A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×09 (Zo, What’s your zign? Ztop)


Something didn’t entirely feel right with this episode. Whether it was Kai’s random entry into reality, or Sarah’s abrupt departure from the plot, or even Elena’s issue with Damon compelling his friend, the general tone of this episode was a bit all over the map. Add a confusing cliffhanger in the end and we have ourselves a rather rambunctious story complete with the despicable Enzo still reeling with disdain for Stefan. Since the show tends to treat it’s audience with the mindset of a goldfish I’m starting to forget why Enzo cares so much that he needs to screw with Stefan. With Damon having been back for a spell, Enzo really should be getting on his merry way and not worrying about what secrets Stefan keeps. And let’s face it, the secret really isn’t a threat to anyone at all.

While we collectively watch Alaric work his mojo on Jo to get the ascendant as he was compelled to do so, there’s a certain fragrance of laziness in the air considering everyone’s making Damon’s compulsion a big deal. Stefan turns a blind eye because that’s what makes more sense in this reality where Damon can snap necks and kill humans at a glance and not get the third degree yet compelling a friend to do what’s necessary to save Bonnie has Elena using the excuse to push Damon away. There’s really no grounds for it, not with the rules of emotions that have been established time and time again on this show. As much as I hate to admit it, Jeremy was the only one who had the right frame of mind because he’s been jaded too many times about Bonnie’s return.

And why tell Jeremy at all? Elena had no reason to. He had no integral part in helping Bonnie in this scenario and she knew how many times he’d been burned and hurt by her passing. She should have played it closer to home and just waited until Bonnie had actually returned. Matt did right by utilizing that frustration and channeling it into a hunt for Enzo, who I’d also like to rant a bit about.

Enzo is beyond worthless on this show. Caroline is a distant memory for this short plot which means there isn’t a soul around that cares if Enzo lives or Dies. Enzo isn’t pining away with hanging around Damon and just wants to see Stefan face facts over some evil agenda Enzo thinks he has. If Stefan wanted to prove a point, not killing Enzo is not it. Enzo tried to convince Matt that whether he’s evil or not isn’t the issue but that Stefan isn’t a heroic character at all. The fact that Matt even felt compelled (For lack of a better word) to listen to Enzo and find out for himself why Stefan left with Sarah. At least Matt came to his senses and is using Jeremy to finally hunt Enzo down. This won’t go over well at all, and I think Matt may be really hurt because of it.

As for the Sarah plot, it just completely fizzled. I feel the writers came up with the cheesiest excuse to boot her from the series and the reason was far from entertaining. Stefan having looked after his descendant’s daughter was a decent way to show how he’s cared for the bloodline, but the fact that a friend took her identity because she had no family of her own feels rather irrelevant. I guess one could argue what Enzo did actually was put away a pointless plot thread, but in truth, Sarah should never have been one to begin with. Trip had the right motivation, this felt like a waste of time.

Which brings us to Kai and his twenty years of pop-culture references in the span of twenty minutes. His jokes are mildly entertaining at best, only because I get them all and wanted to roll my eyes through them. He goes after Liv, which was expected and is confronted by Tyler. In the heat of stopping Elena and Damon from returning to help Bonnie in limbo, Kai enters Mystic Falls and seeks out Tyler with a deal he wants to make while saving Liv. What? What is going on here? I get the purposeful pause in any sense, but this made little of it. There’s pieces we’re still missing and the next episode is the xmas special.



One scene that did stand out was of course a segment where Damon opens up and reveals what’s been helping him change. He explains to a frustrated Elena that while in Limbo Bonnie helped keep Damon sane on hopeful of leaving it and that she’s the reason why Damon is helping her and not just to get back with Elena. What I liked about it is that while Damon is speaking the truth, it’s also a complete lie. The lie isn’t what he said, I absolutely believe in his words. What he’s failing to do is own up to the fact that what Elena said was right. Passive aggressive careless Damon would have no problem owning up to his vices and what makes him tick. He’s a very blunt vampire and there’s it’s not in his nature to prove Elena wrong. Damon won’t let Elena go. She’s the carrot that forever dangles in front of his face. But it was still a good scene to watch because Damon is at least trying to show that regret that he rarely gets to elicit.



I’d like to give this one out to Stefan this time around. As usual, Enzo had every wrong impression about Stefan regardless of the murder tolls they both have accumulated over the years. Stefan was very reserved but was frantic enough to keep his bloodline secreted away. I don’t really get the reason why especially since Damon isn’t a threat anymore, but at least he’s stayed consistent even after all these years of him fighting many evils and even returning to one himself. He showed he still have deep roots to his bloodline and will do whatever it takes to see it preserved.



Did Tyler just happen to be on the second floor of that bar to help Liv. That really came out of nowhere and he’s completely human still at this point

Why did Tyler pull Elena and Damon from Limbo? Liv wasn’t with them the entire time and bringing them out ruined their chance to save Bonnie. Pulling Liv into Mystic Falls was the right call it seems, so if it was just a matter of getting her over the boundary then that makes more sense.

If Alaric was compelled to do anything but steal from Jo and he found out about it, I doubt he still would have punched Damon at all. The issue isn’t that he was compelled or that he was compelled by his best friend, the issue is that when someone else damages a growing relationship, there’s little forgiveness in the situation no matter who you are.

Bonnie has the worst luck in all these seasons. That is all.

I’m not speculating too far, but I’m starting to think that Tyler will end up killing Kai and reactivate his wolf gene. That’s the sense I got from this episode.



5 out of 10. Not a very compelling episode. It was just chalk full of non sequiturs and a few pointless segments. Whatever excuse there is that’s keeping Enzo on the show, needs to be wrapped up. He has some strange mainstay which means he won’t have a villain’s death. In fact I’d say he’s a poor man’s Katherine replacement and that’s not a pleasant thought at all. The witch plot is still good enough to warrant priority but let’s also wrap up Bonnie situation in Limbo. Jeremy can’t take the heartache anymore and I don’t blame him. One more episode before the winter break. Let’s hope they make it a good one. Tonight was disappointing and very lack-luster.


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