A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×13 (I might as well embrace the idiot that is Enzo)


Somewhere in the midst of a passable plot came the presence of a satire wrapped up in a bottle of flame-causing bourbon. The instances in which we’re being told how we should feel about characters is so numerous that it’s hard to imagine a script where characters handle their issues without splurging their feelings in words versus actions. Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries shows the breaking point of one character while everyone else fashionably allies with the emotionally conflicted villain, all except the vexed sister who mourns the death of her twin brother. The drama is oddly warped and discards any sense of realism mixed with an awkward send off that I’m uncertain was even handled as such.

While Bonnie contemplates suicide in limbo, Kai approaches Damon and Elena with urges of remorse and is offered a chance to make things right by helping Bonnie escape. Liz puts a whammy on Tyler to hunt and kill Kai himself. Liz and Stefan have next to the most ridiculous share-care moment of the season, and Enzo forces Matt to engage Sara for Enzo’s dark scheme. Two of these plotlines didn’t belong and to top it off, Elena once more reinforces her decision to be with Damon as the end-all-be-all relationship choice.

As the focal point of the series, Elena’s choice of Salvatore continues to be questioned and resolved as the episodes sway through the season. The surprising twist was it was Damon himself who brought up the scenario that human Elena had chosen Stefan while vampire Elena found her way to Damon. Elena gives herself to Damon completely under the realization that no matter what she always finds herself back to him. This is probably the most shut-case point on the matter that to ever bring this subject up again would be completely ludicrous. The horse has been beaten, killed, and turned into a vampire. The goal, moving forward should be to really put these two in peril and stress their ability to stay as close as they are. Not neccessarily break them up, but really test their convictions on the matter. It’s rather safe to say Damon will let Elena go if he truly has to while Elena will likely let a sibling perish if it meant saving Damon. Either way, these tense moments need to fill in the gaps because their team-working skills always leaves their bed bouncing tangos rather bland to look at.

Bonnie reach a critical point in her existence and I was almost sold on this performance save for one key physical detail that kept bothering me. Her makeup. Nothing about her appearance suggested that she was tired of being alone and worn out by the constant breakfasts she keeps making. I understand a show like this has to have everyone looking pretty at all times, but a haggard Bonnie would have been a more believable Bonnie who was on the verge of giving up. The strength she showed at the end was commendable, but then it was Jeremy who saved her, kind taking the wind out of those sails. Essentially if Jeremy wasn’t there, she would have died even though she finally changed her mind. It’s an odd concept to dissect when the purpose is to show Bonnie tried to change her fate. But love is about relying consciously or sub-consciously on those you care about, so there’s that.

Liz’s attack on Kai was very cut and dry, nothing new or exciting there, and I must say I’m glad Tyler reacted the way he did. Though, I can’t imagine he’ll stay that angry for very long. This relationship wasn’t working out and rightfully needed to end. As for Kai, his compounded personality was turned up a notch to include conflicted moments of violence and help. What we missed were those beginning moments where Kai started feeling the effects of Luke’s essence. When Kai showed up, all he did was explain what happened to him which is the worst thing you can do on screen. It wasn’t until the end that we got that moment where he couldn’t kill Liz even through he wanted to. It was all backwards, but Kai made his scenes work for the most part.

Not much to recount between Stefan and Caroline. They had a moment, it didn’t lead to kissing. Still dragging it out. Moving on.

Enzo’s plot is becoming a real nuisance along with the vampire man himself. The devious sense of an old vampire runs thick with familiar plots such as seducing the young girl, only Enzo plans to do it to destroy Stefan. It’s very textbook and knowing Enzo’s skill to be persuasive, he’ll manage his plan until it gets someone killed. There is hope that Sara will be smart enough to turn anything around on Enzo, but that could also lead to a short life if unexpected events occur and Enzo stops wasting time with these games.



Bonnie’s goodbye in the garage did stand out as a poignant scene almost tugging at the strings. Breaking points are hard to figure out, but when you introduce it to a supporting character it should be handled with a good piece of sense and emotional cadence. She chose a slow and relatively painless way to go which is interesting considering the amount of physical pain she’s experienced over the seasons. In any case, it wasn’t until the end that she realized she couldn’t fall victim to her own fears. Good for Bonnie.



I think I’m giving this one to Kai. As expositional as he can be, there’s a flare of cynicism and sarcasm that plays with the audience who have heard all the villain one-liners one too many times. Adding this scope of duality within him makes him a character that has a bit of purpose which can lead to better scenes if they so choose to continue him on this path. Maybe he’ll even detrimental to a future arc.



The Matt and Enzo buddy/villain team up has to stop. I get that Matt needs to stay relevant but Enzo’s lackey is not a good way to go about it.

Tyler still hasn’t killed anyone yet, accidental or on purpose to reactivate his werewolf gene. I’m starting to think that maybe they’re holding off till the end of the season. This isn’t a very important transition and it could even boost Tyler’s importance a bit if they finally make it happen.

Bonnie’s return is really all that’s left to figure out. If Liz or anyone else goes after Kai, it’ll be the same plot as tonight and the Gemini Coven isn’t getting any more interesting now that these mergers have completed. Maybe a lack of Jo in this episode means something more prominent will happen next week.

Speaking of Bonnie’s search for magic, this can’t be an easy situation and there’s bound to be a hiccup or two with making this event work. Maybe it will include a cameo of two of characters long past dead. Not that first time that’s happened.

I’m glad Bonnie’s party didn’t include a ton of random friends showing up and boozing at the Salvatore house. That would have been, oddly nostalgic.



5 out of 10. Kai’s assistance in helping the trio find Bonnie was an interesting development and Liz’s sullen and fatalistic attitude of course was the thorn in everyone’s sides. This was a mixed bag of hero/villain swapping that generally comes with strange ideas on who to fully support in trials like these. I’m over Elena and Damon continually reassessing their unrivaled relationship and to be honest, it need to hit some rocky moments that’s new making the characters really think about their situation. Enzo is building to an episode or two of torment before the Salvatore brothers wreck havoc on him and I just hope one of them finally puts him down. The episode was neither completely dull nor super adequate, but a standard story of exposition, trickery, and a humane love for alcohol.



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