A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×22 (Goodbyes are the hardest form of…wait, what the hell happened to Mystic Falls?)


The constitution of this show is that of youthful love, vampiric devotion, and an exquisite obsession with violent neck-snappings. To end season six and bring to light a new beginning meant taking out its front runner and heart of the show, Elena Gilbert. What will this new change mean for season seven? Well, if you stuck to the end, you have a taste of destructive things to come.

As robust and fast as it was, TVD managed to set an easy pace to follow while making this one of the more bloody episodes in recent memory. It’s format stuck with a villain trying to rectify all wrongdoings caused onto him the first half, and a lamenting goodbye between close friends the second. Some small twists and turns, most telegraphed, but one or two that stuck out as clever. And the bookend took a dark turn revealing a future that spells certain chaos for Mystic Falls while two familiar residents watch on. Hands down, one of the better final scenes to end a season for this show that I’ve seen thus far.

After killing Jo and wounding everyone at the wedding, Kai stabs himself to eliminate everyone in the Gemini coven. Unable to heal Elena, Damon takes her to a hospital while Liv forces Tyler to end her life to save his own by activating the wolf gene. Enzo takes Stefan and Caroline to Lily who is frantically searching for her witch-vampire group who Kai had told her he brought back. Unable to find them, Stefan and Caroline return to town. Kai awakens as a vampire having fed on Lily’s blood but is attacked by Tyler who had been reverting into werewolf form. Kai and Bonnie eventually confront each other when Kai siphons the magic from his wolf bite to heal. He then explains that Elena and Bonnie are linked and Elena won’t wake up until Bonnie is dead. With no way to undo the spell, Bonnie is at Kai’s mercy until Damon arrives and kills Kai. Afterward, Elena is placed in a coffin and hidden for safe keeping against any vampires who want to drink from her and return human. All the major characters including a cameo by Jeremy telepathically say goodbye to Elena with Damon the last. Enzo and Lily discover that the witch-vampire group are nearby and she reunites with them. In the final scene, at least a year has passed and Mystic Falls has fallen victim to destruction as Matt drives through town in a cop car. Damon is seen standing on top of the clock tower gazing down at the destruction below him.

As far as send off’s go, Elena’s was done with the care and consideration needed to do it right. She remained positive and motivational to all her friends while staying hopeful that she and Damon will reunite again, possibly 60 years. The means in which she’s taken out of the show was thoughtfully done and it leaves a lot of possibilities if Nina comes back for cameos or a full blown return. I imagine the show will survive without her, because supporting characters can learn a lot and grow on their own. And to be quite fair, the Salvatore’s are the pillars of TVD and they are carrying the most weight now, which is fine. They can handle this new take on the show.

I found Kai’s end to be very fitting and glad Damon utilized a bit of subterfuge to get the kill. It doesn’t matter if it was a raging fight, Damon didn’t have time to be that kind of macho vamp. At this point, how Kai made it back from that prison doesn’t matter and the small video segment that covered that loose end was nice but in a way I felt it was just thrown in just so we would be sold that it was possible. Still, murdering Jo and Liv as well as the Gemini coven was a brutal way to end that line. I wonder if the witches in TO will be aware of this at all. With Davina in charge of the main nine I don’t know if that includes the Gemini’s or if there are a lot more groups out there.

Elena’s goodbyes bounced back and forth until they were fully fleshed out by the end. Each character’s tears were heartfelt and meaningful. I especially liked Matt’s interaction with Elena mainly because of how she viewed him and what he brought to their friendship. I felt Stefan’s was a little flat, but I get why it was toned down. To spend three-ish seasons building of their love and then switching gears to Damon meant what Stefan went through just wasn’t the all encompassing love that the show originally made it out to be. He finally admitted to Caroline what his relationship to Elena meant to him and tries to move forward with Caroline showing patience and sincerity, which I felt were stronger scenes with him than his goodbye with Elena. Damon’s goodbye was of course the pinnacle of their moments and the dance defined their passion and love as they spoke of love and twirls.

The end leaves a lot of speculation which is always great for a show to do. Changes coming is a good thing and it’s easily deciphered as a metaphor showcasing that the show will be a mess without Elena. But how big a mess are we talking about? Is the destruction specific to the witch-vampire group, or is Damon somehow responsible? He wasn’t smiling, sure, but if he was powerless to stop the town from falling, why is gazing at such a ruinous state? This also leaves questions about the start of season 7. Will we get to live through that year of destruction or pick up exactly where the final scene ended and backtrack through various flashbacks? Either way, it sounds like a fun concept to explore.


When Damon head-faked Bonnie and then killed Kai. It was classic Damon and though fans shouldn’t be fooled by his apparent nature to preserve his own happiness, it was a nice gesture that genuinely fooled Bonnie, because, he can still do that to her. Plus, Kai’s decapitation was well deserved. Though they never explained how he returned to such an evil mood, it doesn’t matter, he wrapped up his own loose ends with the coven and died for the effort. No more, no less.


Tough one, but Elena really should get the credit since it’s her last appearance and every scene she was in was meant to push her friends and loved ones into better directions, offering hope and lasting guidance which shows how much she cares and wants everyone to move on, live, and be happy. Elena always had a good heart and went in the direction that heart made her go, and in her last segments it was the same. She made everyone cry, and that’s what main characters do.


Even though I said a lot of bad things about Liv and Tyler’s relationship, that last scene was rough but understandable. I didn’t like that Tyler gave in and killed Liv, but I get why he had to. Does this mean he’ll stick around town or actually leave and go somewhere else like…say New Orleans, again? He’s still a hard character to put anywhere on TVD lately. Maybe he’ll find a new calling next season.

I know a coffin is sweet and personable for Elena, but asleep doesn’t mean dead, that lady has to breathe, doesn’t she?

Jo didn’t get a funeral scene likely due to time. Elena tried to help put Alaric on a better path, but considering that he put a gun to his head, I can’t imagine he’ll be in a good place at all next season, knowing he lost a wife and two kids in the span of thirty seconds. Something like that could ruin a life forever.

So, am I to believe Enzo and Lily both have daylight rings now? Has this ever been addressed since Lily arrived in the present? It was just odd seeing them in the day light.

Lily mentioned Valerie and Malcolm, two of her loyal witch-vamps. I ponder if they will be the two who lead them and be our season’s main villains. Kudos with keeping them out of the plot until now. I wanted them to be season 7 antagonists and it looks like that’s the direction they’ll take. How long they’ll be on the show remains to be seen.

I also want to point out one small thing that occurred with both brothers. In the dream, Elena tells Damon to go live life and be happy, while Stefan tells Caroline that he’ll wait till she’s ready to be with him. I don’t know why but both of those short segments are very emotionally taxing to both Damon and Caroline and they don’t even realize it yet. On Damon’s side, Elena is basically saying “Go be happy, live life” which is great on paper, but that’s now how Damon works. His happiness is directly tied to the love he’s able to share and feel. Without that, he’s essentially a sarcastic husk. If Elena expected him to move on, she should have added the “Be happy with someone” line, but because they’re so enthralled with each other that just wouldn’t work either. On Stefan’s side, I know there’s love to be had there, but isn’t it a bit presumptuous that when Caroline “is” ready that Stefan will be the one she’ll cling to? I almost don’t want to see them together now because once more it’s a foregone conclusion, but Stefan practically declared that they will be a couple again. That can be romantic…or controlling, however one chooses to look at it, but I just felt like pointing those two bits out.


8 out of 10. Finale’s can be tricky to compile action and resolution into one episode. For the most part, I felt this finale was well done for the time given. Some small scenes didn’t flow as well like anything with Lily and Enzo in it and Tyler’s transition back to wolf was awkward at best. Everything with Elena and Damon’s kill of Kai were the best parts of the show and of course the ending that should hopefully be talked about all summer long. I’d like to see some joint episodes with The Originals next season, but it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards, unless they surprise me. Overall, it was a classy end to the series’s more endearing and enduring character. Elena will of course be missed. She was strong, capable, and had a lot of tears to shed, but through it, she found true love, twice, and grew through vampire and human lives. That’s a lot for a youthful character and hopefully she’ll make some appearance in the future. Thank you for reading.

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3 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 6×22 (Goodbyes are the hardest form of…wait, what the hell happened to Mystic Falls?)

  1. I was so mad that Elena was leaving but only because I wanted stelena to happen again. And maybe with Elena gone we might see the funny side to Damon again.

    • They’re trying to forcibly push past Stefan and Elena and this is finally their chance to do it. Damon’s attitude could go either way. He’s basically back to square one, like how he was when he obsessively tried to find Katherine in season 1. But that would be repeating the same plot

      • I know, I am trying to figure out. How this show can go from being amazingly good. To terribly lae

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