A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×16 (Is Eva secretly working for Dalia? Would explain the power consumption)


The countdown to the arrival of the most notable off-screen villain has begun for our resident Originals of New Orleans. With enough mistrust boiling in the cityscape, and the threat of alliances being severed before they’ve truly formed, a looming shadow forms on the horizon and promises to deliver a magical deluge against those who would try and stop it. The only question left to ask is, who will Klaus piss off next to ruin his chance at protecting his daughter?

“Save My Soul” takes a look at the present and post effect of being possessed while the backdrop of Dalia’s foreboding arrival prompts Klaus to quickly judge if Freya is a trustworthy sibling. Aiden sows the seeds of doubt in Jackson’s position as Alpha while he and Haley train with the other wolves and their new gifted abilities. And Vincent is placed in the care of Marcel while he is rehabilitated with the help of Camille. As one of the least violent episodes I’ve seen this season, I can say that this calm before the storm carried a sense of honest fear that quelled in most of our prominent characters.

To start with the biggest troublemaker of the bunch, Klaus presents a fitting argument to Elijah and Rebekah regarding whether to trust Freya or not based on her past tales which we’re given plenty of flashbacks on. This plot device should settle any nerves the audience may have for Freya since we’re given the inside scoop on how she grew to loathe Dalia. Unfortunately, Klaus is not so easily convinced and thus a cavalcade of at best, neutral intentions have spun the hybrid in circles, making him embrace one person and practically expel another. Haley once more tries to be a supporting yet firm ally and Klaus can do nothing but embed her with threats of using and eliminating Jackson should the time come. It’s safe to say nothing he does is healthy in the least and he won’t accept any decision to protect Hope unless it came directly from him. This will of course lead to the potential of a very drastic decision and likely a bad one down the road.

One aspect that I wasn’t expecting was a look into Vincent’s character now that he’s free from Finn. No doubt he’s not as pathologically corrupt as his wife Eva (Not the best of twists, but I get it) and even though he admitted to the relationship, he seems in fact rather infatuated with Camille. I’m sending a rerun here, but we’ll see how Camille takes this. I’m not entirely sold that he won’t do something sinister to help himself or Eva considering most witch characters have agendas that are equally as self-serving as Klaus.

The friendly sparring in the bayou with Jackson, Haley, and Aiden was just to let us know that the wolves are still around and somewhat about of this bigger plot coming our way. Aiden seems conflicted but able to push Klaus’s plan toward Jackson who admits he’s unsure how to handle the position with Hayley. Since there’s very little for Hayley to develop now that she’s in the best position of her character in quite sometime, she’ll be able to lend Jackson the strength he needs, even if it means defying Klaus. That will likely get him killed as Klaus predicts, but to be an Alpha you have to take risks and show the kind of consistent leadership needed to own that pack.

Much of our show’s longevity lies in the realm of flashbacks and tonight we were given a moment very far back when Freya was initially taken. Her tale describes how her power connects with Dalia and makes her immortal while they exist a year for every hundred. The crux of her hatred came when Dalia killed a man Freya loved and even when she tried to end her life, all she did was end the unborn child she carried. There could be more beyond this flashback but we understand Freya’s world a bit better now and can easily sympathize with what happened to her. Is Dalia truly a cruel person? Considering her plan is to build a coven of her own she can siphon power off of forever, I’d say that’s a probably a given.

The episode ends with a chilling moment as from a distance, Dalia commands the toy in Hope’s room to play while she hums in the solitude of night. Will she appear in the next episode, or is there more delay to be had? All I know is she better bring enough of her magic to handle a town who are very much against her.



Freya’s convincing story that was abruptly ended when Klaus snapped her neck. I had to do a double-take because I forgot Freya was immortal, but the scene played out as one could expect. Elijah considers trusting her sibling, but Klaus is 110% dismayed by a provocative tale that he himself admitted he’d spin to gain their trust if he were Freya. Still, it was a moment with more revelation and insight into Freya’s existence and the pain she endured whilst living with Dalia.



I liked the attempt in making Vincent more departed from Finn, personality wise. He wasn’t chaotically evil or tried to be as dismissive and insincere as a man like Finn would have been which allowed me to be intrigued enough to see what would take place rather than dismiss the character outright. Will be he any kind of force for good or will he be taken back and forgotten once the witches have their way in retrieving him?



With no Gia in this episode, I wonder if that means they’re going to let us forget her moment with Elijah or if they’re just putting it on hold until he gets another chance to address it? I don’t believe there is anything there to build except for the fact she has one skill-set that he greatly admires as a classy and well-dressed vampire does. But I don’t think that’s enough to go on.

I can also imagine Dalia playing a smaller role in a much bigger plot. It’s entirely plausible that he lust for power is really a smokescreen because there’s something even more sinister out there she’s guarding against and she thinks she can stop it by usurping the power she is getting from the Mikaelsons. Then again, she could be as top of the villain food chain as there could be.

As awesome as the actress who is playing Rebekah is, I want the real Rebekah back. It’s almost sinister how often they hop her around in this series only to keep her away once more with a body possessing plot that is as old as TVD season two. I think we’ve waited long enough, right?

I was a bit surprised that Hayley didn’t try and stand her ground against Klaus considering his line about being the only one who can make decisions when it comes to protecting Hope. She seemed too easily distracted over the possibility that Klaus will ruin and/or kill Jackson if he forces the situation. Hayley isn’t showing the best consistency here and will need to be more compelled to voice her side of this power struggle, at the very least to establish herself as an equal with protecting her daughter.

I’m not sure I believe for one second that Dalia didn’t do something to save Freya’s unborn son after she collapsed from the poison. It’s easy to tell a story that a baby didn’t survive while hiding him to use for more power consumption of the course of many years. I’m convinced he’s out there somewhere, possibly as Dalia’s second, after all. Dalia is one against many in New Orleans. She can’t be alone in this fight.



6 out of 10. I liked the episode, but I felt it was still too much of a broad stroke in the ever-lengthy story of Dalia and her impending arrival. We don’t know much about what she’s like in the present and whether she’s been amassing her own subjects or if she’s going to be attacking alone. Eva and Vincent’s subplot isn’t entirely wasteful but I still think it’s too much filler unless there’s a bigger payoff still on the way from it. Klaus was cautiously dancing on the edge of becoming a super-jerk, but we were given a healthy glimpse into Freya’s past which helped offset any of the slowness the rest of the episode kept going with. I’m hopeful for a grand entrance, though newcomers to the city are unique every time. Let’s see what Dalia will do.



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