A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 10×07 (Mother. Tell your Crowley not to walk my way)

SN 2x07

The doorway into season 10’s real plot has finally been opened. It’s not necessarily a specific arc, but rather a few plums of possibilities each with interesting ways to intersect a few stories into one. Currently there are three to consider, but first, let’s rummage through what almost became a forgettable episode.

“Girls Girls Girls” was a prime example of a storyline that segways between concurrent plots while attempting to stay relevant and original. The prostitue demon angle felt like a luke warm premise, that is until Rowena, an ancient witch, came and disposed of the sex trade. Looking to teach two younger ladies the ways of the craft, she attempts to douse them in her lifestyle, until the brothers catch wind and track her down. In the midst of confronting this renegade witch, Cole arrives to do battle with Dean as round two continues with kicks and punches galore. What satisfied is how Cole reacted and reached for some kind of truth that he could accept regarding the murder of his father. It wasn’t easy but Dean convinced Cole to go home and put away the vengeance that had been driving him for years.

This opens up a whole can of messy ideas that I’m hoping will be taken advantage of. First and foremost, Dean doesn’t know what kind of monster he killed. And if anything has taught me it’s that if you don’t know the kind of monster you’re dealing with, odds are you’re going to mess up how to kill it. I have no reason to believe that Cole’s dad is dead and it’s more enticing that we can see a new monster that the brothers have never fought before. I’d bring in this monster and even tie it further to Cole. Was this a monster that took over Cole’s dad or was it always him? And if so, does that make Cole part monster himself? Simple answers are not the ones I want to experience because Cole’s plot was one-dimensional until Dean spilled the beans on why he committed the act. Keep this going, I’m interested.

In-between this thread was an unexpected shift in the angel plot. After the husband of Hannah’s vessel, Caroline, finds her, she decides to relinquish the body because she’s no longer willing to sacrifice it for the good of the mission. By leaving, this prompts Castiel to look inside and ponder if keeping hold of his own vessel is what’s best. For the first time in seasons, we’re seeing Cas’s regret take hold of the sensible notion that he shouldn’t be in control of the body he inhabits. As a rabid Castiel fan, I could never support his departure from the show or change in vessel, but it is worth diagnosing if what he continues to do is the right thing. As a human, he understands more about the nature of man than he ever has. Seeing Hannah’s body the way he did brought out unexpected feelings he probably knew he had, but didn’t want to exhibit so suddenly. Castiel is still a mess and it’s high time he once more made a hearty decision about where he’s headed and how.

Rowena is an interesting addition to the series. At the beginning, we were introduced to this older redhead who had a pension for killing whoever she needed to, but also wanted to start her own small coven after being forced out of a grand one. Our twist comes at the end when she’s found captured by the demons and Crowley confronts her only to address her as “Mother.” His silent stare was all we needed to figure out that tidbit and now Crowley has to deal with a careless witch who may want nothing to do with the king of hell. Yet, there are disturbing possibilities that Crowley and Rowena could team up for any number of reasons, but not before we find just how sinister Rowena was. I like adding new family members to the mix of Crowley. We’ve humanized his character a number of times including a stint with his son who was pulled through time. Now he has a chance to reconcile with his mother, if she would even dare have that. Again, it’s an interesting push forward and Crowley definitely needs to get out that dungeon and back mixing it up with the Winchesters.



When Dean finally explains what happened to Cole’s dad. That was an itch that needed severe scratching. If they so choose, they can run with this idea and pull Cole back into this hunter’s war and introduce what kind of monster his father was. I wouldn’t expect it to be something overtly special, but if Dean has never encountered it before or since, that has to be examined at least somewhat. Bonus points for Dean convincing Cole not to shoot him. He may have fooled Sam but he hardly fooled us. He knew what his end would be and he wasn’t lying about it, not in the least.



It’s because Cas looked up his vessel’s name and had the look of true uncertainty that earned him tonight’s MVP. He didn’t want Hannah to go and you could tell he just needed a little more nudging and maybe he’d admit that there was something there worth pursuing, angel to angel. When the mission comes first, he’ll do what he has to, but now he no longer has that partner to face this mission with. Will he continue to hunt the other angels down? Or will he hang up his wings and let his vessel return home? Tough questions, especially for Cas fans out there.



That was a really bad accent. Rowena feels like she’s half-assing it.

What if Crowley uses Rowena to reinstall the demon back into Dean. She has the ability to bind and purge, there’s no reason they can’t make up a few more rules and put Dean right back to where he was.

How bad would the fanmail get if Castiel suddenly left the show or was placed in a new vessel? One thing’s for sure, there’s tension for his future.

It’s funny seeing Dean more adept to this decades wayward way with technology. Both brothers are severely out of time, yet they always find time to bounce back quips and quotes with current pop-culture and movie references. Where do they find the time when they drive so much?

There needs to be a special two hour episode where the Winchesters go to Europe and tackle something ancient and bad. I may have mentioned this before, but with the world as big as it is, imagine the ghost stories that can be told in another country.



Not a fantastic episode, but the last ten minutes were very solid. If it were like that the whole time, it would get a much higher score. 6 out of 10. Castiel is running on almost severe depression with his mission and his situation is even worse now that Hannah has left him. He needs the brothers. Rowena is a little fresh for the series but having her be Crowley’s mom does work so I’m interested to see where this is going. Cole’s dad should still be alive and be a part of the next major monster plot. I think there’s something there if they do it. No break. We’ll see you next week!



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