A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 10×21 (Well that just ruined my night)

SN 2x21

After ten seasons, the writers came around and decided to insert the lore of Frankenstein into the mix. The Stein’s are in fact of that bloodline and chalk full of body parts and strange extremities that set them apart from most humans. While an ensemble cast came to usher in the final arc of the season, one of their own has fallen and it doesn’t look like she’ll be rising up to fight alongside the brothers.

There was something amiss in this episode and I’m currently blaming the Stein family because of it. I’m not sure if it was the southern accents or the overuse of suspenders or the main family member just appearing as an awkward villain, but in any case, I’m not overtly impressed with their style or reveal as the quintessential heirloom to the Frankenstein franchise. It’s clever, there’s no argument there, but somehow it feels very separate from the Winchesters and their day to day struggles that tend to encompass apocalyptic feels.

After acquiring the help of Charlie and Castiel, Sam instructs Rowena to play nice while he and Dean investigate a murder in Omaha in regards to a young college student. The Steins are still after the book and send a few of their own to continue looking. Crowley speaks to Olivette as a rat and sends a demon to find someone Rowena once loved. Eventually, Charlie calls for a break from studying the coded text of the book and returns to her hotel to research alone. The Stein family discover her location just as Dean uncovers what Sam has been up to. As they race to the hotel, they find Charlie massacred in a bathtub, seemingly dead.

And that’s the gift that Supernatural keeps on giving to their supporting cast. While Castiel maintains seniority among the core group, Charlie was not spared this time. I honestly felt she’d always be one of the few who’d be a survivor, considering her keen senses and newly honed instincts. But shows like these have to continue upping the anty and performing acts that many fans may not agree with. A death like this isn’t particularly necessary, but if the damage control involves Sam and Dean having serious issues of trust and even, dare we say, complete lash outs, then maybe there’s a purpose to this choice after all. The effect has to be dire, and I’m certain it will be.

Crowley’s moment should essentially have a payoff, but I’m not certain how this will effect Rowena. A former love and we don’t know the identity, so it’s essentially a surprise for us, although it can’t be anyone we already know, at least I hope it’s not. The bit with the darts was pretty humorous. Chuckles were had.

The banter between Charlie and Rowena was also one of the highlights of the episode, although toward the end it seemed rather forced how Charlie needed to leave to collect her thoughts. It was all leading toward something dark and it was telegraphed rather poignantly especially since Castiel was brought on as a protector. Still, Rowena has been relatively solid with all the major cast members and can manage herself quite well with the snickering and jabs to boot.

One aspect that wasn’t really painted very well was Sam’s desperation in saying that Dean’s getting worse. In the past few episodes, there really hasn’t been any deep rooted moments that told the audience that Dean was slipping back into that demon frenzy. Nothing matched his slaughter back during the season break when he murdered everyone in that home. I just wasn’t sensing Dean’s control issues causing Sam to run his own plan off the grid. To me, there should have been more moments where Dean was losing control and I don’t count the interrogation a couple eps ago, that was normalcy after 200 hundred episodes.


While I was hoping for Charlie to throw in some beat down on Elton, considering he had one arm to work with, the stare down was very pinnacle. My brain and heart were at odds with how that was going to play out and my brain won in the end, because by uploading the decrypted symbols it was a one-way ticket. But with that knife I was sure she was going to dish out anything coming her way. Who knows, maybe she dealt rolled a natural 20 and crit at the end.


I was more influenced by Rowena this time around. She has flair and sass with everyone she was in contact with and it was a better selling point than most everyone else that appeared tonight. She has pride in her evil and it shows for the most part.


The death of Charlie needs to have lasting repercussions for the brothers. The only other outcome I’d accept would be Sam and Dean cleaning house with the Steins and taking every single one of them out including their leader.

Dean needs to start showing serious signs of control issues now. Having accepted what’s happened to him worked out great to stave off the coming demon rage, but with two episodes left he needs to slip further than he’s ever been.

I wonder if the Stein’s have any more power aside from body parts that augment their abilities and longevity.

Is the book really indestructible? Seems like a challenge that I bet Castiel could figure out.

No sign of Metatron and his endgame yet. While I’m fine with this, I also worry that he’ll show up at the last second and wreck shop just as the brothers finish with the Mark.


6 out of 10. It wasn’t their finest hour and Charlie’s death wasn’t something that was going to boost the score for me this time around. The overall premise was meant to bring in more of the Stein lore and pit them as a mainstream villain group toward the end of the season. It was coming and so far they haven’t impressed. This really doesn’t cheapen Charlies final episode, but with Supernatural death is never certainly the end, just as Sam said in the last episode. I’m not truly convinced she’s gone, but if that happens to be the case, she went out on her terms and that’s something most supporting characters on this show don’t get to say. Thanks for kicking ass, Felicia. You brought some wicked girl power to the all boy band and dished out your own uniqueness as a bright individual. As Charlie would buoyantly say, “So long b*tches.”

No more words


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