A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×07 (Dubstep made it to space? Figures)

Dark Matter 1x07

The Raza crew finally opened the big scary door. What was inside helped them in a pinch, but also created dilemma which included some much needed backstory for the resident gun-loving anti-hero, Three. Australian model turned artist, Ruby Rose guest stars as the luscious and fiendishly clever entertainment robot, Wendy, who creates this episode’s provocative and enjoyable subterfuge plot.

At first, I was rolling snake-eyes at One’s bumbling and constant awkwardness over his fixated emotions on Two, but as the episode bobbed and weaved through Three’s mercenary with a heart subplot, One and Two finally found common ground which routinely elevated their feelings at the right place, but still the questionable right time. Wendy was a fresh delight as she infiltrated the unsuspecting crew with the exception of Two. Three and Sarah’s relationship was touching for the time allotted and Sarah’s end to the story was exceptionally emotional considering the efforts in attempting to save her. This was another story based squarely inside the ship and helped build more connections with the crew that proves to be the strongest formula the show has exhibited thus far. Nitpicks aside, this was initially a well balanced episode with some genuine funny moments that remind us that this show doesn’t always have to take itself too seriously.

Five remembers the name Maplethorpe as the door code and informs the crew who use it to unlock it. Once inside they discover supplies, munitions, money, and two bodies. One is in stasis and the other is a disassembled entertainment robot named Wendy. Sarah, the woman in stasis is revived but also suffering a terminal illness brought on from the mining done on her planet. She recognizes Three as the man she rescued and nursed back to health. They fell in love and he vowed to find a cure for her illness and brought her aboard the Raza. Three reconnects with her while Wendy attempts to satisfy the crew by cooking and pleasing various members of the crew including One, who attempted to continue pursuit with Two with no positive result. Wendy eventually turns on the crew and reveals she was sent by a man named Cyrus King, who is getting revenge on the crew for what they did to his. Wendy attempts to fly the ship into a nearby star but is eventually thwarted and disassembled. Three attempted to put Sarah back in stasis as her conditioned worsened but damage to the ship caused power shortages resulting in Sarah’s death in the stasis pod. Later, Two finds One in his quarters and the two presumably have sex.

In my honest opinion, the start of the episode had me cringing bad, because of One and Two’s inability to communicate properly with each other. Two clearly isn’t modest and One couldn’t help but continue to sneak peeks and eventually try and make a move the second he found out she and Three were no longer “seeing” each other. It was a disaster for One and frankly it felt like a disaster watching him crash and burn, again. But luckily the plot of the episode picked up and really made up for it.

Wendy’s role was simple but effective. I wonder if the choice to let her use her normal accent was preferred or if she just sounded better with it. In any case, the role of the infiltrating guest star isn’t new, but spins on the tried and true method can produce positive results. In this case, the underlying theme was the android and the crew understanding and appreciating what she does for the ship. Five was the one who only really recognized and spoke to her about it, but it was a meaningful step in treating her as more than just an extension of the ship. Several questions as to how Wendy got on board are raised. Did she belong to any of the crew specifically? How did this Cyrus character manage to sneak it on-board. And of course the most obvious question, why didn’t she just kill each member of the crew when they were alone? It’s not a glaring plot hole persay, but if she had the programming to fight, she could have broken all their necks easily, one at a time. I imagine Cyrus wanted to gloat and make them aware of their demise at his hands which does make sense albeit foolish considering it didn’t work. Still, she was a fun character to have on the show and I wonder if it’s her only appearance.

Three’s backstory was definitely something I suspected. Not necessarily the actual plot but the idea that in the past his personality was more genuine and kind to the right people, thus making his present personality the real jerkface. It helped deconstruct him a bit and ultimately the moment he really made a significant change was when he didn’t blame One after One felt guilty over what happened. Three did some humane things earlier, but they were more heat of the moment scenes and at that point he had enough time to really reflect on her death and react in a way she would have wanted. This only thing this conflicts with is in the previous episode when Three was about to blast Five out of the airlock. I get the attitude but I dunno, it seemed counter-productive a bit after seeing how he truly cared for Sarah. You’d think he wouldn’t go around spacing young girls because they happened to stowaway on a ship. But there’s a lot we still don’t know about what happened in the past.

The android is still a complete mystery to me. I want to analyze her personality more and more, but I find it may just be better to hold off until we know more about her creator and mission outside of what she does for the crew. On the one hand, she has some innate obsession with bonding with the crew and will throw in subtle to obvious hints on the matter. In this case, she attempts to perform similar traits to Wendy like changing her accent and attempting to be sexier by having her suit unzipped a few inches more than normal. Again, Five caught onto this and expressed her gratitude for the android’s help, but that’s just one person, the whole crew will have to eventually catch on and start treating her as a normal person. I’d say she deserves a name, but none of the crew have even graduated officially to that stage yet and just won’t accept their previous identities no matter what.


Probably the fight between Three and Wendy. It wasn’t intense or anything wild like that, but the tongue-in-cheek references to the “donut” comments were actually funny because I can see Three being distracted enough to question the validity of the term while trying to kill his enemy. Good moment, there should be a few more like those peppered throughout the show.


Three gets the spot this time. Wendy was awesome and dressed to impress, but she was essentially a tool to help move the plot along. Three went through actual development and is now starting to show signs of compassionate qualities. Whether they last or not is the real question, but he may start to show more signs of it as time goes on, which hopefully is the call they make. I’m certain if he sees it as weakness he’ll hide it by getting rambunctious again and hating on One and pretending not to care about anything, which people like Five and Two will probably see through, because intuition.


Unless those were magical thumbs, a standing backrub of that nature should have done absolutely nothing for Four’s shoulder. The was the absolute most basic form of shoulder massage you can possibly do with little to no effort.

I’m glad they’re still showing consistency with Two’s bandage, but unless that thing’s waterproof she probably shouldn’t have been wearing it immediately out of the shower.

Why build in pleasure receptors on a robot? That opens up a lot of questionable ideals and morality concerns considering if they can feel pleasure they have to be able to feel pain and if they can think for themselves then…well it’s Bicentennial Man all over again.

Is Cyrus a genuine villain or is what he did justice for what the Raza crew presumably did to him and his crew? This could get murky, but I lean toward Cyrus being a typical bad guy. It’s good that there isn’t a singular villain on this show and there’s villainy all across the cosmos. It keeps them on their toes.

The reason why that door was locked has yet to be known. Right now it doesn’t seem to make sense that a lot of standard items, even weapons, would require a special holding room that’s coded unless there was something really super-secret someone was trying to hide. This method allows for several episodes where they uncover different things that propel the show forward, but so far it wasn’t what I was expecting. With a show called “Dark Matter” I’d have to consider that what’s locked away is the very thing the show is called. And real dark matter is no joke.

Will One and Two make three? Sorry, had to say it, I can’t be the only one who thought that, right? Oh, I didn’t mean three as in Three, I meant…*sighs* nevermind. Moving on.


7 out of 10. It had some funny moments and a bit of genuine heartache over the death of Sarah. The episode was self-contained and manage to unlock part of the mystery with what was hidden in the locked room. I appreciated Three’s development and liked he finally showed some heart. I hope it lasts for his sake. An new off-screen bad guy was introduced along with an exotic guest star that helped soften the serious moods of our cast. The only parts where I felt it didn’t deliver were the plot to drive the ship into the sun which was a bit too James Bond-style for me, the android’s contradictory attitude between wanting to be viewed as important but being a robot and not caring one way or the other. And of course the entire first scene which to me was a colossal mess. Not that it wasn’t acted in the best way, but the scene itself drew too many awkward cringe-induced moments that luckily were settled by the episode’s end. And the door closing was a good finishing touch. One and Two are now a couple, but how long will it last and will Two’s past cause issues with this later? Just as importantly, will One’s past do the same thing, after all, he is a clone, correct? Or is that just the red herring? Either way, good episode this week. Thanks for reading.

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