A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×04 (How long can a vampire run really really fast?)


A few uncharacteristic moments aside, “Live and Let Die” paints a sympathetic picture between the outcast vampires and the ever growing werewolves, who have been forced to call on their younger pack to activate their curse. With the help of Elijah, Hayley, and even Oliver, they thwart Esther’s plan to turn the young wolves while Klaus tracks down Davina who attempts to learn how to fight from Michael.

With Camille returning to the stage, we’re given a reminder with how her relationships with Marcel and Klaus had developed in the past with Finn conducting the therapeutic encounter. It seemed more than obvious that the Camille and Klaus love angle had been cast aside, yet here came the foreshadowing session that invigorates Camille’s fascination with Klaus as she goes one step beyond and accompanies him in tracking down Davina. She tries to teach him a bit classic infatuation moments such as slow dancing with a friend and he storms off even more pressed to find Davina, who has been hiding up in a cabin around the bayou. If I wasn’t so mindfully made up on what a bad decision their pairing would be I’d actually consider the moment at the bar rather sentimental for the would be king. But, her focus was too strong and makes me think Finn had a stronger hand in influencing her for some unknown reason. She cares about Davina and has renewed interest in Klaus which for the moment doesn’t fit. I’ll give Klaus credit, if he went in for that kiss, she would have probably let him. A friendly kiss no doubt.

Still refraining from acting as the ego of old, Cole continues his wooing of Davina as he confidently heals her ankle injury after training with Michael. A few things I’m wondering at this point. Why shoehorn in a half-assed staff fighting scene between Davina and Michael. Ultimately the lesson was to endure pain and make it work for her, yet, she didn’t continue fighting after the fact and learning to block a few strikes from the get go was completely unrealistic. Michael has serious strength and unless he was withholding his power should have knocked her weapon away easy. Not to mention, how was he able to attack her at all? Shouldn’t the bracelet prevent him from doing anything like that? Back to Cole. He’s playing his role almost too well which makes me wonder if at some point he might actually begin to care for Davina. It’s a serious long shot, but stranger things have happened to ancient vampires who fall for the young ladies. Cole hasn’t revealed himself to Michael yet, which is also interesting. That ship has likely sailed now that Klaus has captured Michael, or so he thinks.

The rest of the main plot brings us the introduction to Aiden, another werewolf who does Esther’s bidding until his little brother is used in a plot to curse all young werewolf humans. After showing up a warning to Marcel, he seeks his aid with Elijah to take the young wolves out of town. Even Oliver helps in this and fights by Elijah’s side against a crew of wolves showing for the first time a sense of loyalty for the guy. I was impressed he lasted as long as he did. Keep this up and he may change my mind yet about his position on the show.

In another training segment, Elijah uses musical ranges and terms to teach Gia how to fight and control the fight. I suppose since it’s Elijah the musical metaphors are fine, but if anyone tried it, it wouldn’t work. I did laugh when Elijah seemed to be transfixed on Gia when her hand was in his chest. I raised an eyebrow wondering if this was some sort of sign of teacher/student romance or if Elijah was just feeling things out after Hayley’s cold shoulder conversations as of late. She really needs to stop taking out her frustrations on the guy, her anger toward him isn’t making much sense anymore. As for building up Gia to be the next unique supporting vampire on the show, I’m all for that, but I’ll refrain from getting attached for the usual fear of vampire deaths that tend to occur on this show.

Our episode ends with Klaus taking Michael away and promising not to hurt Davina which earns him a feisty hug from Camille. As a human, she trusts him entirely too much. Michael is seen removing the cursed blade from last season while Elijah is captured by Esther, who proclaims he will be purified soon. Typical cliffhanger setting, but with all the makings of a good next episode, which tonight’s suffered as the “build up”.


With Klaus and Michael the foretold warriors with enough hatred to power a sun, I enjoyed their nightly battle outside the cabin. For once, Klaus maintained his own and even got the better of Michael with an unexpected stab of the cursed dagger. When the choreography matters, the fights can appear wicked. They had a doozy of a chance to show up a straight up Elijah/Oliver massacre of wolves, but decided they couldn’t film it or show it, or both. Instead we’re treated to a one on one which worked just as well. Michael may be brute strength, but he doesn’t always have the sneaky moves in the back of his mind like Klaus does and that will earn Klaus the victory more times than not.


While I don’t agree with Camille’s approach to reach new boundaries with Klaus, I have to admit her execution was pretty flawless. When humans can stand up to their vampire antagonists it show the rare vulnerability in them and with Klaus he’s just as susceptible as anyone who can be made to reason. Camille made some valid points at the bar showed once more that psychologically, she has the advantage over most of the characters she comes in contact with. She gets the MVP tonight.


How was Michael able to remove the cursed dagger from his body? Did Cole help in some witchy way?

Josh has a new love interest in the name of Aiden, the werewolf. This marks the first vampire/male werewolf/male romance I’ve ever seen. They’re allowing a minor character to have a love interest which is good for tangled plots, but I wonder if it’s just a short term rushed event. Aiden is a decent werewolf, more so than Oliver, which can only spell disaster in the coming episodes when someone always gets in the way of dark intents by evil characters. I don’t see Aiden switching sides outright, which may cost their relationship if it moves forward at all.

Why didn’t Cole and Klaus run into each other at the cabin? Is there any special reason why we need to keep them separated? Klaus already knows Cole is involved in Esther’s plot. Just seems off.

I was a little thrown off at how many wolves are in fact in town. I get that we need to be aware there’s more wolves than vampires in or around New Orleans, but when it’s just a group of people standing around be talked to or about by the main characters, there’s a real lack of feeling from the wolf group. In the past you always get the sense of that animal instinct always playing about, and even though it’s cheesy, it’s still a better reminder of their nature than when normal looking humans that we know are wolves stand around and act like normal humans that we know are vicious wolves. Maybe it’s over cliche, but I’d rather that than be bored by the background fodder.

What does being purified mean? If Esther cleanses the vampirism from Elijah, will that affect all vampires under his bloodline? Can Elijah truly be in danger with what Esther says she can do?


It’s a 6 out of 10 tonight. Tonight’s episode was the set up to next week’s heart of the matter. The wolf plot was just a red herring and even Finn admitted to it as he captured Elijah. We were treated to a taste of the Michael and Klaus violent fight, but it didn’t make up for the filler episode this ended up feeling like. Bringing Camille back into the fold is okay, because she has parts to fulfill when it comes to making Klaus understand his feelings. Just don’t overplay her in this plot. Looking forward to seeing how Elijah is saved, or possibly not. Tonight wasn’t as very well balanced from a nature versus demeanor aspect. Easily fixable in the future.

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