A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×09 (Interesting way to sneak in an Xmas theme in an episode with no Xmas)


Klaus and Hayley manage a short but sweet reunion with their child, Hope as the Mikaelson’s prepare to stop their mother from continuing her plan to turn her children into humans. Though Klaus kept to his episodic venting of parents gone wrong, he did manage to tone down the contempt a few pegs to allow others on the show to breathe more. In a show of good faith, we were given two scenes that were arguably overdue for their time.

The first was Hayley and Elijah having their first and likely last lustful moment on the show. The play by play was rather overtly cliche with one nearly denying the other only to go in for the kill, then pull away, then the other went in for the kill. Then it was a textbook college style event where people are flung and clothes are ripped. PG-13ish is funny when characters who are immortal and ravenous for love only manage to rip off some of their clothes before returning to harsh neck biting. Credit where it’s due. Elijah and Hayley sold the look and probably brought the room into ruins. But now Hayley has to return to Jackson, and one can imagine how he’ll take the news when he finds out. And he will. That’s how drama works.

The second was something I wanted to see which was Esther and Michael finally sharing a scene again. Although it was short and to the point I was a bit disappointed by how it went down. I keep forgetting and Michael isn’t allowed to have an arc, thus he can’t grow, have any other feelings other than rage and hate, and even when it comes to Esther, he’s still a jerk. Off screen, they made a deal which involved Michael freeing Finn from his coffin and witch chains. Where do they go and what is their next move? I doubt it’s together, although Michael doesn’t have much reason to hate Finn considering he’s not a vampire nor the product of infidelity.

One fancy twist unexpectedly came when Esther was killed by Klaus and revived as a vampire, much to Esther’s horror. Klaus watches and gloats before trampling off to view Rebekah’s body as it was recovered, sans soul. Turning Esther into a vampire is an interesting conclusion to her witch plan, but I’m certain it won’t take long for the irony to set in when Esther will be powerless to stop Dalia when she makes her return to the city. She won’t have the “I told you so’s” but rather the “I could have spared you” speeches. Since she still doesn’t know Hope is alive, she’s not truly freaking out, but something tells me she will, as well when Freya joins the cast too.

One thing I wasn’t in complete agreement with was how Dalia was continued to be passively mentioned while Rebekah’s bonfire was being made in Arkansas. The siblings refer to ancient lore and centuries passing and casting aside any worry that such a threat even exists, which is mind-numbingly excruciating to have to listen to when the countdown to this arc had begun nearly a month ago. It’s almost better to let them continue without the need to address to the audience then slam them when they least expect it. But the shot with the picture was nice, until Klaus ruined it by needing to have the picture burned.

Kol’s neutral stance was treading on thin ice, yet he managed to be both a trustworthy ally and a backstabbing ally all at once. What’s torn here is how I feel about it. Kol hasn’t done anything truly despicable since he received his new body, yet he never made it a secret that he’ll do what he has to to stop Klaus which includes putting Rebekah’s body into another mortal. I don’t like when Rebekah gets so little screen time, because when she’s developing she gets instantly taken out of the equation. She was just getting used to being on Klaus’s side and now Kol has ruined that by putting her in a prison built for witches. I really have no idea how this will play out and I suppose that’s a good point. Obviously Kol and Davina will finish retooling the dagger to work for Klaus, but at what cost now? Klaus doesn’t like to be crossed and this definitely counts as such.



As cheesy and it sounds, I liked when Hayley and Klaus met with their child again. It reminds us what they’re doing everything for and it’s those rare moments when Klaus has genuine happiness that we’ve given a bit of leeway in his attitude and for a short time he lightens up and allows that happiness to exist. It won’t last as happiness rarely does with neutral evil-ish characters, but the mood and good and the music was well used.



Because she was almost a central character this time, I’m giving it to Rebekah. In most cases, she becomes a victim, and though this happened yet again, she showed the promise of more strength and a certain flair for confronting her mother, which was something we hadn’t seen yet. Though her time was short lived, she made an impact and had plenty of moments of bickering with Elijah and Klaus that reminds us that they’re not always the bloodthirsty monarchs they are identified as.



Even Camille thinks her name sucks. I don’t know why but I fully expected that to be a line Esther would use to pretend she was Camille. It was a bit over the top and not something I would have expected her to say.

Does the original actor who played Finn not have a place on the show anymore? Original Kol still gets a few rounds, but not Finn unless it’s child Finn or new actor Finn. Just seems odd.

I’m actually getting really tired of all these characters having body swaps. Sooner or later it’s going to happen forever to one of the top three Mickaelson’s and we won’t like it then either. I just hope Rebekah’s body switch is the last time we have to put up with it forever.

Ansel versus Michael would have been a good match to see. Shame Klaus killed his own father. He does that.

Marcel still isn’t rising to the occasion. In the end he’s still a simple vampire that can be taken out rather easily. He needs to have some new moments to grow and fast.



I feel a bit inclined to give “The Map of Moments” a 7 out of 10. Sometimes simple works and we got a few well deserved scenes with Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, hashing out their family woes and just talking instead of threatening or reminding us what happened in the last episode or 5 minutes ago. Rebekah seemed to understand who her family was and because of that she’s the one who gets the short end of the deal this time around. Hayley and Elijah were overdue for their make-out session and luckily there’s still a tiny bit a relevance to it, so it’ll be interesting to see if it picks back up or whether Elijah will stay away yearning as always. Now we have a break until probably beyond the new year before TO comes back. Maybe there’ll be another crossover character on the show. That’d be switch.



No more words




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