A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×18 (Why can’t vampires with no emotions desire to take over the world instead of doing karaoke?)


I have to hand it to the writing team for being as creative as they are with reinventing the villains on this show. With vampire/werewolf hybrids a practical norm these days one could have theorized that vampire/witch hybrids were not too far off. Enter the heretics, outcast Gemini coven witches all turned by Lilly, mother of the Salvatores. Tonight’s episode of TVD “I could Never Love Like That” culminates with Lily confronting Stefan as well as the origin of Enzo’s vampire birth being revealed. All of this and a tiny conflict of interest regarding the vampire cure.

Damon and Lily search for Stefan while he and Caroline hold up at the college torturing students until Matt and Tyler show up. Matt is wounded but Damon finds them and Caroline escapes knowing Stefan’s mother will likely turn him back to normal. She succeeds even though her words are just what Damon told her to say because she in fact doesn’t love her children anymore. Meanwhile, Enzo reveals to Sara how he became a vampire in 1903 while sailing away from Europe. With Stefan returned to normal, he searches for Caroline while Damon has conflict over telling Elena that he has the vampire cure. Jo then tells Elena and Damon that Lily is responsible for turning a group of outcast Gemini witches who, as vampires have an endless supply of magic at their hands. Damon reveals he already gave Lily the means in which to return to the dimensional prison where they are waiting.

A bit all over the map, but there are segments that are rich with temperamental drama and one could almost feel sorry for Enzo’s vampiric upbringing if not for the sheer fact that he’s treating Lily like an unsavory beast of a creature when all she really did was abandon him after he turned. It may not have been ideal, but his situation could have been plenty worse. And I wonder why Lily doesn’t at least recognize Enzo since he was probably one of the last people she met before being exiled to the dimensional prison. Vampires can have good memories and she should remember the last person she turned considering the care she went into trying to keep him alive. It’s really moot considering the other plot points of the episode, just seemed out of place.

Stefan and Caroline did their best to be especially insensitive and condescending around Matt and Tyler as they played games with who lived or died. Unemotional vampires are the epitome of the sloth and the lustful making Stefan and Caroline’s recent trek through boredom and singing the final nail in the dull-plot coffin. It was time to finally nix the pair as an evil duo and thankfully, Damon was close by to seal Stefan’s return as the face of the show. He’ll search for Caroline, who is slightly more amusing as a baddie even though I wonder what traits Stefan will showcase to Caroline to get her to return to normal again. It’s funny that all of Caroline’s evilness came from not wanting to deal with her mother’s death, and she may end up actually getting someone killed before she reverts to normal again. I just hope it happens before the heretic plot becomes the focus during our final arc of the season.

I wasn’t going to really discuss Elena’s sudden debacle with thoughts of being human again, but after recent discovery that Nina is leaving the show after this season, the jury is out on whether she’ll leave as a human, or as a corpse. I can see why the vampire cure was introduced and it would be such poetic tragedy if she chose to become human only to be accidentally, or purposefully killed to really throw Damon into the realm of despair. It’s not a positive flow to the series, but imagining season seven without Elena is rather difficult. It means the characters around her have to become more important, but at the same time, she could leave the show in multiple other happy fairy tale ways that keep her open to cameo in the future. We’ll see what happens. Death is never final on TVD, unless your Lexi. I miss Lexi.


The last scene which set up the heretic plot was a good cliffhanger. This show is known for abrupt endings and “gasp” moments to leave you wanting to get to next week, and I like this one because I honestly felt Lily’s purpose and friends were going nowhere new, and I was certainly glad to be wrong. There’s a lot of potential coming up and I hope they do it in a way that’s equally as unique as the reveal was.


He didn’t get a lot of screen time, but I’m giving it to Matt this time around. His conversation with Elena helped explain his attitude toward vampires and her in general. It’s rough for humans to be in a vampire-centric plot and Matt understands more than any mortal what kind of hardships are brought on by having vampire friends. He’s trying to stick to a moral code and he should get the bonus points for trying even under threat of death.


Stefan is going to have to get really creative if he’s going to bring Caroline back to her emotional state. He’s usually pretty resourceful so I imagine he’ll figure it out, but she won’t make it easy for him. If anything, she might even try the same trick twice on him, though I hope the days of unemotional Stefan are long gone.

Are we going to get a flashback with Lily meeting the heretic witch group before they were turned? She’s showing a lot of ties toward them and it should include the story with why. I’d like to see how that developed. She’s talked a little bit about it, but nothing really concrete.

Will Kai still be alive when Lilly and/or the others find them? Does it really matter if he lives? He’s not entirely a golden goose even with good emotions flowing through him. Still, he had his moments of humor and craziness that wasn’t always eye rolling to witness.

This is really turning into the season of witches on both TVD and TO. I want this to have an explosive cross-over, but I highly doubt it will come to that. In fact there really hasn’t been much of anything in the way of crossing over talent since last season. Shame.

Tyler almost became a wolf again. It’s dragging on far longer than it should. His situation won’t be monumental, but they really should just have at it so he can be a force for something, again.


A 7 out of 10. Most of the characters were very split up and handling separate plots until Stefan finally met his mother. It’s bittersweet because his return is based on a lie issued by Damon who had no choice because Lily is too hung up on her heretic group. Enzo’s flashback almost made up for his lack of character development, but honestly, it’s too little too late for him. I’m just surprised Damon still hasn’t found out about this yet. Most of the rest of the plot was decent and the cliffhanger was a good sign of things to come. I’m not saying the heretic group will be an interesting bunch, but it’s fresh and there’s power there that can mop the floor with all our good guys and gals. Things are getting interesting and Elena, Bonnie, and the bros will have their hands full relatively shortly.

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