A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 7×07 (The times are a changin’)


Some of the best laid plans are covered in tiny flaws, while those who pursue justice find vengeance the big brother of two evils holding sway. Tonight’s episode “Greensleeves” offers up the cold definition of miscommunication and the mistake of revealing dark secrets in empty rooms. Jax attempts to put all his pieces in play to remove the last piece on his chessboard, only, he found the dismal truth resting in a small box. That truth is that his crew is in every bit of danger as his enemies are.

Let’s begin with the moment where we all felt we missed the actual beginning of the episode. Juice is given his coat back by Jax and sent off be arrested by the cops by way of motorcycle chase. Later, we’re given the full run down and Juice was sent by the crew to be captured and placed in prison to personally take out Lin with the help of Tully. All we’re given as an explanation is that Juice will do anything for the club. Does this mean he was told there’d be a chance at redemption, or does Juice and the crew know it’s a one way ticket? Juice has had his survival instincts kicked into high gear since last season. There’s every chance he’ll succeed and every chance he’ll be flipped before that gets to happen just for the chance to stay alive. Who’s to say which way he’ll turn if the situation goes sour. Club loyalty has been on his brain and Jax knows this. But one thing’s for certain, he didn’t confess to Jax what he knows, and that information was utterly crucial for Gemma to know.

The mother of the crew prepared herself for the worst and was within an eyelash at pulling her gun on Happy and Rat at the cabin. Everything leading up to that moment knowing Nero was on route was fantastic and almost made me forget that I knew something was going to go down with Bobby. I’ll get to that in a second, but for now, Gemma lost her composure enough to tell Thomas the truth about Tara. But who understood it? Why little Abel in the hallway of course. His traumatic experience recently mixed with tonight’s revelation about the woman who he called mother will no doubt add to an already compounded issue in his mind. What will he do? Will his words come out during an most inconvenient time when Jax is at his lowest? Or will become violent again and try to take it out on Gemma herself. He may not be strong, but he can still swing a hammer. We all expect Jax to confront Gemma about the truth, but what if the poetry of this show makes so he never gets the chance to? Morbid thoughts all around.

Due to the season getting nearer toward the end I find I can’t avoid watching the promos for next week episode just to know if Bobby is alive or dead. Based on the promo, I know what I need to, but that doesn’t chance that the second he suggested driving alone, that something was going to happen. I was predicting something more close to the cabin, but that wasn’t meant to be. There’s a lot of pain and retribution Bobby is being forced to endure and somewhere in Jax’s mind, he knew August wasn’t going to be that easy to coerce. I have to give August credit in that he’s making a stronger point by keeping Bobby alive rather than kill him outright which Jax and crew have had no problem doing as of late. It’s meticulous and tactical and now August has all the leverage he needs to convince Jax to back off or worse, submit.

Our episodic subplot delivered it’s usual points of violence, extortion, murder, and comedic undertones. There isn’t much to comment on except that it served the agenda of the plot and gave Jax the same credibility he’s always had in that he does what he has to for the things he needs. He won’t make his crew do anything he wouldn’t do himself and even finds a bit of pride in it. He’s always dedicated and will help those in need even if the situation doesn’t appear altruistic.

As always, the episode ends with foreboding and a new breath of fear for Jax to live with. When you commit to praising your crew about love and family, you can always expect that to turn around and strike back like a curse of poison, and it did. Everything about this episode roared classic Sons. We can even take to heart that when Jax’s bike was trashed, it was a sign of things to come. His world is about to become unraveled in a way he’ll never expect.



When Gemma reached the cabin. There was oodles of tension supplied and I wanted to believe things were about to go down, but Gemma plays her cool till the very end and breathed her biggest sigh of relief when what Happy told her was true about why she was there. She calms an arriving Nero and all is well. This shows why she’s so good at what she does. Gemma knows how to distract, deflect, and maneuver herself where the advantage becomes hers. Her one fleeting moment came when she told Thomas what she did to Tara. It’s interesting that she chose to tell the son who wouldn’t understand, the son whose mother was horribly murdered. Gemma has been talking to an emptiness and disguised it as Tara, yet she didn’t apologize to thin air, she apologized to Tara’s child. There’s a lot there to understand about how Gemma’s mind works but, ultimately it was the tension created by the cabin scene I thought was done really well. It played on my expectations and pushed them further down the road to wait a little longer.



With Jax being entirely too soft spoken tonight, I’m giving the MVP to Gemma. Watching her play every scene like it’s her slow walk to an execution really helped make her more sympathetic. But in the end, it’s the fear that’s causing her to confess and react the way she’s been. Once she’s back in control, it’s smiles and arrogance all over again. She did a wonderful job selling that fear and downplaying her knowledge with what’s happening around her. As frustrating as it is to know more than the main character does, I find how they pushed Gemma to be emotionally compelling.



Nice addition by having Juice and Jax part ways at JT’s site where he was killed. That could have happened anywhere, but it gave the short moment much more meaning and that’s good story telling.

Once again, Wayne is on the hunt and suspects too much. His intuitive nature makes him the most dangerous character on the show, most times. What would Wayne do if he knew first about Tara’s murder. Would he protect Gemma or tell Jax? Very tough questions.

With having two scenarios where someone could find out about Tara’s murder makes me think one will intentionally be a red herring while the other will be set up to happen at an unexpected and dismal time.

Brooke and Rat are still a thing and with Brooke still taking about him, it can only mean one of those two will eventually be suffered with a loss. I don’t want either character to expire, but there may be a law within all final seasons where not everyone makes it out alive.

By keeping August out of direct contact with Jax it sets a tone of hierarchy where a king would never deal with subjects, that’s what the court and guards are there for. It will be interesting to see if Jax can formulate an actual meeting with August. Then the real violence will unleashed.



Solid and tense as always, I’m giving it an 8 out of 10. Sons has had consistent high scores and doesn’t seek to slow down. Pacing is always high and on point. The subplot dragged a little bit as we’re forced to listen to the entire plan with getting Winsome(sp?) to flip on Greensleeves. Other than that, this episode brought all the correct emotions out and then some. Jax has been dealt his first seriously blow since Tara died and knowing him, it’ll have the exact opposite effect that August intends. Will Juice get the job done and how unpredictable is Abel at this point? Keep watching and thanks for reading!


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