A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×20 (Who is the lesser of five evils?)


One can always count on Klaus to make the best decision that gives him the future of least resistance. Stake him once, shame on them, forever it seems. On tonight’s episode, Dalia attempts to show Klaus through a living flashback the reason why she wants hope while Elijah and the others prepare to take on Dalia themselves. Vincent offers Davina the lead position of all nine covens and Hayley attempts to leave New Orleans with Hope and Jackson after they properly send off Aiden’s body in a funeral pyre.

What we get here is the story on all three sides where everyone is a victim of circumstance and the choices they make determine how future generations will perceive them. Until now, Dalia has been portrayed as sinister and evil, yet, from her point of view, as power hungry as she can get, her motivation is not murderous at heart. In this, she attempts to appeal to Klaus’s strengths and more so, to his vindication that he’ll rightfully punish those who betray him, family or not. This is a mess of alignments because everyone wants Hope safe, just no one will understand what’s really happening.

After being daggered, Dalia pulls Klaus into her thoughts and shows him how she and Esther were captured by Vikings and Dalia was forced to perform dark magic for them. When she develops the means to escape, Esther decides to stay and marry Michael to start a family. Heartbroken, Dalia succumbs to the inevitability that with every first born of their family, that child will grow unable to cope with their level of power inside them and initiate the means in which she’ll usurp their power while keeping them in check. This occurs only with Freya until the birth of Hope. Klaus eventually understands Dalia’s plan and for the moment agrees to help her and Dalia uses her magic to awaken Klaus from his torpor.

Does any of this make Dalia right, and will Klaus side with her because he was wrongfully daggered? The irony here is that Klaus once let Rebekah leave with Hope to protect her from his enemies, and now, Klaus is unwilling to let the same thing happen twice because this time it’s Hayley making the decision to leave, not Klaus’s. If that’s not the embodiment of control issues, I’m not sure what is. On the one hand, Klaus could easily be deceiving Dalia to stop her later on, and one the other hand, he really could be planning to round his siblings and Haley up and putting them through the same hell he had just gone through. It’s rather entertaining seeing how all these dubious characters go through their communication and trust issues and seemingly make it through the season with their heads intact.

I do believe all of Dalia’s cards are on the table. We now know Freya is ludicrous in her own right and could stand to lose control again. However, I don’t know how long Dalia needs to take away her power before she stops being a menace to herself. There’s a lot of give and take and we don’t quite know all the rules here. But Dalia isn’t saving Hope from some greater threat that exists, Dalia is as high as the threat gets until something more magically sinister appears, likely in season three.

Everyone played at their minor roles in adequate fashion. Vincent tries to absolve himself from anything magic only to be continually drawn back in by Elijah and Marcel. His offer to Davina makes sense and I imagine she’ll take it, if nothing else to find a way to bring Kol back to life. Aiden’s funeral was touching for the short moment it was allowed on screen. The wolves are hurting and they’ll continue to hurt until they finally do something with their pack. We still don’t have a real historical perspective on the wolves and it’s about high time we did.

As Klaus sides with Dalia, she creates a storm that will trump Haley’s escape with Hope. This will allow Klaus to begin his plot of vengeance that could include Dalia if she’s not smart enough to figure it out. What we don’t know if whether or not Klaus is acting or if he’s really going to unleash his hate against his family. His psychology suggests that without his blanket of control, he’s too likely to perform genuinely selfless acts for the good of others. In the end, he’ll choose himself over Hayley. That’s just the surface level idea. However, when he told Dalia that he never much cared for Haley, something in the manner of how he said it made me think he’s isn’t being truthful to her. True, he will never love Hayley like the way Elijah does, but there’s no real point to say he doesn’t care for Hayley unless the goal was to sway Dalia into trusting him. It may be a stretch, but it’s what I’m going with at the moment.


It was important that we finally see Dalia’s side of the story, so I enjoyed the flashbacks of her and Esther. In combining both TO and TVD, every season we get a glimpse into time periods further and further back and though at this point I forget who came first, Dalia and Esther, or the split with the Travelers. In any case, Most if not all the flashbacks on both shows have been worthwhile and this is no different.


This was Dalia’s tale and she told it well enough to stand out beyond the principle and supporting cast this week. Does this means she’s not really evil? Certainly not. But I do believe she’s being honest with Klaus enough that all she really wants is to stay powerful but doesn’t want to be part of any family every again. Freya undoubtedly helped with that and now she’ll ally with Klaus to make sure she stays in power. Hefty bargaining but so far it seems to be working.


If Klaus doesn’t truly believe in Hayley’s choice that being free from his enemies is Hope’s best chance, then there really is nothing for Klaus beyond his own ambition. At the height of separated parents lies the attitude of doing what’s best for the child, and Klaus isn’t going to win father of the year by stopping or worse, killing Hayley. Deep down he should know this.

If and when Davina takes the mantle with leading the nine covens, I’m predicting it still won’t be an easy matter to bring Kol back to life. There has to be rules, stigmas, and knowledge she’ll have to come into that will threaten and/or ruin her chances for using necromancy the way she intends to.

Vincent and become a relatively likable character, I hope they don’t ritualistically kill him off like they tend to do with supporting characters. Aiden has already been taken out and I believe Josh and Gia are safe for the time being.

Speaking of Gia, with her being absent as of late, I’ve pretty much already forgotten that her and Elijah are technically still a thing. They’re not keeping up with relationship quirks and drama like they should be while we’re still partially invested in Elijah and Hayley even though it’s not a possibility anymore.

Does this mean that Elijah’s plan with using Freya as the decoy for Hope null and void? With Hayley attempting to leave the bayou it’s painfully obvious that Hope is with her. What will Freya do now she understands how she’s being used and is basically untrustworthy? Can she still flip out and become manic with power?


7 out of 10. It was a satisfying episode and the most important feature was getting to know Dalia more. Even though Klaus is making ruinous decisions, I felt his attitude on the matter makes sense if he’s being truthful about it. If it’s all subterfuge, then that’s fine too. I don’t imagine he has good thoughts for his siblings right now and if I were them, I’d be weary of a vengeful Klaus whether he does the right thing or not. Relatively entertaining episode to watch and with only a couple episodes left, we’ll be left with one burning question, who is truly the villain of this show and will they be stopped by the finale?

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