A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 10×05 (…Not bad)

SN 2x05

Welcome to the super fantastic meta analytical parody of 200 episodes and beyond. Supernatural unveils their newest and most precious milestone to date, bringing forth snazzy music and an all girl cast as the Winchesters encounter a stage musical based on the novels written by good ol Chuck.

If ever there was a fan service of loyalty to a show and phenomenon, tonight’s episode “Fan Fiction” is the definition of it. We didn’t get a worldly apocalypse between angels and demons, instead, we were given a hugely satisfying look into what everyone has enjoyed about the show and it’s mainstay characters. Rather than tackle us with a thousand cameos for the momentous occasion, the final scene re-introduced the author himself as he watches on with an endearing smile.

While Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of a drama teacher, they discover the stage act in production and the goddess behind the supernatural threat, Calliope. She declares that the storyline is the most epic of them all and will stop anyone who prevents the show from going on. There are countless amounts of throwbacks, inside references, and fan subtext (Can’t have subtext without…) that will leave you wanting to watch the episode twice in a row just to get it all down. The only line I thought was dated was Gallagher, only because I refuse to believe those teens grew up in the 2000’s watching that amazing comedian’s work from many years prior. But the fans understood it and that’s what’s important.

While Sam rolls with the punches on the concept, Dean throws his despicable attitude toward mocking and hating any concept of a musical telling of their lives which makes the scenes all the more memorable to watch. By the end, Sam and Dean accept and encourage the show’s performance and drive off renewed in their decade long quest to save people and hunt things. For Dean, it’s a chance to settle on what he does best with Sam by his side. It’s almost a clean slate for all the hellish back and forth they’ve gone through in the past two seasons over their mistrust and anger issues toward each other. I’m glad the two are finally beyond those negative moments and together they can continue eliminating evil with rock N roll in the background and looking ahead.

As for the production value of the 200th episode, I have to say it was a smart move to keep the scenes centralized inside the drama room. A lot of consideration went into the musical pieces and the variety of costumes used to turn the all-girl cast into the world of Supernatural. Had we been privy to the entire show, I imagine there would have been a few more golden moments to smile and laugh with. I don’t like musicals…at all, but not since Buffy the musical had the songs been so cleverly composed that I quite enjoyed them including a Glee-like representation of “Carry on my wayward son”.

Had this been the end of the series, I could see the CGI ride into the road a fashionable way to go, but the truth is, there’s so much more ground to cover and their driving off is a simple way of saying it. Full house applause, the show must go on.


The entire episode. Not a wasted moment or a useless line. Everything written and produced was the epitome of making sure the 200th episode was something the fans would clap to for a long time. Dean’s initial reactions were priceless and if I absolutely had to pick one small moment, it would have to be when Dean told the young ladies dressed as the Winchesters to step back from each other while they had their BM scene.


This is an ultimate rarely as I said it would only go to one of the four main characters. Tonight it goes to Marie. She represented the amalgamation of the super meticulous and often overzealous fan who understands more than the writers possibly do of their own creation and even goes to far as to write entire fan scripts that go far beyond the typical genre of the plot. Robots and Space of course. She was a very honest character and told her story in a unique way that expressed how awesome it is to be a SN fan.


Yup, Adam is still in hell, in case anyone forgot.

Dean never mentioned the mark of Cain to Marie, though I’m sure she still would have had the same reaction toward the last 5 seasons. Maybe that was the only part of the plot the writers didn’t think was bad enough to mention.

The brothers are no longer seemingly concerned with finding Crowley, closing the gates of Hell, or interfering with the new structure of Heaven. I see this as a strong sign we’ll be returning to many monster of the week episodes this season before the new big bad gets introduced.

Will the necklace Marie gave Dean remain on the rear view mirror for continuity sake?

I could have seen Charlie show up in this episode, but in all fairness her geeky/nerdy lore and personality may not have meshed that well with this particular crowd. Still, she could have easily poked fun at Dean for all his misconceptions on the show.


Was it a perfect episode? Not exactly. Was it a perfect Supernatural episode? Yes, and that for the moment is what counts. My first 10 out of 10 goes to “Fan Fiction” for entertaining me from start to finish. Full of laughs, and so so many great references to our current culture of similar tastes. Supernatural shows us that it doesn’t intend to slow down, not for a second. Though, it was a groan to realize that if Sam and Dean could be referenced and a Bobby and Roofus combo, it probably means I’m getting too old for this too…nah! Hope you enjoyed the episode.

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