A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×16 (Mr. and Mrs. Self-Destruct)


It’s time for some vampires to run amok and tear the shackles of their emotions away. The return of The Vampire Diaries see fit to reinvent the emotionless wheel as Caroline reverts to her more sinister supernatural persona complete with enough reason to make Elena and Stefan’s lives a complex hell. Damon barters a deal with Kai to find out about her mother but it backfires when Bonnie suffers from the stress of seeing Kai again.

This was an explosion waiting to happen that inextricably compounds the Salvatore brothers as well as Elena and Bonnie and to an almost equal degree Sarah, the only human surviving relative left from the Salvatore line. The episode keeps a steady pace and appropriately jumps into the deep end by reuniting Caroline and Stefan in the worst way imaginable. Worse being for those who get in their way from here on out.

The piece to dissect is the improved and carefree Caroline, who at last mark broke Elena’s neck to stop any distraction from shutting her emotions off. We don’t see the deed, but her wily and sarcastic nature fills the empty space between and before we know it, she’s marching on a new personality who knows all the old tricks that her friends will pull to get her back to normal. Who would have thought a from the first episode that a character like Caroline would grow so far from the proto-typical high school blonde to the over-eccentric, wicked-smart, and completely cunning vampire raver? By setting up a kill scenario for Sarah, she found a way to convince Stefan to shut his emotions off and now the two are dining on margaritas with no ties to anyone but themselves. I see good things happening here.

While Stefan’s turn to the wild side isn’t new, Caroline’s is, and her step down that dark path is quite an entertaining one. She has to be smarter than the other vampires who have gone through this and thankfully she is. This is no longer a “will they-won’t they” relationship snafu, but now they graduated to “Spike and Drusilla” mode which is sure to wreak shop on our current residential cast. It’s not the most unique plot twist, but it shakes things up and gives us some villains we want to see get saved. I’m all for this new development and can’t wait to see where they take it next.

On the other side of this coin is the dismantling of Damon and Bonnie’s bond as close friends. Did Damon screw up again by trying to weave his own way through deceit? Yup. Did he deserve Bonnie’s punishment. I’m not so sure he did. Reason being is, Damon showed absolutely real concern over how he treated the situation when he attempted to apologize for bringing Kai to her. And to the rave of all places. I suppose I can understand how bad Damon wants to find out about her mother so he won’t waste any considerable time. Kai could have eventually found Bonnie on his own, but he wanted Damon to smooth the meeting over and it failed miserably. And to top it off, Bonnie gave Jeremy the coldest most brutal vocal version of a Dear John letter I’d witnessed in quite sometime. One way to keep a guy off the show is to break up with him over the phone. I don’t particular enjoy that kind of forced writing because it didn’t feel realistic or sincere and now Bonnie’s dealing with this on-going travesty alone.

Relating to Damon’s obsession with finding his mother, we’re given the story that she is in fact a ripper. Kai didn’t say “The”, which I immediately started calling Damon’s mom Jaqueline the Ripper. Nice ring, but with a body count at 3,000 that just spells something even more bloodthirsty than any history lesson could teach us on serial killers. Now we know that Damon’s mother is still stuck in 1903 limbo and Damon will likely find some way to get her out, if nothing else but to assume responsibility because like it or not, Damon is once more the “good” brother of the two.

The episode ends with Elena saving Sarah just in time only to find out that Stefan shut his emotions off. He and Caroline partake in the margarita shenanigans at the bar and time will tell if they will stick around town to cause chaos or simply become the vampire Bonnie and Clyde duo. Stefan asked Elena to remember to bring her back. It’s a shame he didn’t leave a more descriptive clue considering there are few ways to bring a vampire back from an emotionless kick. Elena will figure it out. Or Damon will, if he isn’t too busy diving into early 20th century limbo land.



As much fun as it was watching Caroline do her thing, my favorite scene was when Sarah had no reaction to Enzo’s reveal of being a vampire. It was meta in the making and I thought Sarah’s delivery was spot on. It completely deflated Enzo’s ego and his plan all in the span of five seconds. Even though we found out later that it was a compulsion reaction set up by Stefan long ago, I still thought Sarah’s attitude was perfect considering reality’s reaction to someone saying they’re a creature of the night.



It’s an easy one. Caroline gets the props this time around. In the beginning her attitude likened to her high school persona all those seasons ago that I didn’t quite latch onto, but seeing her malevolent nature get darker as the minutes drew by, I started to see just how intelligent she had to be, in order to successfully stay careless and for lack of a better word, evil. And she’s not done yet. Will Stefan outdo her performance later? I doubt it. Careless Stefan can be somewhat entertaining, but right now he doesn’t hold a bloody candle to Caroline’s fascinating take on the subject. Still, go team.



Caroline may try to refrain from killing people herself for the sake of staying out of the criminal element, but I highly doubt that Stefan will follow such principles. He’ll open up a new door for Caroline to go through and before you know it, there’s lots of bodies to be had.

This would also be the perfect opportunity for Stefan to run into and ultimately through Enzo should they meet up again. With Enzo’s dastardly plan to seduce and turn Sarah basically in shambles, he’s back to square one. Unless Enzo and Stefan and Caroline team up for a trio of terror, which I don’t want to see. They should stake Enzo, together.

Damon is also going to be at the fulcrum in all this. Bonnie will pull him in one direction, his mother in another, and Stefan being the third, he’ll have his priorities tested. Will Kai be responsible for sending Damon back to 1903? Is that even a possibility? We’ll see.

Why do all vampires who are emotionless act the same? Wouldn’t there be at least one vampire who, void of all emotions, becomes something so dark that they don’t prance around being witty, sarcastic, bitchy, versions of themselves with no guilt, but rather a true husk of evil that unleashes a needle of hell on earth? That should usually be Stefan in full ripper form, and that works best for him. Not margarita drinking Stefan. That margarita should have been a severed head.

What made Damon’s mom go completely senile? Is the story true or is there something more strange going on that Damon will need to uncover? I like mystery, so for now I’m going for Damon doesn’t know the full story yet.



It took a few scenes, but the episode ramped up in a pressurized and compelling, exploding the end with a wicked evil pairing some probably didn’t expect. I give it a low 8 out of 10. Bonnie is on the fritz, Damon is genuinely worried, Stefan and Caroline are out of their minds, and now Elena is left with all the marbles to try and sort out. All this and an Enzo who hopefully doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore. Let’s see him switching sides for the sake of hilarity.



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