A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×15 (I swear I thought Caroline was going to start singing that ‘Let it Go’ song)


The Originals had the wedding, thus The Vampire Diaries has the funeral. Liz’s unfortunate passing left our core cast with the duty to see her get the send off she deserves complete with Damon’s eulogy and a sweet song from Caroline herself. While this saddened event took place, Kai convinces Jo to give him the rest of her power to save him from dying since his merger wasn’t a true one. And Bonnie acquires magic again and returns to the normal plane, except Damon and Stefan’s mother may have also returned as well.

I have to say “Let Her Go” was turning out to be a very lackluster episode as it painfully checked off the funeral to-do list between the principle heartbroken loved ones and the supporting characters who struggle to make sense of their own worlds. What turned it around was the last few segments of the episode. Elena having figured out Caroline’s plan was a stroke of subtle brilliance. I hadn’t figured out that Caroline was going to turn her emotions off, but Elena did and tried to talk some sense into Caroline. And Elena received a broken neck for her efforts. That was an amazing moment. One tiny flub though was Elena didn’t actually shut her emotions off by choice after Jeremy’s death. Damon compelled Elena to shut them off due to their bond. Everything else played out accurately. The question remains is that will Caroline actually go through with her plan to shut her emotions off. This may seem corny, but I want to see this happen. If Stefan saves the day and somehow convinces her to stop, that’s all well and good. But the writers understood all too quickly that once you put two people together as potential lovers, the very next step is to calculate what it will take to break them up. Stefan’s second guessing was the prelude to this scenario and though he made the choice to stick with her, now it’s practically out of her hands, and I don’t believe for a second that Caroline will handle herself if she turns her emotions off. If anything, she’ll be even worse off than Elena ever was.

As far as the funeral arrangement and the collage of music and tender moments, it was all relatively par. The flashback in the beginning was actually a nice touch. Knowing that Caroline did fall from the bike and somehow turn that into a question to her mother about dying was appropriate for the moment. Children eventually ask this question and it’s a parent’s job to make them understand that such sad events won’t happen for a long time and when they do, it’s when the children won’t “need” them as much as they do in their youth. Damon’s eulogy was decent and carefully constructed as he proved to write a nice and thoughtful goodbye to one of the few humans he respected.

The big cliffhanger of course dealt with the triumphant return of Bonnie back in the real world. In a rather sideways move, Kai offhandedly mentions there being more than one limbo, and somehow Bonnie traveled to one which happened to be occupied by Damon and Stefan’s mother who exists infinitely in the year 1903. How she made it to that cave wearing what she wore I have no idea. It’s probably safe to say that the mother returned to the present with Bonnie, but landed somewhere else. What we don’t know is why she ended up in limbo to begin with and whether or not she’s a threat to the main crew or just another passive addition to the cast. It’s definitely intriguing and I’m very much rolling with this concept. I just should have realized the foreshadowing since Damon conversed about his mother for the last few episodes, so it stands to reason that something was going to be up with her in the near future. And here she is.

Kai’s subplot also seemed rather non-chalant considering the adverse effects should Kai had died. Jo forfeiting her magic and suddenly coming to the news of her pregnancy was a bit odd to throw in. It does help keep Alaric and Jo as a solid unit, and from what I’ve seen they appear to be an agreeable couple. Alaric popped the question and it looks like we’ll be getting another wedding rather soon. I hope it’s not completely blown out of proportion though. The Originals already claimed their stake this season on that. With Kai back to normal, will he just pass on by as the neutral guy who doesn’t want to maim and kill anymore? I can’t imagine Liv will let Kai just walk around freely even though his life is essential to the prolonged existence of the Gemini coven. Their entire workflow and power and prestige is rather ludicrous to be honest. One person’s life hinges on the balance of a merger and the birth of twins. And then it hit me. Jo’s going to have twins. Yup, calling that one right now.



Caroline cracking Elena’s neck. It came out of nowhere and Caroline’s entire scene surrounding it was very well acted. She was a character who was hurting and tried to justify that pain regardless of Elena’s explanations that her choices were a part of her few regrets. Elena will be hurt by this, but I don’t think it will destroy their friendship by any means. If Caroline actually manages to pull this off, the next few episodes will be very interesting. A runner up favorite scene was when Bonnie and Damon reunited. The way she jumped into his arms was very comedic yet elegant in its own right. Plus, she was very excited to see him again. They had a good moment and their chemistry has actually worked this season. We’ll see how Bonnie fares now that she’s back.



Caroline did well this episode. She had a range of sadness to play and kept her true outcome hidden from everyone, except Elena who figured out her plan. But even so, she played a character who understand how tragedy had to be dealt and hid from the pain every step of the way. She needed to hear Stefan’s support and love and when she didn’t get it unconditionally, she made only move left she could, which was the plan to turn off her emotions. Stefan may blame himself for this, but no more than Elena will having failed to stop or convince Caroline not to do it.



Matt becoming an officer, great choice, I hope it works out. Tyler becoming an officer, absolutely the worst idea ever. I expect that this will be the plot which finally gets Tyler’s werewolf gene activated, because as an officer, Tyler may be forced to end someone’s life. I’m just surprised that wasn’t the first thing Tyler said when Matt handed him the application.

Good unintentional shout to Buffy with Bonnie mentioning being in a “Hell dimension.” Buffy fans will remember that she sent Angel to a Hell dimension for a hundred years after stabbing Angel at the end of season 2 in order to save the world.

Though Jeremy had his sendoff, I can’t imagine him not showing back up to see Bonnie now that she’s returned. Unless something strange happens and Bonnie is whisked away again. The other option is to have Bonnie drive off to see Jeremy off screen and handle their reunion that way. It’ll work. It’s cheezy, but it’ll work.

Thank you for keeping Enzo out of this episode. He would have ruined anything he was in and at this point, I still can’t believe that Matt hasn’t confessed to Stefan what’s been happening with Sara.

So let me get this straight. Damon is the younger brother, but in the flashback he appeared as himself and tied little Stefan’s tie and was supposed to give the eulogy afterward about his mother? What was he in that actual year, six? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be confused by that or not. (EDIT. Damon is older. Forgot that little bit)

Next episode is being directed by Damon himself. I wonder if he’ll spice it up a bit or change some of the style and tone for his own creative ideas. Nothing wrong with switching it up a little after 6 seasons.



Though the last few segments were red hot, the rest of the episode was a bit bland. 6 out of 10. Funerals are designed to allow characters to cope and work out a slew of internal and external issues while also finding ways to say goodbye to the character who passed. It can allow the growth of a character or stunt one if the tragedy is too great. In this situation, Caroline wants to give up her emotions because the hurt is too much. It was a good result, but the build up to get there took too long. I don’t think I was would have put Bonnie’s return in this episode, but they had to pad the funeral scenes with something and I certainly didn’t want Enzo getting the credit, so I suppose what they went with was the better option. Damon and Stefan’s mother should be the start of the final arc of the season. I’m interested to see where this goes, but I just hope they don’t turn the mother into some weird power hungry witch. We’ll find out in a month.



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2 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×15 (I swear I thought Caroline was going to start singing that ‘Let it Go’ song)

  1. I think you’re confused about Damon being younger? He’s always been the older brother. Which is why everyone found it normal that Stefan was in high school and Damon wasn’t, and could in fact stand in as his guardian. Otherwise, good review, although I think I was more moved by the earlier funeral sequences than it sounds like you were.

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