A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×18 (Klaus just loves to burn his bridges…and people)


Never forget the lengths a father will go to kill two birds with one stake. Tonight’s episode of The Originals debuts its seasonal villain, Dalia as she makes short work of the combined effort of our resident cast. Even with the might of Klaus and Michael working together, it’s not enough to sustain a victory. Dalia has arrived to claim what she believes is hers and will impact any who prevent her from taking Hope away. So begins our final arc of season 2, the war against the most powerful witch of all eras.

After Dalia announces her arrival through a possessed Jackson, the gang make preparations to handle their most lethal enemy. Klaus convinces Davina to find Michael in exchange for Kol’s ashes for her resurrection spell. After finding Michael, the two call a temporary truce and have Davina fashion a weapon capable of killing Dalia. Meanwhile, Jackson attempts to take Haley and Hope from New Orleans but the plan goes south when a conflicted Aiden fails to make the rendezvous. Elijah convinces Josephine to create a spell in an old haunt that prevents magic from being used and it is discovered that Dalia is channeling through Freya making trust hard to come by. Michael and Klaus find Dalia in a church and attack several witch-powered acolytes before taking on the woman herself. They fail multiple times until Klaus nears the fatal stab before Dalia vanishes with his weapon. She destroys it and declares suffering and death to any who stand in her way. With one ingredient missing to fashion another weapon to kill Dalia, Klaus betrays Michael and kills him with the white oak stake. Freya is distraught as Klaus plans to use Michael’s ashes as the third ingredient needed to make a new weapon. Dalia later finds Josephine and kills her as a message to any witches that aid Klaus or stand against her.

I think it’s proper to start where the biggest hit came and that’s the death of Michael. Many may think the father of The Originals had it coming, but I find his death a tragic waste of sentiment that could have been salvaged with the right work. Klaus has thus far on the show had many a last word before the incoming onslaught or quiet kill of a supporting character. He’s already killed his real father and shed the kind of sadness that can’t be empathized because Klaus is the king of ruin. When it comes to his trust and family, he’ll do what must be done, but make no mistake, he’s not a hero and tonight he proved yet again that his actions are purely motivated by old hatred and a sense of consequentialism. Even when Davina calls him out with having the kind of heart it takes to care about someone other than himself, he almost has the look of horrible disdain. More than anything he doesn’t want to appear weak or be called out for weakness based on doing the noble thing. His self-fulling acts of murder cast him further down a road of irrecoverable redemption and as it stands, he’s well past that point of no return. Freya will likely see to that now more than ever, and I don’t blame her in the least.

The supporting cast was minimally used with the exception of Aiden and Josh who share the conflict and desire to share their woes and do what’s in their best interest. In the end Aiden chose the path of least resistance but postponing Jackson’s plan to his benefit. In a stroke of irony Jackson was prepared to give leadership over the pack while Jackson was gone, now that opportunity is only viable through Klaus’s machinations. Josh could help sway him from such dark acts, but with Dalia’s threat now at the front gate, this situation may not matter much until Klaus needs to play double duty against his own allies.

Onto Dalia, the lady-villain in question. From start to finish, she was a character of impeccable seriousness. Not a jokester, or a sarcastic gloating champion of the dark magical arts. She proves all her points with what she labels as a fraction of her power. Like all witches, she uses telekinesis to throw around Klaus and Michael and uses other witches like puppets to inflict pain on the duo. I liked that concept, but it could have been handled with more prestige. The point is she isn’t really trying her hardest because she’s not threatened by anyone. It’s a good start and I hope she continues to make her mark by subduing anything the cast brings up against her. Forged weapons shouldn’t be the answer here because it’s too easy a gimmick. Dalia needs to be taken out by more emotional ties and Freya could be the key to that scenario.


Michael and Klaus fighting together in the church. It was a one-off truce but the short moment showed they had the capacity to work as a unit against a common foe. I hated their snarky hatred, but you just can’t avoid it. Klaus always had to have the last line and Michael refused to be belittled. Still, I liked when they fought together, we don’t get to see those moments and due to Klaus being a colossal back-stabbing chest stabber, we never will again.


I enjoyed Dalia’s dominating personality. She was brought on as an epic witch and so far she’s proving she has the power and will to run our gang through the gauntlet of pain. She’s nowhere near perfect-evil, but as an intro I got what I expected. She’s not racked with surface-level issues and so far not a shred of weakness aside from the weapon fashioned by three very specific ingredients. She’s showing promise and has the look of majesty owed to her. So far, so good.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Freya allied with Dalia again after what Klaus did to Michael. It may not be as simple as just switching sides, but there will certainly be some kind of ambiguity coming up since she already swore she’d turn Klaus’s allies against him. What a better time to start.

So far, Dalia has demonstrated supreme abilities of a witch, so what’s really keeping her from taking Hope? If she were truly surgical she wouldn’t have made such a boastful entrance and just found a way to snatch Hope. Now that Hope will be in that magically fortified place, it’ll be all that much harder, but I wonder if Dalia can’t just take Hope but has to be do so under certain conditions. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it seems she’s combating her foes in a way that isn’t the most optimal method utilized.

The more Josh and Aiden find ways to be honest and trusting and loyal to each other the more I’m convinced one of them will be killed off by season’s end. My money is on Aiden since Davina will be ultra-crushed if Josh is taken out. She already has to deal with Kol’s death. Wouldn’t it be funny if Kol was brought back in Josh’s body? Davina would find that difficult to wrap her brain around.

No signs of Rebekah getting her body back anytime soon. If I were Dalia I’d put Rebekah back in her Original body just to help thin out the amount of witches that stand any sort of chance against her.

This marks the end of Esther and Michael even though this song and dance has been played before. This time it feels it’s forever. Without any real effort in redemption for Klaus toward his parents, it was time they faded back into memory. I’m glad Michael had at least an echo of chance to tell Freya how sorry he was. It was a dangling thread and Klaus cut it because he’s in be-a-jerk-mode. Still Michael died with as much dignity as he could still hating his step-son for everything that happened to and fro.


The plot played into Dalia’s favor as she flaunted her abilities with a serious flare. The gang tried but failed to subdue her and now the dominoes will fall even further. Good entrance and use of the new villain. 8 out of 10. We need characters that can put fear into the Originals and so far it has the musings of that possibility. Dalia is here and hopefully soon we’ll understand all of her motives as well as how desperate Klaus will get if he’s to save those he “cares” about.

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