A Sashurai’s Review: Game of Thrones – Season 5×06 (There’s always death at a wedding)

Thrones 5x06

Virtue is cast aside to make room for more sinister agendas as the lone daughter of Stark becomes wife to House Bolton, and with it, a new sense of terror. This week’s episode of GOT delivers more uneasiness as nearly every showcased character gets rattled and captured in the snares of their rivals, save for the girl who wishes to become no one, but for now will become someone else.

Like Theon, this was a hard episode to watch and keep a positive outlook that good things will happen to those who seize the moment. In fact, it’s rather likely the only one’s who will prevail to some high degree by season’s end will be the ones who truly master the game and put forth devious effort and unrelenting conviction. “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” reminds us that no one is trustworthy, not for second in this wicked world. People will be used and manipulated just like they always are and in the end, becoming stone is the only way to endure it. Tonight’s fractured tale was one of multiple cliffhangers conjured forth to make the second half of this season a captivating one. While there was little to feel at ease with, the sensation of dread is ever growing.

Arya discovers that the bodies she cleans are stored and their faces used to change the faceless men. In Dorne, Jamie and Bronn are ambushed by the sand sisters just as they find Myrcella. All are captured however by Doran Martell’s guards, including Ellaria. Jorah and Tyrion get to know more about one another when they are captured by slavers at a shore. Tyrion convinces the leader (Mr. Eko!) not to kill him and to let Jorah take part in the pit games. In King’s Landing, Olenna Tyrell arrives to help Margaery, but due to evidence against Loras and his sexual acts, he and Margaery are taken into custody by the High Sparrow with Cersei ever the puppeteer. Littlefinger speaks with Cersei and offers to take over the north after Stannis and the Bolton’s battle. Cersei agrees to make him warden of the north as long as he brings her the head of Sansa Stark. At Winterfell, Sansa and Ramsey are wed. At night, Ramsey keeps Theon in his bedchamber to watch as Ramsey forcibly takes Sansa on their wedding night.

Sometimes the number of times you can count certain characters having good moments never exceed the amount of fingers you have on one hand. Ramsey has officially taken the place of Joffrey as the king of sadistic men. Not only does he reveal his nature to Sansa so suddenly but he continues to punish Theon in obscene ways. This trio will be going through a lot of trauma although Ramsey won’t be suffering from any of it unless Miranda, Theon, or Sansa take some kind of stand against him. But that’s not likely to happen because GOT plots don’t utilize conventional plot mechanics. Theon may have been crying but he’s absolutely broken to do anything about it. Unless there are plans to turn him around, they should seriously just kill him and be done with it. Now Sansa knows what kind of person Ramsey is and the worst of it is she’s alone, for now. We as the audience know that Littlefinger is all but offering Sansa on a silver platter all for the art of playing sides against one another and being the one to be ontop. His game is the most dangerous, but is he really planning on using Sansa so carelessly, or does he have something else going on? Sansa has hidden allies, and she’ll be calling on them soon I imagine. If she’s the one to put a dagger in Ramsey, after all she’s done, it will be a good day.

Arya is learning little by little the difference between true stories and the lies that come with becoming no one. The remarkable thing about her character is she’ll always be safe while she trains. I have no doubts of her training and in the end, she’ll be that much stronger having sustained her new lifestyle. Whether she can truly let go of herself remains to be seen.

Bronn and Jaime both surviving their capture I thought was a bit odd. And neither them nor the three sand sisters were gravely wounded which means all five fighters are that good at what they do. That day, nobody died in Dorne. How many times can that be said? No doubt Doran can’t just kill Jaime, but he’ll have to play it safe if he’s to keep down a possible civil war in his own lands.

Margaery and Loras are also in hot water no thanks to Cersei, who is so busy playing the game that she can’t see past her own rival. Olenna will have to jump into this somehow and I imagine Cersei’s acts with Jaime will undoubtedly make their way to the High Sparrow. Since it was Littlefinger who made the off-handed comment, maybe he’ll be the one to help Olenna. But then, that wouldn’t put him in any position accept seizing some alliance with the Tyrells. There’s a lot of back and forth coming up I’m certain. Cersei can’t win every single round, that’d be boring.


Arya’s discovery of the faces. It was a magnificent set piece with an immense musical number behind it. On her path toward this new state of being, she’s finally unlocked an important segment that will continue to draw her in. After all she’s been through, things are starting to pay off and that was more or less the only “good” moment to come out of this episode in retrospect.


I’m giving it to Sansa. She really did try to put on a strong face when Miranda tried to frighten her with Ramsey’s past relationships. But in her current state, she really has no control. Still, she won’t become broken like Theon is, and that alone should be a reminder what not to turn into. She’s learned only a small bit from Littlefinger, but against Ramsey, she’ll have to become something so much more. And the symbolism with her dark hair being washed away is not lost on me. She’ll call on her allies, it’s her only ace she has left.


With a crisis temporarily averted, I can’t imagine Doran executing any of his own people including Ellaria, but how Jaime and Bronn will make it out of Dorne alive, I have no idea.

Olenna won’t waste time. Since she’s the only one who has any modicum of power to react to Cersei, she’ll need to undo what’s happened fast or share some similar fate with all the Tyrells. Question is, who would help her against the “real” queen?

I wonder if Jorah’s greyscale will be some kind of sympathy move with Danaerys. Not that he’d use it persay, but if he were in trouble of that nature, could it in fact be a way for her to forgive him? Or is that just not in the cards and he’ll likely just die ten feet outside the gate because this show is known to do dastardly things like that?

The scene with Ramsey and Sansa was originally supposed to be with Jeyne Pool (I think) as a stand in. Why they decided to do away with this plot and actually use Sansa as the victim is beyond me. I guess in the grand scheme of facial recognition, and Theon’s broken mind, there’s no way he’d let someone else be called Sansa in her place.

The five-way fight scene honestly felt sloppy, and the only reason it felt sloppy was because no one was supposed to die in that scene. Cool moves were had, but at no point was there a fear that any of the those five would be mortally wounded. The Sand sisters are new and they wouldn’t kill one or two off that fast. Maybe coming up, but not tonight.


7 out 10. There was a lot more dismal occurrences than I would have anticipated. The end was certainly shocking if not for the sake of watching a beloved character suffer the rampant acts of a psychopath who technically owns her now. This was very much a set-up episode and the hope is the seventh episode will be the pay-off. Arya’s continued growth was the most well-received scenes and the rest were quite frankly, a disjointed band of evil marionettes having their way with the decent characters of this show. Arguments can be made for who’s decent nowadays, but I stick to my sentiments. Until next week. Thank you for reading.

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4 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Game of Thrones – Season 5×06 (There’s always death at a wedding)

  1. This episode was so disturbing for me seeing Sansa get raped. I hate Ramsay and wish he would just get killed off the show.

    • Yeah, with the way she’s been built up since the beginning this whole situation is going to seriously put her in a dark place. Sansa fans have a right to be pissed, and I am one of them as well.

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