A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×15 (Violin jazz solo, much more hip than Beethoven)


Back from the mini break are The Originals sans Kol who will be absent until Rebekah finds the magical power needed to resurrect him. With enough jumping plots sometimes over-complicating the current storyline, tonight’s episode “They All Asked For You” settles some scores and recreates new ones that we didn’t know were supposed to be there. A bit of music induced love is thrown into the mix for Elijah and Gia as well as Jackson and Haley while Freya attempts to build an alliance with her brothers.

Sometimes all you need is a timer counting down the minutes it takes for Klaus to ceremoniously alienate those who should be closer to him. This time, Haley takes a stand threatening him should he try and use her pack as fodder to Michael’s wrath in the vain effort to keep Hope safe. It’s not the focal point of the episode but I find his antics rather over cumbersome this late in the game. While it’s painted that Elijah thinks many steps ahead, Klaus always flies off the rocker to kill or stop whatever he thinks he has to to protect his daughter. Now he attempts to sway Aiden into replacing Jackson as leader of the pack. I’m not sold that Aiden is so easily convinced to trust a hybrid like Klaus, but it looks like that’s the direction we’re headed.

More of the plot revolves around Rebekah’s host body, Eva Sinclair who is revealed to be a murderer. After a seer attempts to exact revenge on her something awakens Eva at night and she returns to stalk a pair of teens and take away the young woman’s power, an act she’s been performing for a while. I’m assuming this is a new trait for Rebekah who hadn’t been showing any signs like this since the introduction to her new body. In a way, Eva is doing exactly what Rebekah wants which is getting more power, albeit through killing. This could suggest a power struggle, but in all honesty, there’s no reason for Rebekah to fight staying in this body. I realize she wants to save Kol, but I doubt that’s the only method that exists. With Freya on the team, maybe even she can help. Something seems empty about all this.

Where the show took a completely wrong turn was the association of Gia and Elijah. Not even a ripple beforehand and we’re expected to fall in line with their passionate moment, which is quite convenient considering Jackson and Hayley were concurrently consummating their marriage. This isn’t a coupling I’m invested in and even though Gia appears the more enamored between the two, this won’t last very long. Elijah appreciates that specialty of Gia and her gift of music, but beyond there, there isn’t enough chemistry here that works. This was almost as bad as Marcel trying to overtly tease Rebekah into a kiss she clearly doesn’t want, at least on the surface level.

In all this mix, the one part I did find worthwhile was Freya’s reunion with Michael. For once, the old man softened up and accepted his daughter back after she convinced him of her identity. At first I was perplexed with her attitude toward Esther, but considering her viewpoint on the matter with being taken away, I get her reluctance to forgive her mother now. Does this mean Michael is a force for quasi-good? I highly doubt it. Freya is on the verge of playing too many sides and Klaus is the most unconvinced. Until Dalia shows up, Freya needs to keep her family together and I imagine that will be the biggest hurdle especially with Michael on the loose.

This was also the first time Klaus’s narration didn’t make much sense to me. As the pioneer of the show, he gets to be the one that focuses some basic theme into the plot, but in all fairness, it didn’t seem appropriate this time around. As a narrator, there’s a form of omniscience and acceptance to the way the world works and the complexity to see past the norm. But with Klaus, his actions go against how he narrates. It’s a nitpick, but I don’t feel the two are mutually exclusive this time around. Just seemed off.



As written earlier, I wanted to see Michael show an emotion other than pure unadulterated rage and with Freya returning him back to normal, he finally had that moment. Even as a force of nature goes, it’s hopeful to see some semblance of humanity in characters that are designed to be overbalanced and evil. It was a sweeter moment then having to put up with and Gia/Elijah segment or the Haley/Jackson mattress mambo.



Tonight’s episode goes to Freya. She singlehandedly used Finn and then put his soul into her necklace while bringing Michael to her side. And then she declares her alliance to Elijah and Klaus as if they have no choice in the matter. She’s owning her place amongst the vampire elite and if she’s truly geared toward stopping Dalia, then she’s on the right path. If she’s truly a neutral character, she has all the right tools to play it up correctly, and so far she hasn’t missed a step since her arrival.



It was interesting to hear from Freya that Dalia is capable of destroying anyone. She says this to two original vampires who are essentially invulnerable except for one thing. If Dalia can kill them without the white oak stake, then I’d like to see how that will play out because even Klaus is scoffing at the concept.

Klaus neglected to mention to Aiden what protecting Hope would actually entail. Since Hayley and Jackson want the same thing for her daughter, it stands to reason that Klaus will manipulate Aiden even further than his small catch for attaining Aiden’s support. Come to think of it, why can’t Klaus just compel Aiden to do what he wants anyway? Are werewolves immune to that?

No Davina, Josh, or Camille this time. I guess there wasn’t enough of a reason to put a grieving Davina in this episode, which is fine. Her role will be cut a lot unless Eva makes her a target and Davina has a lot of power on her side.

In a way this Eva plot it a bit too similar to Kai from TVD and his witch quest to usurp magic. Not sure what the goal of this subplot is except more distraction from Dalia’s arrival and some episodes need filler space to get to episode 22.

The fight between Finn and Klaus was almost my top moment, but it lacked a certain element this time around. Finn never really had the upper hand at any point and I think had he something to truly take down Klaus this could have been more epic. The impalement was a nice touch though, I’ll give them that.



6 out of 10. This wasn’t a push forward and heat up the pace kind of episode, it felt jumbled and lacking a prominent theme. They stuck in a few hyper-quick love scenes, kept Klaus at odds with his allies, tinkered with the witch bodies and a plot surrounding why they were imprisoned, and tried to get us interested in a Rebekah and Marcel crossing again. I think that relationship is done and dusted and Marcel should know better. While Freya’s scenes were engaging and served to propel pieces of the story arc forward, there wasn’t much beyond that with weight or distinction. Hope’s magical ability is back to being just a means to draw Dalia to New Orleans and our biggest threat now is a sleeping Rebekah who reverts to Eva with a mad agenda for magic. All in all, there were a few too many layers that didn’t feel very connected in any way. Let’s see if they pull in that focus next week. Thanks for reading.



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