A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 2×22 (Complicated feelings for monsters huh? That’s how vamps roll)


A collection of calamity ended with a soft and warm embrace between the oldest witches this side of the hemisphere. Season two of The Originals puts to rest the oldest family war and instills in its place a familiar mark between warring siblings. Lullabies are spoken and promises are made for the good of innocence and the threat of new evil likely to rear its head in New Orleans come the fall. All in all, the king of wolves and vamps settles in, ready to settle into fatherhood unaware of the future, but believing he has control of it.

There was some gorgeous imagery that fit in quite nicely upon the climax of “Ashes to Ashes.” With only a few minor plot holes, the episode stood on its own and provided a much needed finality to the old generation of Mikaelsons and their sophisticated rival, Dalia. The most fascinating aspect was of course how the battle played itself out, leaving the final segments as all too familiar approaches to goodbyes and promises of sardonic revenge. In many ways, it was the highlight of the season saving the best for last. Any lasting complaints are left for moments that felt too rushed and made way for aspects of season three.

After linking with Dalia, Klaus stabs himself with the dagger and the two are returned to torpor. Elijah recovers Hope with Freya as Rebekah returns to her original body as a vampire once more. Convinced of Klaus’s plan, Elijah burns the body of their original mother and swaps the ashes with Kol’s when Davina attempts to user her “one time” ability to harness the coven’s power and use resurrection. Instead of Kol, Esther is brought back and captured immediately by the Mikaelsons. Dalia, still possessing power, melts the dagger in Klaus, awakens, steals Freya, and escapes. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah later confront Dalia but are subdued by splinters of the white oak stake being ingested through Dalia’s power. Esther distracts Dalia long enough for Klaus to impale the two of them finally killing them both. In a final scene with the pair as their younger selves, Esther relents that she should have stayed by Dalia’s side. The two forgive each other and perish together. Later, during the full moon, Hayley makes Elijah promise to look after Hope even though he had no intention to remain at Klaus’s side. Freya magically heals Rebekah’s human body and Rebekah once more inhabits it with plans to decide which she intends to stay in at a later time. Klaus and Camille share a drink as both are essentially still awkward around eachother but later, Klaus settles in with Hope in his arms, commenting on a new chapter in their lives.

I had fun watching this episode. Most of Klaus’s repetitive cliche’s were downplayed just enough to tolerate his multi-faceted yet always presently vindictive performance. With the exception of declaring murderous intentions to Esther, he was the exceptional protagonist we’ve all come to flip sides on almost every ep. One element I’m glad they held off on was the “will they/won’t, sure they will this one time” scene with Camille at the bar. They demonstrated awkwardness and he wisely left without bomb-rushing that kiss between the two that will now be the looming bookend segment that will accompany the first arc of season three. Had they forced that moment to come out now, it would have been very negative and probably pushed them further away.

As for the final confrontation, it played out as one might expect but with enough creativity to kill all the birds with the one stone, or an exceptionally long dagger at it were. Esther’s cameo was welcome, but that lipstick was rather too thickly red on such a pale complexion. I imagine Elijah wanted her looking more modern and made up before her eventual death. He’s rather classy considering the hatred he has for her, like all the siblings. And thus the white oak stake is now a dusty memory. Any chance to kill an original faded away, yet I never doubt the show’s capability in getting creative and finding new ways to subdue and/or kill an original vampire. The embrace with Dalia and Esther at the end felt appropriate as the latter accepted what she should have done long ago. It’s remarkably bittersweet knowing she essentially regrets having her children, at least that’s the more positive spin they wanted to put on it in favor of the two sisters forgiving each other and living in perpetual happy afterlife. The one surprise for me specifically was the survival of Freya, who looks to at least have an opportunity to be a part of the shindig that season three will unleash in the fall.

As far as the nitpicks go, there were some that stood out as question marks in my head, though I’m sure it was all pressed for time anyway and not everything could be spelled out in jaunty exposition.

  • What was the point with Marcel staying Davina’s vengeance in favor of allying with the Mikaelsons for the time being? She didn’t participate in the final conflict and probably could have helped immensely. Essentially she just agreed not to get involved.
  • Ingesting the dust of the white oak stake wouldn’t reach the heart unless it was absorbed through the blood stream directly. I’m questionably certain if any Original ate the white oak stake, it wouldn’t kill them. Or maybe Dalia knew that and wanted them perpetually suffering through an eternity of coughing and hacking dust particles.
  • Does Rebekah actually have free reign to bounce between bodies? She seemed to believe she still had a choice even though she went back into Eva’s body. Plus I don’t agree with that choice at all mainly because it once more takes Claire Holt off the show. I guess she’s going to be really important on that Aquarius series.


Esther and Dalia’s final moment together. It was very similar to how most prolific characters on TVD tend to be expire as they get special treatment and hallucinations into their past or what not. I liked the bright colors and the ethereal treatment it was given since most of the show tends to root itself in darker tones. It was a fine goodbye regardless of their place in good or evil and it just goes to show that Dalia was right, evil is created and in the beginning, they were innocent beings caught in the motions of life, love and the pursuit of immortal-ness.


Tough acts all around. Everyone played to their main strengths and performed as expected. Since it’s the finale, I’m giving it to the Mikaelson sibling quartet. Each one carried enough anger, hostility, and contempt to push each other into a dark alliance that in the end worked in their favor. All four lived, and each got a piece of their freedom and happiness with the exception of Elijah who essentially lost both women he cared for and now must put up with staying at Klaus’s side even against his better judgment for the sake of Hope’s life. Out of all the siblings, he tends to be shoulder the most burden, and finale’s are no exception to this rule.


I’m pretty sure Gia deserved a better send off than getting teamed up with another body and getting lit up in what looked like an alleyway. And Elijah just took the violin away, like “Nooooo, I think I’ll keep this.”

Davina wants to reinitiate the season of the witch, or whatever she intends to call her reign. What’s puzzling is, why is her resurrection spell a one-shot deal? She leads the covens, the power is there in ample amounts. It may not be something the covens want her messing with, but the last thing they would want is to anger their youthful and powerful leader. But it doesn’t matter, Elijah has Kol’s ashes anyway.

What role will Hayley and Jackson serve in season three? Will the crescent wolf curse be lifted by the premiere or will it be an arc that lasts for several episodes? And will there finally be an arc that is dedicated to the origin of the werewolves, or will they once more play third fiddle to the Vampire/Witch war that undoubtedly will erupt come third season?

I like Vincent’s character. I hope he sticks around and maintains a good influence on Davina, who likely will be making a lot of hasty decisions as coven leader in the future. Ruling with power is one thing, but without tempering wisdom, she won’t last long.

We were told that Klaus intends to give the city back to Marcel, but how will that play out? Marcel can keep a truce with Davina, unless she intends to say “screw it” and ruin all vampires save for Josh. I can’t imagine Klaus staying on the sidelines too long because being a king means holding the most power whether you rule publicly or not. He won’t stay idle and Marcel will need aces aces up both sleeves to keep his returning title.


9 out of 10. Again, it was an enjoyable episode with there little wasted and a few nitpicks of logical continuity. Everything play out that benefited most all of our protagonists and nobody long lasting was sacrificed in the finale where sometimes it’s worth killing a few to get those “omg” moments happening. The ending segments are relatively the same as the last season, that did feel a bit monotonous, but considering what else they could have done, it was the safer route. I expect the wolves to do provide more showmanship next season and a villain so vast and powerful that he/she alone could kill an original with certain ease. That’s upping the ante, and they’ll need to keep this show fresh and interesting. Until then, thanks for reading up on season two of The Originals. New chapters await.

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