijah but the scenes we really need to see with those interactions are being pushed for the moment. They can still fit in this storyline, just give them room to breathe and they’ll handle it.


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