A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×03 (There is no sound in space, hence the no one hearing you scream in space)

Dark Matter 1x03

Between the multi-corp territory dispute and the space station repair arc, our mostly questionable heroes of Dark Matter experience another round of trust issues as the Raza suffers damage that may or may not have been caused by one of the crew. During this scenario, Five discovers the body of a male teen that was shot, yet nobody knows who he was. After a tense repair situation involving Three and Four in a mutiny standoff, and the android saves the ship’s FTL and they return on course. At an unknown space bar, a man claiming to be One’s pirate identity (And very strong resemblance) reveals to the bartender he’s looking to settle a score with someone on the Raza.

Returning to the fundamentals of defining what makes a ragtag crew work in space was a good move. In some cases, there’s a lot of reiteration on how each character views themselves and others, but that’s the characteristic of consistency that a show like this needs. Hopefully they don’t overdo it, but for now, it’s a step in the right direction with this kind of storytelling. Another solid piece came in the subplot of the android testing to see if any of the crew are lying about their memories or intentions. Earlier I had my own theory that maybe one of them was pretending to lose their memory, but this at least eliminates that plot point unless the android herself couldn’t do what she said, which is entirely a possibility.

The situation with the dead teenager was introduced early and touched upon again at the end of the episode, neither time revealing anything more than more questions and concern over which crewmember likely killed him. Five presumably believes she knew him and possibly cared for him since they are similar in age while the distrust for three grows due to his anti-teamwork personality. There’s so little to know that to guesstimate any possible connection or reason for the body would be incorrect speculation at best. The obvious direction is to agree with Five in that the two share a connection and that the person responsible for wiping their memory was also the one who murdered him. But a show like this can support multiple angles which I’m aiming for so there can be layered plots that don’t connect as strongly to Five’s memory convergence, which is still a great premise, but hardly enough was derived from it except that everyone now knows of her unwanted ability.

One element I wanted to dive into a bit more were the personalities and the commonplace connections the crew are making which I believe was the focal point of this episode and not so much the inaccurate science of a ship’s issue with faulty craftsmanship. It was important that Two mention that Three and Four didn’t technically do anything wrong, they just followed through with saving themselves even though both men admitted that they’d take the ship if the situation forced them to. Four is more reserved about his stance but he won’t ignore opportunities should they present themselves. One is still the benchmark for the “Goody-twoshoes” role and does counterbalance Two in a positive way, because he’s more morally driven and she’s more sensible but leans on that same moral code to guide her overall decisions. Where one is losing his credibility is that he jumps to conclusions and makes everyone question their direction when there’s usually zero facts to justify doing the “right” thing, such as their decision to jettison the body before they reach the space station.

One and Two’s perpetual bonding jumped into high gear which I must save was better to do now then to waste the next several episodes slowly building the eye rolling until they flat out fell out of my head. If we’re going to see this, then we have to deal with it, but the chemistry isn’t quite there. Just because they’re the two moral center’s of the show doesn’t meant they should be genuinely attracted to each other and then go for all the marbles because they agree on a few things. Not to mention, just because a girl tells you to spot her with weighted situps, doesn’t mean it’s kissy-face time.

Five remains stable and hasn’t changed except for one moment when she called Three’s bluff by showing she did in fact steal his bullets. Good move on her part, though it’s too early to call this a team just because they did one job together.

Six has now been given two scenes in which his nobility has fronted him as the most expendable character that should never be expended. First he was willing to sacrifice himself to save the miners, and now he helped the android and One get back to the ship and nearly died in the effort. They’re laying it on pretty thick this early for us needing to like him, but the it’s not quite as necessary as one might think. His charisma is solid, he’s the experienced actor of the bunch and clashes with Three which automatically puts him in a better standing all around. Let’s hold off and almost killing him for at least the next few eps.


The stand-off and Five calling Three’s bluff. It may be nothing, but the subtext is there that eventually Three will eventually care about Five like a big bro cares for a little sis. It’s entirely too early to call this but the thing with anti-heroes is they end up doing the right thing because of someone else and not necessarily because they believe in that right thing. By establishing this nuisance-style relationship between the two, they are in fact setting up scenarios that should pay off with three finding a way to redeem his attitude by saving her life and or something similar. Think of it like when Wolverine first met Rogue in the first X-Men movie. Unless of course Three turns out to be a villain and in that case, aw well.


The android probably deserves a little more credit this time around simply due to the fact she’s basic but intuitive at the same time. When she saved Six by using the electricity stored in her system from the EVA walk, that shows intuitive design, something new that we’re not completely aware of the previous two episodes. Her responses are still a work in progress because we still don’t know what base rules the androids of this universe follow, but I think she was genuinely a more tuned character this time around.


Two doesn’t strike me as the kind of strong character that needs to put make-up on in space. Five, yes, Two, no.

Artificial gravity should be stated somewhere in this show if it’s hasn’t already. Otherwise a spinning force needs to rotate around the ship. It’s the little things that make Sci-Fi good and not random.

A type 1a supernova is defined as when a white dwarf star has ceased nuclear fusion. It merges with another star (usually another white dwarf) and the result is a type 1a supernova.

Who is feeding those fish? The android? Also, there really is no sound in space. Firefly did this perfectly, but there are still lots of instances where this is ignored. More of those little things in the Sci-Fi verse.

I’m not making any assumptions about the Jace Corso who was at the space bar. He’s sounds too nice to be a hardcore bad guy, but the face was supposed to convince me, even though I just laughed at the concept of him. No theories yet, we’ll see how this plays out.


7 out of 10. While playing as a filler episode, it was really more of a character/teamwork piece that brought the good guys slightly closer together while playing up the known personalities of Three and Four a bit more. We still don’t know what’s in the huge door but now Four knows of it. The plot alone was good because paranoia among one of the top go to situations when dealing with trustworthiness in space. Nothing overtly new has been revealed except one more piece of a unintelligible puzzle, but it didn’t detract from getting to know a bit more about how our characters react with each other. Are instincts and personality truly separate from memories? There’s psychological discussions on the matter, but many TV shows have used memory loss as a means to let characters explore new facets and 9 out of 10 times will likely choose a different path than their normal personality would just to overt the destiny paradox. There’s renewed investment on Dark Matter, and I shall await the next episode as always. Thanks for reading.

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