A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×14 (Stop taking cues from Marvel and actually kill your characters!)


When the marriage goes off without a problem, the next calamity lies with the simultaneous death of a notable cast member. Tonight’s episode of The Originals solidifies the next stage in werewolf power and also proclaims the incoming threat that is Dalia. The dramatic presentation plays at a few relationship quarrels that don’t really have any significant payoff, and what was considered a heroic display of pseudo-self-sacrifice was nothing more than a delay at ending a Mikaelson’s life. Instead we have the fallen brother Kol instead of Finn who the former finally succumbed to the latter’s mortal spell.

Though we get a little more detail on Freya’s position and motive with keeping Finn alive, the rest of the episode plays at the fancy structure of a wolf wedding and provides very little more beyond Davina’s tears at losing Kol. Shows like these have a way at trying to convince the audience that a major character death is permanent and irreversible, yet this very episode we our eyes roll yet again as the mortal shell of Finn was resurrected and healed. I’m certainly not complaining that the actor continue to shine at the part, because he plays it well, I just find the act of killing characters on TO or TVD to be a practical joke. Nobody stays dead long enough to mourn. Kol will be back, somehow.

I was at first a little blindsided by how cordial and prominent the wedding was. Everything was rather passive and normal for the wedding. No extra strange rituals and it wasn’t performed in the bayou in the wilderness, outside where an inexplicable amount of howling could have occurred afterward. There just wasn’t much to it, and the kiss finalized the passing of power to the wolves. I would have thought a deeper passionate moment would be required but that’s not how it was written. The wedding was alright, but nothing special I’ll remember in the next month.

Klaus tries to convince Elijah that killing Jackson is the way to go because he’s not really part of the family and in some way still poses some strange threat to hope. Elijah forces Klaus to leave Jackson unharmed because if Hayley’s happy that’s what matters and the fact that relations would be strained to say the least if Jackson died at the hands of Klaus. Klaus relents and invites Jackson and Hayley to live in their home, an act anyone can ponder if there’s still motive behind his kind act. I’m not sure how this should play out. If Klaus has truly put away such vicious thoughts, then that’s fine. One can never forget that whenever Klaus does something nice, he needs to do two things that make him despicable again so he can remain the neutral-evil anti-hero.

I want to believe Kol’s death had meaning, but there’s not much here to suggest that’s what transpired. Before the spell began to weaken him, he and Davina apparently completed their spell to the dagger which if I remember correctly is supposed to keep Klaus on ice like a normal dagger would do his siblings. I don’t believe any spell has been completed that would expel Klaus from his bloodline. I don’t even think it’s been mentioned in a while, so it’s hard to say how this dagger will play a part, if at all, in this next big arc coming up. It seems rather moot that Kol would even continue this path even after all Klaus has done after the fact. Does Davina still want to dagger Klaus? I don’t think that’s truly in question, but with Kol gone, will she still go through with it? Hard to say. Not sure what her motivation is at this point, and I don’t know if she’ll blame Klaus for Kol’s death or someone else.

Aiden and Josh shared, at best, a momentary lapse in relationship judgment. It didn’t qualify as a fight or even a sensible argument. Aiden thought about taking a break to help with protecting Josh from some imminent danger and Josh took it as an insult and walked away. They however patched things up with the power of being at the fancy gathering at the same time and realizing the foolishness of their spat. Go drama, way to keep me on the edge of my seat.

The episode ends with Freya telling Finn that Dalia will be drawn to Hope like a beacon because she can sense the magic in her and is far more powerful than Esther ever was. And the only person who has remotely a clue about Hope’s ability is denying it because that’s what her psychological training prepared her for. With any luck, Dalia will show up in the next episode and finally make things interesting for our Mikaelson bunch.



Not very much stood out tonight. Elijah threatening Klaus was very typical of the suave brother, but I think Elijah’s scene with Hayley before the wedding had more dramatic flare especially since it clearly spelled out Hayley’s feelings for him and her wish that he refrain from speaking of his own to her. She can’t afford the distraction anymore and she’s making that known to Elijah who will always love her from a distance. It’s almost funny considering she had a child with Klaus, is in love with Elijah, but married Jackson out necessity and arguably of free spirit. She says she’s doing it for her, but that’s more of her convincing herself than it was convincing Jackson. He’ll have whatever relationship he can get because he’s devoted and a genuinely good-natured being.



Everyone shared the screen making it rather difficult to pick a single individual who stood out more. Kol had his death scene, and Elijah stood his ground with Klaus. It was Hayley’s night, but it was also Jackson’s. At the end of the day, the one who had the most impact was probably Elijah. If he had said nothing, there’s no telling how Klaus would have handled Jackson, and who knows, maybe that moment is just delayed rather than erased. Elijah watches everything like a hawk and will continue protecting his family and those he loves as he sees fit. And he’ll abide by Hayley’s request because her happiness and freedom warrant that right.



Why is Rebekah still not in her original body? What’s so pressing that they can’t take the time to revert that body swapping spell? Is this that powerful? Bring back Claire already!

Based on Freya’s apparent fear of Dalia, we are now to believe that she’s against her and is using Finn to help possibly an agenda with stopping Dalia. If so, why concentrate on Finn and not involve the other siblings? We’re still missing something here.

Something we’re missing here is a good old fashioned 3 on 3. If Kol had sided with Finn, than it would be potentially Finn, Kol, and Freya, against Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. And each having a parental unit in their corner. Familia witches against familial vampires. Come on, I’m not the only one who thought of this cool scenario.

At this point, we have to wonder what Dalia’s endgame is. If she contractually claims the first born of each generation, and there’s magic involved with this reasoning, then why claim them? Is it to usurp their power? Clearly Freya is still magical on her own. Is there some apocalyptic curse being avoided by Dalia’s hand? Or is she just mad and there is no method to her madness after a thousand years or so?

Now that the wolves have power over their transformation, will any of them make a play for power and will Jackson be able to be a leader with Hayley to mitigate any kind of threat that could come from the wolf’s side? They have their work cut out for them.



5 out of 10. It was an uneventful wedding. Tv show weddings are designed to be extravagant and special while a ton of things happen behind the scenes that either muck the wedding up or cause the turmoil of future events. Kol’s death was completely separate didn’t end up disrupting anything aside from causing the siblings and Davina a put of grief at the end. Making sure the act of giving the wolves more power was necessary, but it happened a bit too simply. There wasn’t enough gusto in this episode to feel like it was an important one. Our sign of Dalia’s entry into the series is imminent, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that arrival. Until then, stay vampy.



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