A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×06 (All this time I thought the Salvatore house WAS within Mystic Falls)


If the power of love can burst through compulsion, then it must be real, right? We still don’t quite know the answer to that question, but Damon sure wishes the impossible. In tonight’s episode “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get”, Damon seeks out a reluctant Elena who isn’t sure how she wants to deal his return. In the middle of that storm, Trip continues his quest to find and kill any vampire including those who Enzo knows personally. Caroline and Stefan are forced to rescue him and Elena discovers that Jo is a witch who knows what Elena and Alaric are.

The theme surrounding Elena and her new start continues to thrive as she flees from her choices regarding Damon and the love she once felt. While her choice to want her emotional memories returned were made from surface objective reasons, her heart can’t shake the fact that deep feelings were there and could be there again. There’s a certain honesty there although I’d question if her compulsion should have worked even harder to keep her from being so indecisive. What the episode could have done to make the situation more believable is build on the idea that Elena can make new loving memories of Damon if given the chance. But instead she ends her struggle too early and now she’s jumping back in based on the idea that her old feelings were honest and now what she’s feeling in the moment. It works better when it’s a long term plan, but since this is the highlight of the show’s reason for staying, Elena and Damon have to be drawn together much quicker. I get it, it’s not too far fetched, but I understand the speed at which things need to happen.

My hats off to the twist with Alaric returning to human form after being saved by Jo from his original fatal wound. Now that he’s human again, Elena is essentially stuck with her compulsion. Absolutely brilliant device used to continue that problem, that and I was never convinced Alaric made a good vampire character. He can explore his feelings for truthfully with Jo now as we begin our suspicions that she may be a part of the Gemini coven. It would fit more instead of her being a random witch on the side.

Now that Enzo is free again, thanks to Stefan, he also has Damon back, but what does this mean for the future of the pals? Enzo is still the odd man out, and even though Caroline despises him, is he still going to seek out her affections? It brings up the next side topic with how Caroline stood up to Stefan at the end. She stated she didn’t want to be friends anymore and walked away. This was a harsh seen to witness only because it winds back the clock once again on their disturbingly awkward and inevitable chance relationship. What I find incredibly endearing and enduring is that their personalities conflict entirely too much to work as an on screen relationship. Caroline will always be a cheerleader while Stefan is the jock…wait, that means they’re perfect for each other. Actually in truth, Stefan has zero motivation except when it comes to preserving the connection he has with his brother. He’s visually not that into Caroline as of late and if things keep getting pushed, he’ll only go for it because he’s obligated to or worse, out of pity, and not because he genuinely has feelings for her. She can see through that which is why she stormed off. The angrier she gets the more we know how she really feels.

Things are still quiet on the apocalypse front. No reoccurring villain aside from Trip who isn’t much a threat at this point and we don’t know if Kai will find another way back to reality with Bonnie in tow. The Gemini coven must be coming soon or else there wouldn’t be much a reason to mention them. I’m always rooting for the ultimate TO and VD crossover event, but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

The episode concludes with Elena opening the door to Damon as we’re given the metaphor that opening the door means she’s open to the possibility of rekindling a new love with him. Learning to love a character all over again can have it’s benefits, but only if things are approached differently. Since Damon is a very impatient and selfish character on the surface, he’ll likely screw a few things up causing her to regret her decision only to be swooned again after life-threatening events occur and Damon comes to the rescue. Or she’ll madly fall in love with him again and that’ll be that. Still, she has to have some hesitancy because she’s too aware of his dark past and can’t ignore those things. If Damon slips up and does bad things again it could spell disaster for their relationship. Enzo won’t be helping matters in this regard.



Damon’s first attempt to contact Elena at the dorm room. It was a well done scene and teased anticipation and brought out a longing in Damon that made him wish he’d just tear the door down at first contact. Out of respect, he didn’t and she unlocked the door only to flee the room from him. The apprehension was great and if Damon had a few less lines to express the scene would have been a golden moment between the two. He was very subtle but the scene could have been more easily expressed by their movements which is a rare thing this show tries out. Characters have to talk all the time almost to the point it’s ridiculous how much they remind each other of events they already know occurred. Still, it was the best scene of the episode.



Damon and Elena were very neck and neck because this episode very much was central to those two meeting again and dragged through the entire episode to make it happen. In the end, Damon wins by a raised eyebrow. He showed an incredible amount of restraint regarding his feelings toward her and pushed it as far as it needed to go knowing that if things end up with her never knowing her love again, then so be it.



Alaric and Damon didn’t hug it out for their reunion. I get Damon’s flair for the dramatic with Alaric compelling Elena, but still those two were best buds.

Sara will have to make her announcement relatively soon, but what does her role represent? Standing alone, her connection to the Salvatores doesn’t seem to hold a lot of weight. If she were a witch however, and a part of the Gemini coven, that could be a lot more interesting. She may be too young to be a part of an old coven, but at the same time, it could give her a fresh edge on the situation as very few humans on the show have an extended life span.

Will Elena push Caroline and Stefan to consider a romantic relationship? On their own Stefan and Caroline will screw up their chance encounters over and over again unless a third party gets radically involved.

Jeremy is in tantrum mode again. I don’t blame Damon for lying about Bonnie’s situation, but Jeremy needs something else to gravitate toward because his character is beyond useless right now. I’m not saying a fresh new love, but something else.

Liam has no chance with Elena now. Damon will annihilate the competition unless he turns out to be something fiercely evil, like a witch, from the Gemini coven. Okay, I’ve referenced that three times now. Really, someone has to be spying as a member, that’s how these things work.



It was a fun episode to watch, I liked Damon and Elena’s run around with each other and Stefan’s heroics in the end. Alaric turning human was a cool twist and for the most part, the episode works on its own. It gets a 7 out 10. I wasn’t completely blown away by the plot but it was a satisfying one. I’d like to see a new semblance of evil take part in the plot to give our characters a decent shake up, and it’s high time we got that spell taken down in Mystic Falls. Killing and reviving characters across the border was entertaining for a while, but it’s going to get old fast. Bring on the Gemini coven!



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