A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×21 (Best way to fake a cover, actually kill your allies)


While I was leaning on the side of Klaus and the evil he tends to represent, I frowned when it turned out he was playing a scheme of his own against Dalia. The penultimate episode of The Originals attempts to shake up the realm of New Orleans and casts what appears to be a dark shadow against our principle cast, save for the primary one himself. Technically there is a body count, but it may not be entirely as it appears. Then again, fire is fire so there’s that.

Klaus and Dalia are on the hunt for his child as Hayley and Jackson are stuck in the bayou during the storm. Klaus captures Marcel and bleeds him to use compulsion. After a failed attempt to kill Dalia using Elijah’s plan, Klaus fights Elijah and daggers him with the cursed knife after compelling Gia to let herself burn in the light. Camille arrives to talk sense to Klaus but ends up bitten for the effort. Klaus and Dalia then search for Hope while Marcel keeps Rebekah closed off with orders to kill her if she tries to escape. Knowing her only chance to stop Klaus means returning to her old body, she stabs herself, seemingly dying in Marcel’s arms. Through some coaxing, the covens accept Davina as their regent and a ritual is performed to seal her leadership. Klaus battles Hayley and Jackson until Dalia arrives and uses her magic to reignite the crescent moon wolves back into wolf form as per their original curse. After finding Hope, Klaus suggests to Dalia that she bond with him to prevent her return to slumber for another 100 years while back at the compound, Camille awakens with instructions from Klaus to help Elijah. She does and tells him that Klaus has a plan to kill Dalia for good.

With one episode left to go, this was a great direction to venture into, and for almost the entire time it was exciting to watch some of the heartbreak and viciousness that came with it. I’m not on the side for capital evil to prevail, but for too many episodes as a whole I hadn’t felt the raw energy that this show is really capable of. That came out tonight and yes a few characters suffered greatly such as Gia. I’m troubled to think if Klaus made it look too good and actually killed her. He certainly had no trouble with all the humans Dalia brought for him to feed off of. If she in fact has expired, I’m not that torn to see her go. Her relationship with Elijah at no point made any sense to me accept to serve as vengeance if he can’t get past the idea that Klaus used her to create trust with Dalia. It may be too difficult for Elijah to see past that if she truly is dead.

One thing that threw me off was how Dalia essentially fell for Elijah’s trap with creating the decoy. I thought she had already zeroed in on the baby being outside the city and was just humoring Freya, but as it turns out, Elijah’s plan probably would have worked if not for Klaus interjecting his pretend-evilness. The point here is why on earth would Klaus attempt this and go with his own plan which is likely going to be that much more dangerous? There seems to be a lot of effort here that Klaus is going through that is a bit unnecessary. I’m guessing he seriously doubted any plan that wasn’t already his even though he specifically made it possibly to make that weapon by killing Michael. His logic is unquestionably flawed in my view. But Camille said it best:

“Your brother is an unstable, paranoid, narcissist, with chronic mood issues and zero impulse control”

Rebekah’s self-sacrifice was a big step for her considering her promise to help bring Kol back, but let’s be honest here, it’s high time we got the real Rebekah back and just in time for the finale too. I’d say poor Marcel, but the more I think about the more I realize how many times he’s made his bed when it comes to allying with Klaus. What puzzles me is why wasn’t Marcel in on the scheme. You’d think there’d be a stronger play then trusting his fate specifically to Camille who could have easily and accidentally suffered blood loss from his bite.

The end was a bit tame for me just when the climax was reaching it’s.…climactic point. It wasn’t really a super hard revelation to figure out because the idea that the show’s principle character gone completely cold-revenge would have been exquisitely daring but probably too bold to stick with. So we get the subterfuge and the ace in the hole who revived Elijah and is completely confused about what happened. It’s possible Klaus isn’t looking for the death blow but a means to control or subdue Dalia. Killing may be too easy, otherwise he would have just let Elijah’s plan come to fruition. But now that I think about it, he wouldn’t have Hope in his hands if he let Elijah kill Dalia right then and there. He’s always thinking ahead, gotta hand it to him.


Even though it could have been more, I liked the end result of the fight between Klaus and Hayley/Jackson. Since Klaus is willing to subject them to the curse just to get them out of the way for his own plan, it’s utterly wicked because Hayley is genuinely trying to do Hope good and Jackson is the ever loyal kin. The look of hurt on her face as she was turning was the selling point for this choice though. And Klaus just stood and watched, whether he truly wants this for the pair, he has to be feeling something over what was happening.


I think Klaus gets it this time around. He was devilishly destructive and I’m certain he savored a lot of his carnage even if he was biding his time to lure Dalia into his own trap, that we have yet to see. This is one of the few times I felt his actions were justified even if everyone on this show is chronically wrong for the decisions they begrudgingly make. The near season finale needed some well-deserved oomph and Klaus provided it with his usual flair for he dramatic. He helped elevate the plot’s more visceral points and it came in handy throughout.


Judging by the amount of power Davina will gain from becoming the regent leader, it seems she might have enough juice to bring back Kol herself and won’t really need Rebekah. Though I can’t say I’m overtly excited to have a witch centric plot make it’s way into season three. Those haven’t been the best as of late except those that involved Genevieve.

Okay, I haven’t pointed out any similarities in a while but I can’t help myself this time. When Klaus drank from Camille and planted his voice in her head about the set up he planned for Dalia it was a dead ringer for Angel season 2×08 (The Shroud of Rahmon). In that ep, Angel goes undercover and while with some very dangerous enemies has to drink from cop-mortal-semi-friend Kate (Also a blonde) and does nearly the same thing by telling her to play dead while he sucked her blood. Nothing there, just a coincidence.

What exactly does Klaus plan to do with Dalia? Did he have faith at all in Freya’s weapon? Does bonding to Klaus hold the key to defeating her or is that just another lure to something more sinister that Klaus has in store? He had a plan before he was so rudely daggered, right?


8 out of 10. Mostly a great episode to watch. The action was high, the stakes were real and in all fairness there was a strong chance that Klaus really had joined Dalia’s side which would have spelled certain disaster for everyone if it was real. The final duel is locked and it’ll be hybrid against witch next week for all the cards. Again, if Gia really is dead then Elijah will have a bitter pill to swallow for the sake of getting rid of his aunt. We’ll see how this all play out soon. Thanks for reading.

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2 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×21 (Best way to fake a cover, actually kill your allies)

  1. Elijah’s plan would not have worked as the blade was made using Freya’s blood but only the blood of the witch who had broken Daliya’s heart could be used for killing her. That witch was their mother and not Freya.

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