A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 10×17 (Heaven isn’t so much a bliss as it is a ‘meh’)

SN 2x17

No stalling on fancy words or awkward metaphors, tonight’s episode “Inside Man” brought back a rare appearance by Bobby Singer and he was utilized in exemplary fashion. The third act of a 22-23 episode season usually starts to let loose and create problem scenarios that drag our passionate characters into their worst moments. Sam and Dean have been doing this rodeo for a decade and it looks like once more Sam is playing at saving Dean without Dean’s knowing or permission. What do brothers do if not what they feel they have to?

Our excellent scripted episode marks the return of both Bobby, Castiel, and Metatron as Sam goes behind Dean’s back to break out the latter from his angel prison. In planning, he and Castiel find a median and speak directly to Bobby who turns out likes chilling in a cabin reading. Bobby lends his support and helps Metatron escape but Metatron confesses he doesn’t know how the Mark of Cain can be removed. He does however entice Castiel into finding what’s left of his grace. Meanwhile, Rowena attempts to take on Dean herself, but fails in the attempt and tries to convince Crowley to handle Dean. Instead, Crowley drinks with his old friend and eventually casts Rowena from hell due to her nature to lie and deceive him.

Bobby much-loved reunion, albeit verbal only, was a hopeful and conscious way of thanking the fans for their long support. Bobby is and always will be a father figure to the brothers and his caring and soft-spoken letter showed that sentiment as much as any moment he’s displayed in the past. He eloquently remarks on what’s necessary and the price with doing what’s necessary. Bobby strikes at the heart of the show, it’s reason for existing, and the constant battle the Winchesters go through just to survive. It’s a shame Dean won’t be able to read that same letter. Maybe he knows, slightly more than Sam just what kind of role that entails through thick and thin.

You’d think Heaven would be a little more guarded, but honestly, if Bobby had to cut through a slew of angels to break Metatron out with Castiel, that wouldn’t have been very Bobby-like. I can’t honestly say the idea of a heaven where people and their name-sakes are given single-room-access-heaven’s makes a whole heck of a lot of sense, but then again, is hell really any better off designed? Never enough fire.

On the flip side, Rowena strategically attacks Dean while he’s off pool-sharking at a bar. A spell of some sort deflates and Rowena is left wounding herself to convince Crowley to stop Dean. We don’t know enough about Rowena’s magic or how magic really works in SN in general to understand what she was trying to do or whether there’ll be an affect later on that Dean will have to deal with, but alas, she’s finally been thrown out. I believe Rowena’s ties with Crowley had run their course and I’m glad for that. Any more chastising in front of the demons and I would have given up on Crowley completely at fighting back. He needs to be one step ahead, even if he’s feeling all sorts of human emotions.

I’m still not keen on seeing Metatron playing the third wheel here, but at least he’s finally been put in a place that he can’t out-leverage himself with. Castiel took his grace which should have been done a long time ago. Will getting Castiel’s grace come at a price, something akin to what Bobby stated in his letter? What I think this was missing was Castiel losing his lifeforce again. Right now he’s stable and coherent which doesn’t stress too much his need to get that little grace back. Maybe that will change the closer he gets.

The episode ends with Bobby’s narration overshadowing our core cast and the road that lies ahead of them. The concern for Dean’s well-being is at an all-time high, even if he staved off killing Rowena’s controlled bar-henchmen. He’s going to lose that battle and soon.


Dean and Crowley drinking at the bar. Everything played out in almost a perfect dialogue, though more of a monologue from Dean about what makes family. Crowley sat there with convincing looks of affirmation and appreciation for what Dean had to say. It’s little moments like these that really connect the show with the audience. Dean cuts to the heart of how he thinks and feels, and Crowley, ever the growing supporting member, absorbs that attention and tries to make sense of it in his own dark world. It was a well written and acted segment. Props.


Bobby, plain and simple. He had enough time to get in most of his verbal cliche’s and provide some comedic moments while traversing through a rather boring display of heaven’s hallway. Yet, still in his robust manners he still manages to captivate with words of wisdom and an understanding with what the brothers are going through. He offers his insight even at the expense of being hauled away by the angels and if we’re lucky, we haven’t seen the last of him.


Now that Rowena is postulating that the mark is nothing but a curse, does that mean it’s rooted in magic that can rid it? Metatron more or less corroborated the information even though he doesn’t exclusively know how to remove the mark. There’s definitely information that’s floating around the ether that Sam needs to get to, which leads me to my next point.

Why are we so quick to determine that Lucifer isn’t accessible or able to help in a case like this? I get that putting Lucifer in a state to wreak hell on earth is always a bad thing, but realistically, why should a character like Lucifer be silenced forever? Everyone else has cameo’d a bit since the early seasons including Death. Seems like a waste of a good concept.

Will the angels in fact punish Bobby for what he did? It’s seems very doom and gloom considering the situation. Are they planning on revoking his cabin rights? Is a less fancy room of heaven just an upstairs hell? Hopefully he isn’t going to go through any suffering.

With Metatron now running around as a mortal, there’s a good chance he gets taken out before or by the finale. I’m entirely okay with this premise.

This is a little off topic, but I noticed it in many many many bar drinking scenes where the loner of the moment pours their own drink. If the plan is to drink several shots in a sizeable glass, why not just fill the glass? I don’t drink so this concept is completely foreign to me, but is it a pace thing, like the alcohol burns too hard if you gulp too many in a row, so you portion control your amount until you can’t stomach it anymore? I saw Dean doing this and it just seemed more of a device at visually showing lack of restrain or deep problems rather than a practical way at drinking.


The core of Supernatural’s old school atmosphere was alive and well tonight. 9 out of 10. I never realized how much a character like Bobby could be missed until he was there again, fresh and lively like always was. Crowley pushed his mother away giving him some more development to work through which is a plus and Sam is trying his hardest to uncover a way to save Dean. All the while, Dean is struggling as always to keep that mark from turning him into a demon again. Very good moments, and a lot to look forward to. Thanks for giving us an episode to be proud of. Don’t stop now.

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