A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×19 (I’ll become human too…)


I know the first thought in my head was, “Wait, how?” Is there enough of the cure for both Elena and Damon to take and become humans so that in five years they can do the owning a bar-2 kids-distractions galore, thing? I’m also skipping to the end here, so let’s backtrack a bit.

Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries settles in on Caroline’s zero hour as Stefan attempts a foolhardy plan to restore her emotions while Damon confronts his desire and fear with giving the cure to Elena. Bonnie steals the ascendant from Lily and Enzo gives Lily a second chance at their relationship. There’s a mixture of deep sentiment and lasting decisions that could affect the mythos of the show from here on out. There’s plenty at stake and none of it has even fully dealt with the imprisoned witch-pires, not to be confused with witch-pyres, which are just witches…on fire.

One half of the episode deals exclusively with Stefan and Caroline as he and the team subdue her in hopes to helping her regain her emotions. Stefan fakes being unemotional with Caroine to sell the story and Caroline eventually finds out, but not before having Stefan destroy a letter written by Liz that Elena was certain would be the key. Stefan eventually shares a memory he had with Liz which compels Caroline to seek the letter’s contents only to realize she’s responsible for it’s destruction and breaks down, finally feeling again.

Like Elena, Caroline is a mess of tears but eventually stabilizes. Her current state with Stefan is shaky at best leaving the two on uncertain ground. Everything Stefan did to help Caroline was very well done. The memory was a nice touch and added more to the romanticism that these two desperately needed to convince me they belonged together. Knowing they were eventually going to settle as a couple was not at inspiring to watch as Stefan actually fight for Caroline in such a way. Now he’s ready to pursue her if they still want to entwine their feelings. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Caroline didn’t want to, but hopefully it’s more of a conscious decision and not because of the knee-jerk reaction she may feel for a while with him around. Either way, I feel they’re now convincing of an actual chance.

On the other side of that coin is Damon and his issues with fear and desire relating to the cure and keeping both Bonnie and Lily in check. At the end of the day, Elena is satisfied with staying a vampire to be with Damon forever, but Damon isn’t so convinced anymore and decides that if she’s going to be human, he’s going to be human right along with her. Wow. For once, Damon’s choice wasn’t completely telegraphed and there’s real concern with not only the possibility, but the repercussions of such an act. Nevermind the difficult procedure, because I’m sure there’s going to be a big catch here, but since we know Nina is leaving the show, what could this mean for Damon? I have a few theories on that one. We’ll get to that.

Bonnie’s reactions, though understandable, seem a bit off with her character as of late. Her demeanor is that she’s growing more centered on her survival due to the fact she’s having issues trusting people and what’s worse, she’s hardly had any screen time with Elena, who as a best friend, should be helping to support her. I’m not entirely sure where Bonnie is heading, but from the look’s of things, not a terribly great place. She still has the ascendant, but I’m fairly certain she hasn’t disposed of it yet. Because there’s a lot of cool sounding villains waiting in the wings, and it’d be a surreal let down if they never showed up to shake up the foundations of the show.

Last, and a bit least in my opinion, is Enzo and Lily rekindling their trust for one another. Well, more Enzo, than Lily since she is only now remembering him from when she turned him back in 1903. Now we know she didn’t just abandon him and he understands that as well. Yet, due to the ascendant missing, she has a slip of the Ripper and eats a driver’s head off. Enzo consoles her and we’re left wondering if this is the start of Lily’s rage or something worse. I imagine we’ll spend an episode dealing with her frustrations until somehow the ascendant will be put back in play and reuniting Lily with her vampire-witch family. Bonnie certainly won’t adhere to this so there’s some clever storytelling that will be needed to keep everyone conveniently alive.


It was sweet to see Caroline find her emotions again. Stefan found a palpable way to turn her and in the end, she broke down as she was meant to since the build up was a few episodes long. I hope she doesn’t bounce back too fast because she needs time to process, but for what it’s worth, the feelings for and around Caroline were genuine and I believe she knows it too. Plus it was good to see Liz one more time.


Caroline gets the gold start this time around. She had one last hurrah as a smart unemotional vampire and almost escaped again, if not for Stefan’s wit and last ditch efforts to get her crying again. Still, she showed a lot of range and met her destiny head on as she was meant to.


Here’s one wild theory: Damon somehow takes the cure with Elena and the finale ushers in a new future for the lovebirds, then something or someone is forced or by choice makes Damon a vampire again and he’s left with letting Elena go because he refuses to turn her. She leaves because the pain of staying in contact will be unbearable. Too much?

I’m not saying Jo and Alaric don’t deserve a well-thought out wedding, but let’s not let it be the focus of the finale. Finale weddings are never any real fun, even the sitcom ones, and this wouldn’t end well because, reasons.

Regardless of the justification, if Enzo sides with Lily and helps her regain the ascendant and return the witch-vamps to normal reality, he’s going to get a fist full of Stefan and Damon and he’ll very much deserve it. Maybe put a stake or two in heart for good measure.

I am looking forward to all the apologizing Caroline will be doing in the near future, especially to Elena for all the means things she said, and of course for all those people she killed.

If they quietly sweep Tyler and Liv under the rug of attention, I’m pretty sure no one will notice. In all seriousness, they’re not really a part of this show anymore. They had a million chances to make Tyler stand out and instead they decided not to let him turn into a wolf again and it’s just not working.


8 out of 10. Very entertained. Caroline had a good finale to her evil-self and was brought back by the right person. Damon’s choice to be human with Elena is opening up a lot of doors to possibilities and that’s a good thing for the show. The final villains of the season are still pending an official appearance, but maybe they’re saving them, for an early season 7 war. After all, there’s more than a few and maybe they all have stories to tell. Then again, this could all be over in the next few eps. We shall see.

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