A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy – Season 7×10 (Out of the mouths of babes)


Through a path of righteous bloodshed and a lot of montage sex, Jax and crew settle in for a clear and peaceful evening. Then, suddenly, Abel asks the most brutal and innocent question a child can ask and Jax is left with a look of confusion that rivals any other previously. Welcome to the final three episodes left in the Sons of Anarchy franchise where the biggest domino is about to fall and start an arc we knew was coming since last season’s finale.

Sons always makes me work my way backward from the last scene to the main plot making it a bit difficult to give the overall impression because what leaves us hanging is cut into stone, marking us to remember until the next week. Here, little Abel asks Jax if Gemma killed his first mommy (Tara) so it would bring his second mommy (Wendy) back to him. Jax stares in confusion leaving us with impending doom. That worry will soon turn into questions and within, a burning rage will resurface the likes no Son has probably ever seen. This is a casualty sandwich waiting to happen and Though it took us ten episodes for Jax to know, it makes the most sense that it came from his son first and not Wayne discovering the truth from Juice. The pain fits perfectly because it remains completely in the family. Jax and Wayne will seek out this truth and with it, Nero will be caught in the middle of this chaos in a way that could spell upheaval for all.

It was fascinating to watch Jax reveal to Abel the truth about Wendy as his real mother. With a few short minutes left to watch I half-expected there to be a reunion of sorts between Wendy and Jax in the kitchen, but there wasn’t and it was very easy to tell what scene would play out next. I’m not entirely against Jax and Wendy becoming an item again, but with the truth in Jax’s ear as unsettling as it was, Jax will be on a one way trip of searching the truth. There won’t be any time to return to old roots. It’s sad, but expected. Will Jax retaliate or will cooler heads prevail? Sons of Anarchy isn’t called Sons of Order because everything works itself out. I’ve always been on Jax and Tara’s side and whatever needs to happen to end this show with jaws dropping needs to happen. We can’t wait much longer.

Another inspiring piece of character development came from Tig today as he goes through a bit of self-discovery with Venus and his love for her. It’s easy to attack others when they prod one’s choice in who they interact with, but to sit down, confront, and accept that part of one’s life was something I wasn’t fully expecting from Tig and it really brought his character around considering his crazy lifestyle. Goggins also complimented each seen he was in, turning almost masculine at the thought of leaving Tig, but after Tig reemphasizes their relationship, he melts and reverts back to Venus’s charismatic female persona. Tig’s path may be uncertain fate wise, but for now, he seems genuinely happy with his choice and that’s enough for him.

The arc of the episode deals greatly with Moses using Tyler to search for the pastor’s family and kidnaps Ratboy and Tio for interrogation. With the help of Tully’s second in command, Jax exacts revenge for Bobby and performs the same hellish torture on Moses that Bobby went through from the disgusting eye gouge, to his fingers being cut off and a final shot to the head. Jax has been full of vengeance kills this season and the worst is yet to come. Does this mark the end of the August plot or will there be one final farewell to the business man before the Samcro charter pass their judgment on Jax and the crew? As per Anarchy justice, Moses was barely given a few words of bravado before being handed his pain ticket. This leaves Tyler forever loyal to Samcro along with the Grim Bastards. In another fell swoop, things are looking for up, but we all know it’s a temporary peace. All things are temporary.

The mental state of Abel is something to consider in this storyline. Twice now he’s hurt himself to create problems for Gemma, who still can’t fully understand what is motivating him. Does she suspect? I think there’s always something rattling inside her mind that subconsciously is there as the truth, but processing it has been difficult as of late. There’s no point in her figuring it out now expect that she caused this mess herself, every single part of it. Abel has learned to inflict pain to get what he wants and it’s a scary thought because he’s mirroring his father but manifesting that pain more physically. I think we’ve seen the last his destructive attitude, assuming he doesn’t try and hurt Wendy in some allusion that Tara will return, because that would be a seriously unfortunate circumstance.



Tig and Venus had the best heart to heart between all the couples shown tonight, but as far as my favorite moment, it would have to go to the final scene. I’ve been waiting like many others for the other shoe to drop and now it was. We had but minor seconds to soak in Jax’s reaction and then cut to the logo. It’s amazing what Jax can show in such a short time and without words, he spoke mountains of questions and intentions to find out exactly what propelled Abel to say what he said. Great ending seen.



Tig makes the cut this week as his seen and character growth with Venus was the most out of any character in the last few episodes. Tig remained true to his convictions instead of crawling back into his chaotic nature. Will it be a permanent change? Tough to say for sure, but with only 3 episodes left, there may not be another chance for those two to indulge in moments like those.



Juice and Tully is a very strange forced coupling and knowing it’s Marilyn Manson just makes it all the more weird. Juice has no idea what’s happening to him making his future very dubious at best.

We may not get to see a Gemma and Jax confrontation next week due to her going out of town to help Nero and because SOA tends to drag out these kind of encounters till the end of the series. Rest assured, it will be epic.

Wayne handled himself rather well against Leland. Shame it’s his first kill, but considering the alternative, he fought hard to stay alive. He’ll outlive everyone yet.

Ratboy had sex with another woman to let off some steam, which is unfortunate for Brooke who may or may not find out about it. She’s already a fragile character, but how would she handle this kind of scenario that once more puts Ratboy in a precarious position? He may no longer be a dick, but now he’s just a cheater.

Not going to lie, that was a lot of sex in the first two minutes of the show. Talk about going out with a bang.



Consistent 7 out of 10. Action moments were cut to just a few carefully placed moments. The resolution with Moses didn’t take long and it ended with the cliffhanger that will have all the fans talking till next week. All around another solid episode with more promises for craziness to come. There’s a lot more to come and only three episodes to wrap it all up in. No fond farewells, just a lot of bullets and not knowing what direction they will be pointed. August could retaliate in one final showdown, or try and make the best business decision he can. We’ll see how far he takes it as the judgment of Samcro hangs in the background. Stay tuned.


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