A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×07 (My name is Klaus Mikaelson, I killed my father, prepare to die)


In a fair exchange of emotional strikes, Klaus proves once again that he is subject to nothing but his thousand year old vice of hate and survival. It’s a testament to his longevity as a marked and loathed being, yet one can’t help but pity an immortal who believes he’s doing himself a favor by alienating and destroying those who try to provide peaceful solutions to his vicious life. He all but admitted his horrible acts from here on out are to protect his daughter and represent the good things in her life. And as such he’ll kill whomever to protect her, including his own father, Ansel…which he did.

That’s my first complaint on this episode that I wasn’t expecting, in a bad way. When Ansel mentioned to Klaus that he knew Hope was still alive, it sealed his fate which was a bad call, I think. Klaus placated the possibility of having had Ansel has the fatherly figure in his life and kills him by proving he is what Ansel thinks he isn’t, which is a cold blooded murderer. Those things we already knew and even though Klaus’s heartfelt tears over such a killing looked good on camera, the quickness of it and the build up toward it wasn’t a valuable scene. It felt like a complete waste of a good opportunity for Klaus to relate to and maybe find some likeable traits again. I can only hope that this is all leading to a triumphant arc that makes anything we’ve seen before pale in comparison.

One of the themes woven in this plot thread is the idea that Finn and Kol are able to find connections with significant characters and show signs of decent traits. Finn of course tries to subdue Camille without Esther’s aid while Kol appears to have more sympathetic tendencies toward Davina as he teachers her about how dark objects are made. We find out that as the Mikaelsons’s came from a line of witches, Kol was the most upset that being forced to become a vampire and spent all those years trying to fill that void in his life and never succeeding. It lends to some explanation about his animalistic and careless nature but I wouldn’t call it a grand excuse for his actions. Davina currently believes Kol betrayed her and stole the white oak stake, but we know that Marcel captured him and along with Finn, belongs to Elijah and Klaus now to do with what they please.

I will say that I’m very used to these characters and the bodies they currently inhabit and it would be a shame if any of them were forced to reenlist inside a new body. I almost forget what Kol used to look like only because his new form is eerily similar. I’m also impressed with how involved Camille is getting. This episode did show how capable she is without needing Klaus to intervene or help in any way and her situation still calls for her psychological skills, which still surprises me that she can outwit a few thousand year old characters.

In the background, Jackson is upset that nobody gave tribute to Oliver’s funeral (Not that I blame them) and tries to reignite some of those wolf feelings between himself and Hayley. She’s isn’t flat out refusing him, and if anything probably feels flattered by his continued affection. In all fairness, this love triangle isn’t what it was a season ago, and probably won’t be ever again. Hayley is entirely too conflicted to be in love with anyone realistically and at this point, it’s falling into the dreaded path of “Which guy deserves her more?” and Yes, Klaus is a part of this triangle making it an uncomfortable square. Elijah is too distracted to show his feelings as this point and Hayley is still too annoyed or upset at him for his attitude as of late. Klaus refuses to acknowledge her as a potential mate even though they connect only when referencing Hope. It’s not enough to care for the same person to bring two people together which just leaves Jackson, who has very few flaws save for his inability to take charge and lead the pack as the alpha. It’s gearing to that situation so I’d expect Hayley to gravitate more toward Jackson (Sorry, Jack) this season rather than Elijah. I’m okay with that.

The episode ends with Hayley presenting Finn and Kol to Elijah and Klaus with Esther finding and taking Camille after seeing the body of Ansel and crying hysterically. While I expect a prisoner exchange episode to highlight next week’s plot, I’m hoping for something more…original, to take place.



As much as I disagreed with the fast pace result of the scene I still enjoyed Ansel and Klaus at the end. I get why it had to happen, but it happened in one episode. Ansel showed that he was a benevolent character and benevolent characters have a way of getting taken out quite quickly on this show. Anti-heroes and sympathetic villains are the mainstays of The Originals and it’s unfortunate that characters like Camille and Josh may be served up to an unkind fate or worse yet, watching them turn into villains themselves.



This week I’m giving the MVP to Kol. He gave Davina a simple explanation to his personality as a vampire and so far, has been showing qualities of a man who’s genuinely affectionate toward another character. Davina is playing hard to get, but just as she was beginning to warm up to him, she’s left with believing he betrayed her. Still, Kol is defying Esther in a way that makes sense to him while still playing toward stopping Klaus, only this time, by creating a dagger that’s capable of subduing Klaus. For the moment, he’s an interesting character, but we’ll have to see how he handles being captured.



Josh and Aiden fizzled out. Josh had a hairs-moment of a chance to rejuvenate his awkward nature by standing up to Finn, but Finn broke his neck before anything could be done. Not much else going on here.

The outcome of Elijah’s fevered dream is still questionable. His child-like persona defeated the adult “monster” version of himself that allowed him to awaken, but there’s lingering pressure still remaining with the death of the doppelganger. I’m not sure any of that was very sensible and only served to prove what Klaus was willing to do to save him. Just seemed like a missed opportunity here to try something really unique in the dream world.

I’m certain I don’t want to see any more scenes where Klaus forsakes something or someone just to remain the way he is. He can jump from super caring face to hard-ass contempt face in a split second, which is a great trick, but it’s being overdone. He needs to stay consistent with one or the other for at least a single episode. I’m glad Ansel called him out on all his traits, it just sucks that now Ansel’s dead and can’t perform that task any longer, because Elijah doesn’t do that anymore.

Marcel was in the background again. He’s starting to lose a lot of momentum and needs to do something soon or risk fizzling out like so many others.

It would have been super fun to watch Ansel and Michael have a confrontation rather than what we were given with Klaus.

Hayley makes a pretty good killer jawa.



6 out of 10. The main problem with his episode is how it didn’t relate to the previous episode at all considering what new information we’ve been given. I wanted to see more of that arc play out, but instead it flipped stories and dealt more with an entire episode of Elijah trying to wake up and the others capturing Finn in a plot that Finn should have seen coming a mile away. That and how Ansel’s death was handled. It was too quick and too unnecessary. One of these episodes needs to include Rebekah soon as she’s just as much a part of this family plot as the others. It just doesn’t feel complete without her.



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