A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×12 (Enter Freya: Destroyer of gates)


In the wonder of new relatives making bold appearances, a new chapter has slipped into the cracks of the Mikaelson drama as we understand it currently. Tradition is tested when an anxious Klaus nearly ruins Haley’s wedding. Kol attempts to sway Finn to his side while Rebekah encounters Freya in human form while planning her escape from the witch house. Death is teased for a few supporting characters and both Finn and Jackson are made aware of Hope’s survival. “Sanctuary” does drag a bit of the same jaded and untrustworthy themes involving family and doesn’t really offer any new perspectives on the matter. The action is practically nil save for an unfair beat-down between Klaus and Jackson while we’re given some residual moments of torture and punishment inflicted by resident villains of the arc. With one or two moments standing out, this episode will quickly fit into the mold of the somewhat forgotten in weeks to come.

To be fair, the only points in watching Klaus act like a desensitized brute are the potential moments where he understands what his inflictions have caused, or more importantly, his defeat of the heart by more compassionate beings. Klaus showed his dominance wickedly against Jackson and only when Haley confronted him with her own approach of trust and sensibility did Klaus relent and allow the inevitable to occur. What was a double-edged sword here was I wanted Hayley to blurt out to Jackson about Hope while Klaus was still in denial over her acts. But the problem is the main character has to show he’s still in control by “allowing” Haley to proceed with her foolish ritual and use the obvious power gained from the pack of wolves as a means to further his agenda. Klaus yet to learn real humility because whenever someone puts him in his place, he only comes back more vengeful and hateful, especially if the opponent is any family member. I think it’s the next logical step for Klaus’s growth, but it may be a rather hard segment to write because his character is rather a stubborn fellow.

I’m continuously impressed with Rebekah’s vessel’s accent and how marginally close it is to the real thing. I’d probably face-palm if I found out her voice was dubbed over, but It doesn’t seem like it. Freya woke up in the witch’s prison and studied Rebekah before escaping with her after killing a traitorous Cassie. I was hoping Cassie would be a more prominent character, but I guess the harvest girls were a one trick act and now Davina is the last. With Freya having been aware of her siblings for quite sometime and even spied on them occasionally through the centuries, I’m left wondering if Freya has any real alliance to Dalia or if she is in fact playing the role of a much bigger villain plot coming. Freya has maintained her youth over the centuries. A power I assume is related to witchcraft as she has no ties to vampire nor werewolf. She appears benevolent in regards to her family, but then again, we just met her.

In the wake of Marcel’s torture, Finn magically puts two and two together and ponders to Marcel why he’d be compelled to forget the events of Hope’s death. It felt like a stretch but Finn has the power of deduction and now he knows what big secret Klaus has kept. Two thoughts here, one, does this mean Marcel will be once more at odds with Klaus for what happened to him? And two, why wouldn’t Finn react with more fear and astonishment? When Esther spoke to Finn about Dalia’s return should Klaus’s child survive, but I was under the distinct impression they both understood the ramifications of it and were in fear of the consequences. In a way I feel like we’re being intentionally led away from Dalia so when she arrives it will be a much more surprising entry. Currently not surprised.

The episode ends with Rebekah finding Klaus and remarking on her hellish week while Finn plans to find Hope utilizing Marcel and his vampires. It raises a few mild questions such as how Finn will manipulate Marcel into locating Hope and of course whether Rebekah will immediately mention her experience with Freya. I don’t see why she wouldn’t because Klaus lavishes her return and she, for the most part, is back to trusting him on a normal basis. Will Klaus allow Freya into the family with open arms, or will his skepticism be the cause of another rift because she’s a witch or worse, allied with Esther’s sister?



I enjoyed watching Haley scold Klaus over what he was doing to Jackson and more when she stood up to him in protection of her new mate. I knew it wasn’t Jackson’s time quite yet and Haley is growing as a character should in Klaus’s world. Whether the entire ordeal was part of Klaus’s ploy isn’t necessary to know, but for the moment, she appeared in control and at least got Klaus thinking about his actions if not for a nanosecond.



Again, Hayley stole the moment in a field of rather bland scenes. As emotional as Klaus can get, he’s get’s repetitively whiney over his lack of connections. Hayley is building on her family’s legacy and took Jackson’s news about his grandfather killing her parents rather well. I knew nothing Jackson would say would faze her, but it comes as a close second to her own secret about Hope.



Whether Freya is a friend or foe to the siblings, she already has a natural charisma that blooms more than just her youthful looks alone. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her and hope she doesn’t get taken out of the family equation this season or the next.

I keep forgetting that Kol keeps inching his way closer to this magical plan to remove Klaus from his bloodline, if that really is the goal at this point. Davina still seems hell bent on it, but keeps getting distracted. Maybe if Klaus was a little nicer during their meetings she’s be at least a tiny bit conflicted about it.

Are Esther and Michael really out of play from here on out? Seems like they just swept those two under the rug to make way for maniacal Finn and mysterious Freya. Though Michael is one-dimensional and Esther is eternally predictable, I still think those two have a part to play in this season, especially if the family teams up completely to take on Dalia. I hope I’m not just making up this plot and it actually happens.

How long will Rebekah be without her body now that she’s free? I think it’s time to get her back to normal and not waste any time on the matter. Putting people in other bodies and swapping them all the time makes my head spin.

With Elijah having barely a cameo, will his new struggle continue to play a huge role here, or will Camille manage to subdue it with her psychological background? I’m indifferent. Elijah losing control is something new and he should have a bit of conflict considering he doesn’t have any left for Haley now that they’ve been together. Still, there’s not a whole lot left to gain by making him more susceptible to this trauma unless new secrets are to be uncovered from his past that maybe he’s still not aware of.



Not an overly fancy episode, but it held on it’s own for the time given. 6 out of 10. Hayley proved she can still grow, Freya is starting off strong and likable, and Jackson continues to show his support making him the most sacrificial good character on the show next to Marcel who may have to deal with some more pent up frustration over his maker and mentor. I’d like some more time with Freya, but odds are we’re going to get a lot more Finn before the big bad villain appears. I liked Finn when he was more reserved and cautious. Angry and intolerant Finn is less coherent and doesn’t show many good qualities while promoting unstable habits. He did put an expiration date on Kol which could spell the end of our youngest (I think) Mikaelson. We’ll see how it all transpires next week.



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