A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×08 (It’s official. Four is a reincarnated ninja turtle)

Dark Matter 1x08

All space-hell breaks loose when the crew discover Six’s agenda with The General, which inadvertently reveals a secret One has been keeping. Mealworms are the cheaper food product and it turns out the android may have untapped feelings giving her a leg up on Data. The clone transit system plays a large role in tonight’s episode and by the episode’s end, we’re given a short glimpse into new problems which will undoubtedly test the crew’s vigilance in trust and companionship.

Hands down the best episode thus far. The very breadth of Science-Fiction really saturates this episode and it’s mystery sub-genre attacks and reveals new elements to our amnesiacs that really sell the need to keep watching and find out the truth. Some of the comedic elements were rather hit or miss, but the core of the plot and the substantial tail-end cliffhanger bumpers were handled with care and intrigue. Other nitpicks will be looked into later, but all in all, I had a lot of fun watching this episode. Let’s dive in.

Six is taken to a criminal group who have ties to The General, who he’s seeking. The group attack Six and are forced to kill him, though his body dissolves revealing he’s a clone. Flashback a few hours and the crew arrive at another space station for repairs and supplies. Six goes to a clone transit facility alone and travels to another station to find The General. After he is killed, Six goes back in for another search and this time infiltrates The General’s base. The crew send One and Four through the clone transit process to find Six. Four then discovers that One’s true face is different and that at some point in the past, One was surgically altered to look like Jace Corso, a memory or piece of knowledge he somehow retained. Six finds The General and kills his men then strangles The General to death revealing his nemesis is also a clone which dissolves. Back at the Raza, Two lectures the need to trust each other and not keep secrets but later is called out by the android, who after healing suggests that One tell the crew about her healing. Later, Four confronts his step-brother through a call and One researches his DNA match and discovers his original name along with a tragic history involving the murder of his wife and the suspect being Three.

As a Six-centric episode, I wasn’t as sold at first with his particular story, mainly because it’s the most cut and dry out of everyone on the ship. However the means by which he comes to and from are what really makes this episode fascinating. We finally get a look at how the clone-transit system works and a lot of questions get answered. For any who might have thought One was a clone that somehow beat the clock on longevity, that theory has now been squashed, which is fine, because sometimes guessing correctly too early can make mysteries a bit disappointing. Although, I did think there’d be side-effects if a clone went in to clone itself again and that’s why he looked different on the other side. Still, good job on the reveal.

Rolling back to Six’s plot, I think they missed a great opportunity to have a nasty fight between Six and The general. Instead, Six loses the hand cannon and strangles his enemy without a lot of fight. They could have capitalized on this scenario, but I understand the need to keep things simple. If The General had been a real person I would have found that ending very anti-climactic, but as it stands, good job on putting him one step ahead of Six. And it was a good point that Six not feel apologetic to the crew about what he did. It was personal and he didn’t want anyone involved. Even Two should have respected that kind of decision, which leads me into my next touchy subject.

Two is a complete control freak. Not that this wasn’t cornered earlier on the show, but it really resonates with a lot of evidence this time around. Even though I was rooting for One to finally have his passionate moment with Two, I find I’m regretting this decision for him in the act now that she wants to keep things “business”-like and even twists his arm to prove how full of anxiety she is. This is an important piece of her puzzle, I think because it shows how contradictory she can be, something One hasn’t really figured out yet. If she boasts about trust and relenting on spilling secrets, then why does she get to be the one who hides her own from the team? And if she’s trying to trust the crew, why is she in attack mode when she has to know that One is essentially the affectionate boyfriend-type? It’s great that she’s very perplexing as a main character, but this time her attitude had more negative qualities that everyone hasn’t quite caught on yet, except the android.

The final scene revealed a short summary of One’s past which I think has substantial value, not quite higher than Four’s past, but definitely up there. In the short moment of reflection he finds he had a wife and that she was murdered. He’s essentially a rich character as well but on the run and Three is the suspect in question. Now, the obvious routine is that Three is a red herring and either One is responsible himself or the evil party has yet to be introduced. One thing is for certain, he’s going to think twice before trying to kiss Two again now that he knows what he knows. Will he follow her advice and tell the crew what he knows, or keep it secret because that’s what people are prone to doing?

One other minor heartfelt moment is when Five explains to the recovering android that she essentially has feelings even though the android certainly doesn’t think so. They share a hug and for once I actually want to care about this synthetic character. I was never a fan of Lauren from Lost Girl, but this is different and she’s slowly adjusting to make sense. Were her feelings something that purposefully got buried or is she just acting on another subroutine to mislead the crew? Five continues to be her conduit to emotional ties and even understanding so it’ll be interesting to see how she evolves in the coming episodes.


When Four discovers One has a different face after they emerge from the Transfer Transit pods. It was a good twist in that for a moment, we didn’t know what to think. Was it surgery? Was it a clone gone wrong? Was it a clone of a clone? And then Four punched him in the face. Great moment all around. I still don’t understand how he can just “know” that he changed his face to look like Corso, but I’ll let it slide unless I missed the exact explanation of it, in that case, cool.


Slightly tough. The episode was about Six, but I don’t think Six really came through as the top actor. I think this week I’m giving it to Four. He did two uncharacteristic things tonight that generally go against his nature and add a bit more layers to his standoffish attitude.

  1. He’s the one who convinced Three to rejoin the crew for R&R. Since Five had to have her moment later with the android, Four was essentially the only other one who had any solitary time with the guy and he took it upon himself to coax Three into leaving his quarters.
  2. He took the discount by admitting he and One were “a couple.” It was supposed to come off as funny, but there wasn’t that extra moment where they have to awkwardly prove that they were. It fell flat, but the point is Four was trying to save money and that really isn’t something I expected him to care about considering at this point they seem to have plenty of it.


Four has practiced with a sword, sais, and nunchaku. Throw the staff in there and he’s essentially skilled in the weapons of the ninja turtles. Plus his number is “Four”. Just throw in a pizza joke and we’re all good.

Why can’t Wendy be reprogrammed to be a good android like the other one?

If the clones can only exist for a few days, does The General essentially run to and from his transfer-transit facility all the time or was this just a one off because he knew Six was coming after him?

Okay, if I calculate the projected year Star Wars: 36 came out and I allow three years between each movie since SW07 that puts SW36 at about the year 2102. If it’s a “classic” that usually adds about 30 years making the year of Dark Matter present at 2132. Hmmm, no that still doesn’t sound right. I’d probably throw in another hundred years easy, but then again, they still use typical thin screen monitors on their PC’s so 2132 does still seem like an easy bet. Nah, it’s probably at least 2300 or so.

The same news-lady seems to keep reporting all their interesting news stories. Coincidence? Or sinister game afoot?

The monitor screen with Derrick Moss’s info reads as follows:

“CoreLactic Industries President and CEO, Derrick Moss, heir to the Moss fortune, headlined a charity drive for the galaxy’s underprivileged children last night on Alpha Centauri Bb. Along with his wife Catherine, Mr. Moss encouraged attendees to donate generously to the cause. The Mosses themselves have donated a whopping 10 trillion bars, and through their influence, CoreLactic Industries has donated an additional 30 trillion.”

“Mr. Moss said in his speech that, “85% of children in the galaxy live in poverty, entire families subsisting on less than a bar a day. It is the responsibility of those of us in positions of political and financial power to try and eradicate galactic poverty in whatever way we can.”

“Outside the event a crowd of anti-corporate demonstrations gathered to protest the event, holding signs and chanting anti-corporate slogans. One demonstrator, who declined to give her name, explained that, “the multi-corps are to blame for the disparity in the first place. They need part of the galaxy to stay poor. Events like this are all spin.”


9 out of 10. It’s a high score because I really felt this episode had a lot of substance, and though some of the jokes were a bit miss for me, I respect the need to give these characters lighthearted moments because they’re wound up pretty tight from episode to episode. The transfer transit system is a vital piece of technology and I like the concept of it. It allows for a lot of cat and mouse games that were demonstrated tonight and I’m certain it will be utilized again in the future. I expect one of the characters to suffer from it’s overuse but it’s hard to say which one it will be although Six is a good candidate. You don’t just casually mention the side effects without injecting it into a plot later on, right? All in all, enjoyable storyline though I would have liked a more epic fight between clone general and clone Six. Until next week, thanks for reading.


2 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×08 (It’s official. Four is a reincarnated ninja turtle)

  1. One’s masquerade was revealed in the episode where One and Three were held captive by the real Jace Corso. It left the feeling that he had either had surgery to change his face, or he was some sort of clone. He came away knowing that he wasn’t really Jace Corso, but not knowing exactly who he was.

  2. Adding to the comment above: the real Corso actually says something along the lines of how One must have surgically altered himself to look like Corso.

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