A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 7×09 (Close to the cabin)


When the shot goes down, there’s a lot to take in and memories to pour forth. For Jax, another Son has been taken from him by a force he thought he could control. In the background we know what caused this mess, but in the mind of Jax, he feels the most responsible and is clearing the way to set things right again, starting with Moses.

To begin with the obvious hurt, Bobby was a mainstay of the franchise. He was an older brother and in every way the most sensible of the group. It’s eerie remembering how Bobby spoke to Tara about how much Jax needed her and without her he’d be lost. Now Jax has lost both individuals, representing his heart and in some ways, his conscience. He’s dealing in his usual quiet way, but you can sense that there’s a deeper anger waiting to be unleashed again. His glasses are a way of showing us that he’s seeing through a new kind of lens on revenge. Bobby swore a Son would kill Moses and it’s a safe bet that this will become a reality soon enough.

I think it can be noted that Bobby didn’t get the burial detail he deserved. With the fierce aggression of August and crew, Jax doesn’t have time to give Bobby the most he can for the end. Even when Jax said he loved the cabin and wanted to be close, it didn’t feel like it was enough. Jax knows this, but he can’t stray from the path he’s on and it’s a short time table until the next iteration of retaliation. Gemma felt the sting and tried to apologize to a cold body with Abel once more innocently spying on grandma. She has no one to express her soul to about what’s happened, including Nero, who just wants her to leave with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up taking Nero up on his offer, if nothing else, to escape what’s to come. Would she take the kids like Tara tried to? How ironic would such a situation be in that regard?

The chapter’s judgment on Jax and his crew looms in the background with possible repercussions spanning many angles. I question what would occur if there is an authority capable of stripping down Jax’s entire charter in Charming. That’s the only blowback I can see happening short of mass murder on both sides. Jax isn’t poison to the club, far from it, but every kneejerk reaction has caused more chaos to run rampant and his club could suffer the worst of it by having their patches eliminated completely. If August and Lin get taken out, Samcro judgment will be close behind.

Development wise, this episode didn’t provide too much into with the exception of Jarry and Chibs, who gave in to Jarry’s ultimatum and took her right on top of the squad car with Quinn awkwardly watching passively. While the scene sold Chibs’s feelings on the matter, I thought her dive into a frantic sexual moment was dealt too abruptly and wasn’t a necessary “edgy” edition to the episode as it likely appeared on script. While they’re very much connected to a new core, I think Chibs will need to relinquish his secrets if she’s going to maintain her trust of him. I still don’t quite grasp her alignment on the show, and lately have been siding with Gemma on the matter. Jarry is doing things her way, but she seems too sensible to be acting in such crazy manners which leads me to believe she’s being written with deep issues we’re not yet aware of.

On the other angle, Brooke and Ratboy shared a tender moment of what it’s like to be in a new relationship. He apologizes and uses Gemma’s own words to describe what he’s not. She forgives him and now we’re left wondering if the pattern will reemerge or if the remainder of the season plays with those two a stronger unit. With so many alumni having departed the series, we’re left with more basic plots of minor characters, which may come off as poignant and comforting, but are a bit late in the series to be wrapping our heads around. Unless the goal is to rip one from the other in a future episode, it doesn’t place quite as well intermixed with Jax’s plot. I do think there’s a setup coming, I’m just not speculating what quite yet.

The episode concludes with August being set up and arrested by Jax. It’s a band-aid as Jax calls it, but it’s supposed to keep things quiet in Charming. We all know that won’t be the case as Moses is free to wreck what necessary havoc there needs to be to either force Jax’s hand or worse. Will August be sent to Stockton where Lin is? Will Juice be doing double duty now? Seems too simple. August has connections and probably won’t be in any gen. pop. situation. In fact, I don’t see why bail won’t be posted on the next day.



I’d be hard pressed not to showcase Bobby’s final scene as the highlight of this episode. It was done in a way that seemed confusing and strange as to how Jax and August treated the situation. It was unique in that there was no way for either party to engage in a fire fight but also painted August in a new sadistic light. Could Bobby have rolled forward and jerked the gun out of his back? Who knows. Either way, it was a tense moment with a finish that some predicted but others hoped wouldn’t occur.



Jax displayed a hefty set of emotions in this episode and deserves the spotlight. Every line he gave was displaying that critical guilt that he can’t save anyone and is making many if not all the wrong decisions. He pushes through because he has to, but you can tell it’s taking a toll on his mental state. While the glasses was an interesting way of visually showing his change, it was still an odd depiction. If nothing else it served to show he’s going to be much more calculating now with his strikes.



Abel remains unpredictable and silently disturbing. It’s going to culminate into something terrible, but will it be directed at Gemma or Wendy? Or maybe even Brooke?

With recaps and follow ups there seems to be a premise that one of Samcro ratted out on the strike earlier on the season. It almost seems moot now that the balance has shifted into judgment on the charter. Is it possible that Quinn, Ratboy, Happy, or Tig is responsible. Wild thoughts, but what do we really know about Quinn other than Bobby bringing him into the fold? I’ve been suspecting Barosky since day one, but it doesn’t seem like that’s a viable option at this point, not with Jax deadset that only the Sons were aware of the entire incident.

With Juice’s intel on Tara’s killer now a bust, Wayne is that much closer to finding out the truth. It’s been surreal watching him work the way he does and as much as I want him to succeed at finding the truth, I know it could very well be a death sentence. Gemma would snap if she was forced to kill Wayne over exposing that truth.

Nero still has a large part to play in this season. I get the sense he’ll do Gemma either a great right or a great wrong depending on how she manipulates the situation. He’ll be in the worst spot to be in because everything he does will be out of love and she knows it.



Losing Bobby was heartbreaking, but the episode didn’t shine too much more as a whole than others in the past. It gets a 7 out of 10. Moments with Juice, the scene with Jarry and Chibs, and some of the minor segments were a bit all over the place. It was more uncomfortable to watch Chibs and Jarry handle their issues than it was sexy. All the real secrets are still on the tip of a few tongues and we still don’t have resolution on it. Until it comes, we’re just holding our breath, waiting impatiently for it to play out as it will. The pace is all right, but the situation with August is more distracting now than it should be. Rest in peace Bobby. Ride on, noble Son.


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