A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×19 (Sometimes the hybrid needs a time out)


Cascades of suspicion and reckless plays at protecting what’s more important are what fueled tonight’s episode of The Originals culminating into Freya’s promise and Davina’s plan since the beginning of the season. Dalia continues to disrupt and infuriate the crew while one of its supporting characters is put to death. Tragedy compels all thirsty hearts to point fingers at the obvious conclusion, that Klaus is too sinister and dubious to be trusted with defeating Dalia. Now, with the prime opponent daggered until the plot demands his return, Elijah, Freya, and Rebekah must settle on their own combined strength to rid the city of an ancient threat.

The stakes (no pun intended) are quite high for everyone leaving Klaus to trust not even his brother with his plan for Dalia. Much of this episode spurns the disembodied frustrations that are consistently met with Klaus and his unyielding path toward absolute leadership. Nobody is willing to let him play out his bird’s eye view of the situation, and with plenty of good reason. As Dalia murders everyone surrounding the sanctuary, she confronts Hayley and attempts a foolhardy conversation of agreements made centuries ago with Esther for babies like Hope. Moments like this are meant to show that Dalia can be somewhat reasoned with. As demented as she might be, she’s following through with a code of conduct established long ago. To her, it’s a simple fate and not to be broken. In her eyes, there isn’t anything evil about it. What is really missing, is the grand scheme with the power she’s attempting to usurp from the bloodline.

Her next act is to use Aiden by killing him and making it appear as though Klaus murdered him after he revealed to Jackson his status as a double-agent. The ruse works all too well, yet Klaus uses the opportunity to instill fear in the wolves and anyone else who wants to cross him. Unfortunately, Klaus didn’t know enough about the dagger to anticipate it’s use, and by Elijah of all people. What I didn’t really find emotional was Aiden’s death. It was entirely too telegraphed when he met with Josh and made plans to leave with him. This couldn’t have been any more set up with a bullseye on his back and for that, it wasn’t as impactful. It’s a tragic moment and Josh is taking the brunt of it, but Aiden’s fate was sealed the second he planned to tell Jackson everything. That kind of honesty can and did work against him in the end.

The rest of the episode played out with most of the main cast being pitted between choosing Freya or Klaus as their savior against Dalia. For a moment, Elijah almost convinces Freya to accept Klaus as an ally again, yet it wasn’t to be. Klaus’s stubbornness cost him in the end and he really can’t blame anyone but himself. I just hope this wasn’t all a part of Klaus’s plan, because I wouldn’t believe he had that kind of forward thinking. It does path down a similar subject thought.

Is it possible Klaus’s unbalanced nature and deranged trust issues are all some twisted way of masking his real personality? When he confessed to Camille what he would do if things were as they should and that he had not indeed killed Aiden, there were bits of moments that really begged the question, what Klaus was all about as a person and character on this show. Too many times it’s been obvious he wants to be feared above all, but hated also squeezes its way in there as well. Mixed with that are his loyalty issues and constant spurning of anything that resembles a parental figure attempting to saddle back into his life. Is he really just as scared as the common folk when it comes to suffering a bad upbringing and under significant threat for so long? I wasn’t expecting him to open up to Camille like that, but it once more danced his true meaning on a thin line when most of the time he’d rather be a bastard than be known to the world as merciful.

The episode ends with Elijah seemingly discovering the whereabouts of Michael’s ashes and then puts Davina’s dagger in Klaus’s heart. Klaus drops but not before seeing Freya and Rebekah watching close by. He now knows that everyone sided against him which can only mean his total and complete wrath when he’s eventually awakened. Judging by how much of his plan we don’t know, I stand to reason that Freya, Elijah, Rebekah and the rest of the crew won’t be enough to subdue Dalia and they’ll be forced to reawaken Klaus to handle the job sufficiently. The unexpected would be if Dalia somehow played this even smarter by stealing Klaus, or taking control of him, or even finding a way to convince him who his true enemies are. Maybe some real soul searching is in order for the Original hybrid.


When Camille confronts Klaus for the last time. They’re not frequent but when Klaus settled on a moment when he’s trying to be genuine and kind, there’s real sentiment to be had. That and I’m a sucker for good ambient music in the background. I really enjoyed the music played in that scene. It was ethereal and even slightly mesmerizing, and not watered down by some  musical artist that fills the conversation with the inevitable build up into a super monumental kissy-face moment that was not going to happen between these two, at least not yet. I liked the scene and Camille’s reactions along with Klaus’s play that maybe he really is putting on a show with his attitude and maybe deep down he wants a lasting peace for himself and for who he cares about. Who knows.


Klaus rules the episode with his take on the fight against Dalia, and the actions that led him to being daggered by his brother. As I stated before, when Klaus opens up and tries to be nice, it’s a fine switch from his usual condescending attitude. He has glimpses of character development then we forget that he killed both of his fathers because he’s too stubborn to grow as a character. Still, he had a good moment tonight and it’s not to be wasted.


I’m not kidding, with as powerful as Dalia is, why isn’t she just killing and killing and killing until someone gives her Hope out of necessity to stay alive? Even with that said, why isn’t she grabbing and threatening characters with death if Hope isn’t given to her? At this point, she has to be smart enough to know she’s not appealing to anyone with voluntarily giving Hope to her. She is a bit odd in this manner.

At this rate, though I don’t want to, Rebekah’s current body might as well just be Rebekah from here on out. Credit where credit it due, she’s got the vocals, the mannerisms and attitude down pat.

Will the dagger in Klaus have its own loophole that Klaus can exploit since he’s a hybrid? As much as I want to believe in Davina’s ability, I can see there being cracks in how foolproof that dagger is.

Hayley and Jackson to take Hope to Mystic Falls, now there’s a one-two punch that could serve as two explosive finale’s.

I have a feeling if Josh has been the one killed then Davina would have stabbed Klaus herself. Though, it wouldn’t have made much sense for Dalia to kill Josh, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t happen. She’s picking and choosing her pawns a little too carefully at this rate.


8 out of 10. Almost got a 9 until I realized Klaus spent a lot of time this episode subjugating his allies so much that they all went the obvious route of betraying him. That and realizing too early what was in store for Aiden. Other than that I thought this episode was one of the better ones this season. Klaus and Camille had a touching moment I appreciated and Dalia is showing no signs of slowing down. Her powers continue to impress which does bode the questions of why isn’t she truly making the cast suffer when it looks like she can. Only three episodes left and Klaus is going to be at least M.I.A for the time being. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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