A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×17 (There is no forgiveness in the land of immortals)


Trials continue to mount as the Mikaelson family engage Eva and her quest to unite the covens under her rule and power. In a show where multiple plots tend to twist and turn through the main course, tonight’s episode “Exquisite Corpse” centers on a single path and makes it the primary segment, something I believe many can get behind when things get serious for our main cast.

Eva has taken full control of her body and resumes her quest to find the last of 9 witches she needs to join their power into herself and become the witch absolute. The gang truce and temporarily team up to face this threat and even acquire the help of Vincent, her ex to capture her. After accomplishing that task, Klaus uses Esther to show Freya how to perform a spell to save Rebekah which further complicates matters of trust, but the deed is done and Rebekah was saved in the end. With Klaus allowing a temporary alliance to continue with Freya, she visits Esther and confesses she will never trust Klaus and plans to turn the family against him. Then she puts Esther to death in witch-like fashion.

With one cohesive storyline taking front and center, all the characters aligned very well, only mixing in their personal tribulations and subtle feelings when the respites were appropriate. Josephine makes another appearance and successfully puts the fear in Hayley about the sudden coming of storms. It may be an over clichéd phrase, but the right voice and clear-cut eyes can pull the job, and Meg Foster does it with eerie delight. Hayley isn’t the kind to scare easy, but for the moment she seems convinced that the threat is nigh.

The bulk of our carefully contrived moments comes in two doses. The first is between Marcel and Vincent as he tells the story with how he came to be with Eva and the dark secret she kept from him until it was near too late. It was a good solid piece of exposition but it ran a little long. Normally stories like those comes with a piece of flashback, but not in this case. Still, Vincent pulls through and plays against Eva’s trust as they find her in order to save the captured witches including Davina.

Our second grand spell of the episode comes when Freya and Klaus go to Esther for the spell to save Rebekah. Each person was vexed in horrific ways making it hard to really choose a side between them. Klaus wastes little time and gets the spell even when Esther paints the picture that Freya will essentially use/and turn against Klaus. There’s enough backstory and present situations that suggests Freya is the more noble of the three, but now that Freya has terminated Esther and vowed to subdue Klaus in one form or another, it suggests that Klaus may once again be the untimely victim in a game between much more powerful characters.

While Eva herself was really nothing more than another tool to satisfy a plot separate from Dalia, I found her a rather likeable villain at least in the dual form of good Rebekah and bad Eva. I still want real Rebekah to show up and it’s a shame ultimately that this has to be dragged out for so long. If it wasn’t for Rebekah stating she wants to have her witch abilities to somehow bring Kol back, I’d think the show was stalling to the Nth degree in getting real Rebekah to return. Has she been secretly filming another show I don’t know about?

Elijah with Gia still doesn’t make very much sense to me, but in the grand scheme of relationships, it’s meant to balance out against Hayley and Jackson. Gia and Hayley have a short moment to converse about Elijah and a small portion of jealousy slips out of Hayley over his infatuation with someone who has an art form and an understanding of Elijah’s needs. It’s hard to know how these couples will play out because Elijah is too honorable to try and be with Hayley under the cover of night, so adultery is out of the question. Unless Jackson somehow ends up dead there won’t be much to unleash in passion or rage between the two pairs.

The ending has a sense of typical promises of unkind retaliation between our prime characters, Klaus and Freya. When Freya killed Esther, I thought it was poetically fitting, and though the act was in itself self-indulging, the manner was rather well done and unique as mother vampire bursts into a few dozen birds and died in the bushels. Visually it was stunning and moments like that deserve the creativity to explore.


A few to choose from. I most liked the ending because of the surreal horror of it. Freya isn’t a character to trust completely and she’s very adept and proving a point. No one will truly miss Esther, and it’s sad that Klaus was too bold to do what Freya did. He had a candid moment with his mother, but Freya was very down to business. In a way she’s worse and forgiveness than Klaus is, making those two the most brutal combo of the family.


Vincent was given a decent chance at development and nearly had a character’s arc by the end of it. Surely he never intended to side with Eva, but for a moment, it could have gone either way. He was a key player in the effort to save Rebekah and he survived. He’s grown beyond the role of Finn and may be a player yet in this build up toward the fight against Dalia.


Eva’s stealing power from the nine different covens doesn’t really hold up. She just needs powerful witches regardless of where they’re from. Hope didn’t belong to a coven and I’m not certain Josephine was the missing piece. Nine is a good number to use, but we don’t know the names of these covens, where they exist or who they’re comprised of. Was one of the victims from the Gemini coven?

Here’s where I’m a bit confused. If Elijah went with Freya and offered to be her anchor and Freya clearly stated to Elijah to help be her anchor, at what point did she get inside of Klaus’s mind and discover his “secrets” as it were? She snapped his neck and they left him. Not much happened in-between, so where’s the missing piece of that puzzle?

Did Freya always have the ability to snap the chains off or did she just bide her time to build up enough strength to do it? Either way it showed how bad ass she was and not to be messed with.

Will Freya push her siblings from Klaus during or after Dalia shows up? Her reasoning is purely based on an iron-clad fact that he’ll never trust her. What’s sad is, he’s capable of trust and may likely be sincere if the time comes only adding to the brutal back-stabbing that will likely occur. How she’ll convince Rebekah and Elijah to turn from Klaus I have no idea. She’ll have to get very creative for sure.

Is it possible, with the way souls and lives are being thrown around that another Mikaelson will truly expire by the end of this season? Could that person be Rebekah? She’s lately been the glue to hold Elijah and Klaus together for a common goal, aside for the baby that is. Just a thought.


8 out of 10. Very strongly written episode that centered around a cohesive plot and bringing out better traits in our vampires, witches, and hybrids. Some inconsistencies that I couldn’t quite dissect this time around, but they hardly detracted from the focal point. Esther is essentially gone but I doubt Klaus will cry over his mother or really blame Freya for doing what she did. The storm that’s coming will force them to stay allies until Dalia swarms in and wrecks everything up. We may be expecting true chaos, but there’s every possibility that Dalia plays this with deception close to heart. Who knows, maybe she’ll even convince Klaus of her intentions if it meant sparing Hope.

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