A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×13 (She said fix the heater, not blow it up!)


The valiant cliffhanger dangles overhead as we witness the sudden explosive demise of human/witch Finn and his quest to locate Hope. Elijah may not be whole for some time, but I’m doubtful he’s extinguished. The Originals are a rare breed that can survive simple things like houses exploding. As for the whereabouts of Freya, one can only guess that her tale about betraying Dalia may not be completely accurate, in speculation.

“The Devil is Damned” marks a critical point when all supporting characters are finally given the truth that little Hope is alive and well. Freya finds Finn and helps locate the baby as Finn sets Marcel and Kol on dubious quests to distract them from his actual plan. In the midst of certain confrontations, Klaus finds it in his heart to trust Kol while they attempt overload Finn with magic hopefully giving Elijah the edge in their battle at the secluded house while Camille discovers strange abilities within Hope herself.

In a way, this episode played on a few familiar beats that the last episode portrayed including Hayley and Jackson’s marriage subplot which continues to segue into longer and longer ritualistic eye rolling. It’s great that the outside alphas want to turn in their rank and join the main pack, but there was nothing more to gain but time away from their actual marriage. None of the alphas are going to be characters relevant to the story which makes the entire scene a bit meaningless. Hayley finally said it herself about needing to get married as soon as possible. Enough with the pre-traditional wolf stuff. Let’s get on with it.

Freya’s appearance and subtle help with Finn started interesting but didn’t do a good job of following through. Freya was more or less forgotten after she decided to help Finn find Hope. An interesting note is she clutched at her necklace upon hearing of Hope’s existence. It may not mean a lot but one could speculate it’s connected to Dalia somehow or it’s simply a tell that Freya is severely bothered by this knowledge. I’m not immediately buying into her story about betraying Dalia even though the idea of waking up one year every century could probably rub anyone the wrong way. Still, there’s a lot of information we don’t know and my first instinct is not to trust Freya quite yet. From that point on we don’t really see her except being mentioned and of course Klaus and the others are skeptical of her existence. I also expected Finn to be shocked and awe for a bit longer, but plots have to move forward without reminiscing too much.

Another large morsel of the episode was Kol dealing with his mortality, knowing he’s hexed and afraid to die, again. After Klaus discovers Kol’s plan to dagger him, they’re at odds until Kol finally reveals Finn’s plot and truly joins Klaus and Rebekah in stopping Finn. I will say if it wasn’t for Rebekah’s comment that Klaus’s temper would get be the end of him, I can’t imagine he would have easily spared Kol. Once more, we’re given the sliver of humanity within Klaus that allows him to make merciful decisions and allows Kol to prove himself. Kol shines through and together they overload Finn forcing him to abandon his magic. Kol was completely changed his demeanor since this season and I’m actually glad they went this route. It’s not easy to make villainous characters redeemable, but both the actor and the qualities of Kol the character really have stood out and made him a worthy addition to the family and the show. Knowing he’s hexed means his days are likely numbered, but in the end, why not just turn him into a vampire again? What’s the worst that could happen?

Not much in the form of Marcel and his vampire gang save for their continued bloodlust now turned loose on the alpha group where Hayley and Marcel try to stop them resulting in a few of their deaths. Gia remains unharmed and the ever stalwart sidekick. I want to like her, but they’re just not doing enough with her and the Mikaelson’s are a rather self-absorbed bunch, requiring a lot of screen time to tell their story. It’s alright, I’ll gladly sacrifice any minor character’s development if it means pushing the crux of the story through.

The episode ends with Elijah “sacrificing” himself by blowing up the house with Finn inside of it. Camille is driving back with Hope in the car and somehow the baby stops the vehicle so they are saved from any effects from the blast. Camille is shocked to see that Hope may be responsible. She also healed from a wound earlier in the show further instilling that the child is manifesting abilities that shouldn’t be normal. The car trick is something a witch could do while the act of healing is very much a vampire trait. What does all this mean? Maybe Dalia is looking for some kind of uber-child that can be the start of some new power to absorb. Who knows.



Kol and Klaus’s delivery of trust and family was the best written scene and well acted. I’m not always sure that bringing Klaus to the breaking point is good because it just means he’s going to build is wall up again in the next episode. It’s a complete trial by fire, and he shows kindness to a family member that he wants to trust. He’s very picky about who gets to see those feelings from him and tonight he offered them up to his younger brother. It was a good scene and Kol did the right thing by also trusting in Klaus. We’ll see where this takes them.



This was a tough one. In light of Kol’s decisive alignment and his decision to help Klaus knowing he probably won’t survive, I think he deserves the MVP. If anyone has truly gone through an arc on this season, it’s him. Finn might have been worthy but he was too stuck in his agenda and relentless passion to stop Klaus that his character wasn’t given a significant chance to grow. Just another villain of the month.



I for one would like to see Dalia be this season’s main villain. They could postpone until the season finale and have Freya be the antagonist until then. It could work, but I’d rather see what Dalia has in store now because the pieces would fit better that way.

Interesting that they chose not to feature Davina at all, even when Kol returned to his home sulk over his impending doom. You’d think they would have shared a scene together to further explore their feelings for each other. Then again, we get it.

There’s no doubt that Finn will perish from the explosion which means it will be a en episode or two before he body jumps to another. It’ll be interesting to see who they get to portray him again and whether that character will also be a witch, or if that’s just a given.

If Hope has an awareness of danger then why would she have let something fall on her head. I know, she’s a baby, but unless something on the outside stopped the car, like let’s say, Freya, then that means we’re wrong about Hope’s abilities and maybe Elijah really did heal her. I don’t think that’s the case thought.

I’m fathoming the possibility that this season could be Elijah’s swan song. I’ve grown to like the character but aside from this recent mental shift, I can’t say he has a whole lot of growing or changing to do and it would be rather risky to actually destroy another Original and have is affect all the vampires who have been sired through him on a global scale. Maybe it will finally prove that Damon and Stefan are from Klaus’s bloodline. Then again, if they keep teasing us about Davina’s spell to remove Klaus from the bloodline, maybe it’ll happen to someone else, like Elijah, allowing him to be killed without damaging the vampire from him.



It was a good episode considering the amount of content that had to be dealt with. 7 out of 10. Freya is now for the most part integrated into the main plot and we’ve seen the last of Finn in his current form. Things are finally progressing with a familiar premise that the special child contains abilities. We don’t know if Freya is friend or foe, but I think with Finn out of the way, we have no villains to fear. Does this mean Esther and Michael will wake now that Finn can’t use them? We shall see.



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