A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×08 (The pager never lies…)


I never thought I’d hear Soul Asylum play “Runaway Train” in an episode of Vampire Diaries. While I don’t like thinking of 1994 as twenty years ago, I will say, tonight’s episode “Fade Into You” managed to politely turkey thrust the Gemini Coven’s roundabout plot into our pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving storyline. We now understand Jo’s relationship to the coven and to Luke and Liv, who are soon to become targets over which one will assume bloody leadership after absorbing the magic of the weaker one to death.

The more that’s revealed, the more I feel I understand the simplicity of this season’s main plot. While the Traveler storyline completely ran itself into a dismal grave, The Gemini Coven is proving to be one of the more stronger witch plots, which have been hard to focus interest in as of late. There are some fundamental flaws based on a lack of information, but I can see a tad with where this might be going.

Along with the turkey stuffing, Elena comes full circle by attempting to reveal to Liam what she is, much like Stefan eventually did with Elena seasons ago. It doesn’t have the same romantic mirror as before, and thankfully, the revelation is extremely short lived. For the time being, Liam is reduced to compulsion seasoning and sent away, none the wiser. Elena wants to make good decisions and she’s admitting she needs Bonnie’s advice in order to find that right path. All Damon hears is “Get Bonnie back and I’m yours,” to which Damon so eagerly obliges. The look on his face over the prospect is enough to set many Dalena fans crossing their fingers for a happy re-reunion. Aside from an unfair compulsion scheme to his best friend. Alaric, Damon handled himself with a lot of reserve and hope. True, his snarky persona was ever visible in spades, but for the most part, he played it cool, even when getting hurt by Kai’s father, the deranged and overprotective leader of the Gemini Coven.

Tonight was also the first glimpse into an actual real moment between Liv and Tyler. Tyler seems to have two modes, ego-man, and puppy love. He thinks he’s the one who is bringing her down only to find out it’s the history with the Gemini Coven that has her so on edge. Later, he promises to protect her as being in Mystic Falls will make it that much harder for the coven to find them. They’re showing signs of normal affection which is finally believable. At this rate, this plan will make the Coven take down the spell surrounding the town as no one else seems to care about bringing it down. Other pressing matters are priority, understandably so.

Then there’s Kai and Bonnie, who share a hateful meal together back in Kai’s old home in Portland. He reveals how he ended up in limbo 1994 and then double-reveals that the plan was to suck the magic out of Jo’s knife that she hid with all her magic into. He absorbs it and then stabs Bonnie, believing all he needs is Bennett blood to activate the one way trip home. When Bonnie wakes, she finds Kai’s pager which has the text “I Lied” leaving her to be frantic once more that Kai is close to finding his way home.

I will say I’m not 100% certain what the text is implying. Did he lie about how he got to limbo or that he really does need Bonnie to complete the spell? Or is it something else I missed? Either way it wouldn’t make much sense for Kai to leave her if he needs her. Something else has to be going in.

In the closing moments of the episode, Stefan informs Caroline his real reason for pushing her away and through that explanation she eases up her attitude toward him and we now are officially counting down the days to their eventual coupling. With Damon and Alaric egging him on to get it over with, you can rest assured this forced relationship will happen and it will happen hard. Should there even be a bet on which of the two will go for the first kiss and when it happens, will Stefan truly be happier for it? I have no doubt Caroline will be overjoyed, but let’s be super honest here, their personalities couldn’t be any more vastly apart. If anything, Stefan would be the passive boyfriend, but this could be the switch he needs after what he’s been through.


When Damon and Alaric peer pressure Stefan into dating Caroline. They played the role of the audience as everyone knows this hyper event needs to happen. I’m surprised Stefan is rolling with the punches on this because of how inevitable the situation is. But allow this metaphor to fly out. Damon represents chaos and Stefan represents order. I don’t think this is a very new concept for the brothers, but this episode sold those abstract things even more. While Damon does anything and everything he can to get what he wants, he’s often unpredictable and completely insensible at times. He flies by the seat of his pants and tends to make things up as they go. Stefan on the other hand will always plan his actions and what’s more, he’s submitting to this idea that he should be with Caroline because practically every single character is telling him to. Beings of order follow a specific path and are unlikely to divert from it. He’s already accepted he’s going to be with her, he just needs to wake up and kiss her already.


Can Enzo get the MVP for “not” being in the episode? No? Alright, I’m giving it to Damon yet again. He poked and prodded his way through the Gemini’s bees nest and earned himself a glimmer of a chance with Elena as she sets him up for the win if Bonnie returns from limbo. Damon showed that quiet hopefulness that tends to hide deep underneath his aggressive stare 100 year old retorts. All in all, he was the most entertaining of the bunch.


Was I at any point supposed to feel sorry for what Kai’s father did to him? Kai murdered half of his family, he doesn’t get to pout about his eternal punishment even though his father is crazed himself.

We’re not getting the full story on the leadership role of this Gemini coven. It can’t be as simple as “I’m the leader now go do stuff.” There has to be a role that’s specified and intricate to this plot, otherwise Luke and Liv won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Is Kai’s father still the leader? If so, why doesn’t he just stay the leader?

There was way too much over saturated blinding sunlight in the background of a lot of college shots. Did the sun inextricably get closer over the seasons?

Liv seems pretty convinced she’ll be the stronger of the two if they have to merge. There’s something else sneaky going on with that and if I were Luke, maybe I’d want her to think that, just in case.

How did Jo survive such a deep wound in her stomach back then? Magic must be super awesome if it can prolong death or heal wound like that. I’m just surprised she was so mobile after taking a foot of metal in the gut.

Virginia to Oregon. Okay, but were they driving one of their own vehicles? Did they fly back and it was rather fast if that was the case.


7 out of 10. I was moderately okay with the events of the plot. Kai tries but fails to be a likable villain so we’ll have to put up with him a bit more regardless. Caroline finally stopped hating Stefan, even though she’ll probably be rude to him a few more times just to sell it. Much of the Gemini Coven exposition helped explain a few things and it’s good to know Jo, Liv, and Luke are all related and amazingly in the same vicinity of each other. Though it’s strange to wonder how Luke and Liv survived on their own after running away at the age of 8 practically. Decent episode with strange weirdness on the way. What will Bonnie do next and how will the guys save her. Stay tuned. One more ep before a short break.

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