A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 7×08 (Pale shoes stained with a Jury’s verdict)


Breathe in and exhale for another episode of SOA ends with darker territory to follow. A rich display of personal feelings continues to chisel at Jax’s marbled resolve paving the way for unfocused decisions and the blood of crows to flow. Just when one would think there was a sensible solution to be had between Redwood Originals, Jax takes matters into his weapon and murders a man who point blank thought John Teller ran his bike into the semi on purpose. Nevermind the fact that Jury said he’d never rat out the club. This marks Jax’s next step down that slippery slope his crew may not walk away from alive. Plenty of portents to follow in tonight’s episode “The Separation of Crows.”

To begin, Bobby is counseled by his captor, Moses, an ex Special-Ops soldier who works for August. The dynamic is solid and almost plays in the favor of Bobby if it weren’t for his obvious predicament. Unwilling to give the location of the pastor’s body, Moses attempts to give him an honest version of what’s to come. Bobby, resilient as ever only promises that someday a reaper will claim Moses’s life. Though things aren’t looking good for Bobby, you can rest assured that his statements will probably be carried out in due time. I thought a bit of unadulterated humor would be thrown into this scene as normally two people without fear may find joking at the other’s expense a form of chit chat. Not to be had here. I’m not counting Bobby out yet, but at the conclusion of this episode, we know he’ll never ride again. It was a brutally cringing moment when you could hear the bones scraping against the knife. Jax’s decisions are costing Bobby more and more, quite possibly his life in the coming episodes.

As Jax spirals at an uncomfortable pace, his son, Abel, follow suit as Gemma learns he attacked another child at school. During a conversation at home, Abel says it was an accident and Gemma asks if he knows what it means. Cue a most chilling response with Abel replying “Do you?” As dry and emotionless as Abel has been seen, those two words even put Gemma in an awkward stare. Abel has been translating everything he’s seen since the season began and now he’s slowly exerting the actions and explanations into powerfully violent responses. Now he’s verbally beginning to transgress into Gemma’s worst fear. I don’t think his violent tirades are over, but I certainly don’t want to see Abel attack Gemma out of some unexplainable anger. It’s too vicious to say the least. My second fear regarding this scenario is Abel may hurt Brooke by “accident”.

Juice continues to maneuver himself into a position to take out Lin. Wayne observes Juice’s negotiating tactics and admits to Jarry that he thinks a piece of missing between Juice and Gemma but knows Juice knows who killed Tara. He’s sticking close with that nose of omniscience and likely won’t stop until the truth comes out. Where I think Wayne is wrong is his assumption that Juice killing Lin will buy him back with the club. I’d like to believe that fairy tale, but it doesn’t fit with Jax’s M.O as of late. Jax is willing to spread any lie he needs to to get the jobs he needs done. I think as far as Jax is concerned, Juice killing Lin or dying trying to kill Lin is a win/win. The sooner Juice realizes this the sooner he can begin leveraging his real information to Jarry or whomever he needs to. Juice can still make it out of this alive, but if he kills Lin, he may have a permanent target on his back for the rest of his life.

Going back to the situation with Jury and Jax, I thought there was some critical moments that seemed to throw in some old tunes. First we’re treated with Teller’s point of death in a previous episode. Now Jury explains that he was once an outside friend who believes Teller would have known if his own bike was mistreated or sabotaged, leaving Jax to conclude for himself that Teller must have sacrificed himself for the club. Jury spells it out in such a way that Jax doesn’t care if Jury told the truth or not about being a rat. The shot was cast and the VP was left with a barren lie and likely enough fuel to start a fire of his own. Later on, Chibs tells Jax this will ripple out of control quick if they don’t get their story straight. I was surprised that Jax flat out denied Jury’s statement about not ratting him out. Statements like “I wanted you dead but I wouldn’t rat the club” are usually followed with some intense stares and a nod that brothers understand what they can say to prove their point. Jax didn’t care which means the culprit is still at large. My money has always been on Barosky, but the culprit may also be too close to home. What a shock that would be if it turned out to be a Son.

The episode concludes similar to last weeks when Tig brings another box to Jax regarding August’s response. Jax doesn’t open it this time but everyone understand the message. August isn’t playing at negotiating and is completely separated from anything that matters to him which makes Jax’s situation all the more grim. He’s beginning to lose all of his allies. I don’t see Tyler siding with him much longer and the other Redwood Originals out there will probably start to question Jax’s leadership as soon as they get wind of Jury’s death. Jax will keep his crew as always, but if they begin to fall at August’s might, it won’t matter who’s standing by his side. Jax may need to stop manipulating and start hitting first before Charming goes up in smoke.



I rather liked Bobby and Moses’s initial conversation. One supporting character and one minor rival sold their scene as if they were to two principle characters running this show. Hearing about Bobby’s military background and seeing how he kept his cool shows how incredibly dedicated he is knowing more pain is on the way. He knows he’s done for but swears that a Son will end Moses at some point. It’s good to see Bobby shine on his own and I very much enjoyed that scene just a little more than Jax facing against Jury. That just felt slightly rushed and a bit bitter overall.



As with the scene above, tonight’s MVP goes to Bobby. Had he caved in and gave Moses the information he wanted, we all would have been disappointed, but at the same time we don’t want to see him get hurt or killed. With a stalwart attitude he accepts his fate with the kind of defiance that a Son can offer up. It’s excruciating to watch but Bobby makes it believable and that’s what gives him the spotlight tonight.



Gemma burying her dead crows is more than a simple metaphor showcasing her role in the continued demise of Samcro. I played a thought that showed Gemma surviving this entire ordeal and leaving with Nero and the kids while Wayne shuts down the autoshop for good. It’s a seriously depressing final scene in my head, but It’s possible Gemma and Wayne could outlive everyone.

Jury was shot in the same place and style as Jimmy Darmondy and Nucky Thompson in Boardwalk Empire.

How does Jax keep his shoes so clean?

More and more I see August as the arc that ends right before the final showdown with all of Samcro dealing with Jury’s death, followed by Jax learning of Tara’s true fate.

If things keep going the way of dark tragedy, I can also see Jax murdering Nero as retribution for Gemma killing Tara. It would crush her if we’re meant to see an eye for an eye knowing Jax wouldn’t hurt his own mother.



Consistency is key. Sons gets a solid 7 out of 10 tonight. My palms weren’t sweaty like they’ve been in the past, but the wheels were spinning a bit faster than normal. Everything I thought was handled well with the exception of Jury’s death the fact that this episode ended the same way as last week’s episode. Interesting choice of cover too. I did think we we’re given a lengthy plot point just to feed us into the next episode which I think will dominate before the unforgiving finale to come. Keep them coming as always. We’re getting close.



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