A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×21 (Domesticated Damon dislikes doing disagreements)


The eventual wedding episode has arrived and with it, the causality that all TV show weddings begin and end with drama and death. Wait, people don’t always die at weddings. Then again, if you’re in this vampire realm, there’s risk to any gathering and tonight’s penultimate episode proved, just because you’re the bride to be, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

TVD brought the cast together and dealt with each of their current woes, some with laughable results, and others in more intimate discussions. Though some aspects are tiresome, such as Caroline’s flight and defense mechanism, one thoroughly good outing was handled by the primary brothers of the show. The show’s natural cliffhanger’s didn’t disappoint and leaves plenty asking all the pertinent questions like “What will Elena and Damon’s kids look like” and “Liv and Tyler are still mad at each other? Oh noes!

As Alaric and Jo’s wedding dawns, Stefan takes Damon to suburbia and lets loose on a flurry of flash-forward scenery dealing with possible dismal outcomes should he become human to test his resolve. Caroline returns to help Jo get the best wedding she can while Bonnie continues to babysit Lily. Unfortunately Lily escapes and finds Enzo, who is only so happy to join her cause. Damon, despite the possibility of losing Elena, still chooses to become human and tells Elena, who is overjoyed at his decision. Caroline struggles with her acts from previous episodes and refuses to let Stefan in. The wedding proceeds and is interrupted during Jo’s vows as Kai appears and repeatedly stabs Jo in the back. Kai then disrupts the entire room with explosive magic leaving Jo’s fate dismal at best.

The die has been cast and Kai is back with a cunning vengeance, carving his evil back into play. Bonnie’s initial nightmare showcasing Lily who mentions finding a loophole and somehow, Kai exploited his own. It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that the witch-vamps were heavily involved in the return and likely bled out anything that kept Kai in check. That or he’s been compelled to be himself again, but I’m sure the possibilities are numerous. Going straight for Jo during her wedding was ultra-sinister, an act that anyone who watched will have dealthy intent including Alaric, who unfortunately, as a human won’t be able to exact any retribution. It’s not time for Damon to turn human yet, there’s a bad guy to stop.

The mean and potatoes of this episode dealt with Damon coming to terms on his decision to be human. Stefan wisely showed him a possible future, one where Elena and Damon inevitably drift apart as a means to make him understand the gravity of his choice. Damon has a few moments of pause but after seeing an elderly couple being affectionate to one another, he makes the call and reveals to Elena his decision. The scenes from the future were interesting fuel and mostly revolved around Elena’s lack of relationship effort and Damon’s incessant drinking causing issues of empathy. It’s interesting that those were the only two substantial points to be made between the two, as though other examples of spousal dissention wouldn’t have painted a better picture. I think the main key was that Damon drowns some hidden issues that may root from wanting to shun responsibility and Elena’s focus is well past being a wife/spouse and more on her future as a provider and independent most of all. Essentially, the two would likely stop communicating instead of supporting each other and that can lead to all sorts of yelling matches that would inevitably tear them apart. Lot’s of different ways at looking at it. But in the end, Damon doesn’t care. He’ll run the risk if it means the possibility of perfect, long happiness.

Caroline’s speech to Stefan should have been something more, but it seemed rather flat and two-dimensional. Mentioning to Stefan what she needed and didn’t get prompting her to lose her emotions was something Stefan already understood, but the idea that clinging to control is her only blanket left seems rather selfish and borderline neurotic. As a vampire, neurosis can change over the course of many decades, but Caroline is still a baby vampire, with only a few years under her belt. What she’s dealing with are very human issues and though Stefan nailed her problem, Caroline confessed it’s all she have, because at this point, she can’t stay open to Stefan’s affections…for some reason, be it guilt or a desire to handle her own emotions. In the end, she’s holding onto her solitude and isn’t expecting to be chased for the time being. Does this mean Stefan and completely lost his chance with her? He’s shown he supports her, but he also really didn’t do much more than listen and identify her problems, which half was the right thing to do, but not necessarily the second half.


Damon’s visions of the future. They had only a few minutes to drive home how bad and bland it could get for Damon if he became human, but they worked, especially when he was drinking alone in the end with no Elena in sight. Everything leading up to Damon asking Stefan what he should do was the proof needed to get him really thinking about his choices. Moments that break Damon’s suave and cool exterior don’t always happen a lot, especially if he’s afraid and he clearly had that look for a short moment.


Again, it goes back to Damon. By the end of his vision quest, he convinced Elena that he still wanted to go through with it which the show is still teasing considering how different the dynamic would be if that were to actually happen. Still, Damon almost completely shifted into someone who wants the change for himself. Though he still stated to Elena that the he’s doing it for “us” but at least clarified what that really meant for him.


Liv and Tyler, get a room. Actually, get separate rooms, and never come out of them again.

Enzo was rather passive aggressive this time around which really doesn’t fit his character so late in the game. He generally will find a way to get what he wants, and if he doesn’t really want Lily free, then his purpose as a character is virtually extinguished. He’s got nothing else left to offer except a position as Lily’s family. I don’t see him fitting well with the witch-vamps thought when they arrive.

I would have expected Lily to do a little bit more damage to Bonnie, even going so far as to take her life. She shouldn’t have much of a reason to hold back herself given her captivity and longing to be with her family again.

Lily likes Earl Grey Tea, just like Picard 🙂


7 out of 10. Weddings never ever ever go well, and this was no exception. Some very well placed moments with Stefan and Damon dealing with choice and the return of Kai were the highlights all around. Damon has to grow up and he’s finally choosing to after almost two centuries. And, if I’m not mistaken, next week will be Nina Dobrev’s essential final episode. Imagining how things will play out makes the finale that much more sophisticated, but if I were a betting man, I’d say they should just go for broke and take Elena out of the picture leaving vampire Damon to run rampant in season 7, much like Stefan did in season 3 but without the ripper construct. Tune in next week.

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