A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×08 (Oh, come on. We all know Dalia will take over Camille’s body soon, right?)


What almost felt like a filler episode actually brought a decent sense of worth to the table. “The Brothers That Care Forgot” harnesses the focus on all five Mikaelson children, including our elusive Rebekah who reenters the fray escaping the sights of Esther’s watchful magic. Though, is it really Esther who’s after Rebekah, or is it the curse of Dalia come back into play? This fascinating tale continues to spin wicked webs as Klaus forces an alliance with anyone and everyone he can to face down the might of his mother.

Hidden underneath this screaming arc is the next step in Haley and Jackson’s wolf evolution, which includes a ancient tale of their kind and how they originally gained their abilities from other tribes. For the first time, we’re given a convenient plot device that stands in for an almost origin tale that depicts how alpha’s get married to join their abilities within their respective groups. Hayley plans to use this method to forever align the wolves to them and against Esther and Jackson is 100% along for the ride.

And finally, Camille discovers that her body is being prepped as a vessel for Rebekah who takes her frustration on a captured Finn. Finn also reveals to Klaus about Esther’s sister the curse involved with every generation’s first born. Klaus doesn’t lack in mistrust but understands the gravity of the situation as Rebekah tells him that she was forced to Kill Elijah because of what Esther is putting him through.

With the pretense nearly over, we can finally begin with this season’s true plot. As interested as I am with the werewolf alignment, I think it’s best if it takes a back seat to the curse at hand. Klaus is weary but he isn’t ignorant to Finn’s tale, which was an interesting way to let loose. I half-expected Dalia to show up and wreck house before Klaus would be given an inkling as to what was going on. I’m not sure I agree with the method of delivery, but what’s done is done. Finn is put in a breathable coffin for his efforts and Klaus flees with Hayley to find Rebekah and Hope. There’s a strong sense of urgency and it’s allowing for unlikely allies to put aside normal differences to face a grander threat. But when Dalia does appear, that grand threat will soon become the worst they’ve ever dealt with.

My theory is that Dalia will take over Camille. It fits in a lot of ways and it will warp everyone’s view on who the enemy will be. Esther is fine with who she’s inhabiting, unless someone inevitably destroys her, like say, Michael out of nowhere. But that’s as far as I’ll guess on that matter.

As far as the run of the episode, there was some eye rolling cliche’s abound, such as the witty and defiant torture of Kol by Marcel. It’s hard to forget how enigmatic and evil Kol was in VD, but it seems like he’s really turning over a new leaf now and is done with being a rambunctious and crazy killer. Let’s hope Davina keeps him in check. Elijah’s massacre at the diner was an interesting development. I wasn’t sure quire where that was going earlier as he tried to clean the coffee stain from his suit. But, as Rebekah found out, Esther messed with him in ways we didn’t realize. When he wakes, will he be better or worse because of it?

Josh and Aiden shared their first on-screen kiss, which makes their relationship the only one developing at all this season. Their involvement isn’t necessarily breaking new ground, but as far as chemistry goes, they’re not bad as a pairing. Josh was in dire need of some character development and if I were thinking long term, it’d let their coupling succeed until a villain character got nasty and killed Aiden, forcing Josh to knuckle down and become a serious fighting member of the vampire team. Josh is just barely on par with “resourceful noob”, and isn’t showing too many signs that he can handle the bad things coming through New Orleans. Bottom line is he’s a character who needs to start fighting for what he wants. If he wants Aiden he needs to fight for it. Simple fluttery feelings only go so far in this city when neck snappings are a daily ritual.

The narration unfolds the theme that innocence is to be protected by the parents that bring that innocence into the world. Since the Mikaelson family are anything but, it reinforces Klaus’s overall hatred of what Esther and Michael have put he and his siblings through. It also challenges the idea that perhaps this will be the final tale between parents and children as Esther and Michael’s final days as villainous characters are at a close end. Dalia’s return marks the possibility that the family will unite under a single banner, at least for a short time to defeat a greater evil. I’d like to see something like that but I doubt Michael and Klaus would go along to willingly. We shall see after the short one-week break.



Davina and Klaus’s short battle was my favorite moment tonight. Davina is showing more and more that she’s learning and adapting her abilities to handle the likes of Klaus and his superior strength. As a witch she has a arsenal of unique ways to combat the creatures of the night(and lately day) and she proved it by defeating Klaus. And I don’t care how it’s interpreted, Klaus was trying to save face by asking if he really lost after Davina lifted her spell on him. Klaus was outsmarted and was in a very bad spot until Kol, Marcel, and Camille convinced Davina to change her mind. Still, it was a moment that helped Davina grow up a little and take the fight into her own hands.



This one’s a little out of left field, but I’m giving it to Hayley. If it weren’t for Hayley’s part in the wolf plot, I wouldn’t care much with what’s happening. Her interest in the ancient tale of marriage and her commitment to see it at least started is a testament to her longevity as a character on this show. Now, with Hope taking her away this will obviously hinder things with Jackson and possibly further wedge the loyalty of the wolves, but Jackson is proving to be a capable leader when he wants to be and Hayley can be forceful as well when necessary. She’s also grown since last season and will hopefully put the wolves on the map because I’m just not convinced they’re running anything in the city, moon rings or not.



Where is the white oak stake? Marcel obviously took it, unless Kol hid it. I don’t recall it being mentioned tonight.

Is Michael going to suddenly appear when things are getting worse or is Michael a part of a different arc and more of a reoccurring villain of the show? It’s hard to know if his character will meet its end during this Dalia arc.

Was Rebekah afraid that Elijah might hurt Hope? It seems like a natural conclusion, but The fact that she didn’t even ask or confront Elijah about what happened in the diner just seems a little odd.

We almost got the full origin to the werewolves which suggests that magic was involved in their creation as well. Maybe not “witch” magic, but something more attuned with nature. Will we see some powerful force representing the old wolves arrive in time for the end of season 2?

If Any of the originals were driven through Mystic Falls, would that original die and would every vampire under them die as well?



This was more bait and trap than anything and we still don’t have an onscreen debut of present tense Dalia. Because of that I’m only giving this ep a 6 out of 10. Davina and Hayley showed some crucial moments in their growth while Klaus and Elijah practically switched sides as Klaus so mentioned. Rebekah’s return was welcomed but her role felt too short and uninteresting. I’m hoping things really pick as we near the moment in winter where all shows take a hiatus. We’ll get a new episode on the 8th then there’s no telling when the show will return. What kind of cliffhanger do you think we’ll get when it happens? Will Dalia show up before the break? I’m hoping.



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