A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×11 (Never create something technological with the word “hole” in it!)

Dark Matter 1x11

Continuing straight from the last episode, the crew of the Raza deal with their loss of Two as Wexler and his team attempt to rendezvous with another corporation to sell off the device. An unexpected problem with the ship’s FTL causes problems that result Five stepping up her game and the return of Two, who finally begins to understand what she is.

This was a vast improvement over the last episode in several ways, most notably the actions of an almost Terminator-like quality of Two, and Five getting her hands dirty but saving Two in the process. Shots felt tighter and flowed better from scene to scene along with some innocuous speech giving moment by One in an effort to rile of the men of the Raza. The action was pretty solid all around as well, making this a very well-rounded episode leading into a cliffhanger segment that’s sure to put the crew in dire straits from here on out.

After Two is jettisoned in space, Wexler apprehends One and attempts to gain information on loot that Jace Corso revealed to have stashed somewhere far away. One doesn’t know and Five is brought in with the threat that she’ll be tortured or worse if he doesn’t tell them. Wexler’s crew, however discover that the FTL drive is non-operational and Vons leaves in a space suit at Five’s suggestion to find and fix the problem. Vons is then somehow subdued and killed as Two makes her way back in the ship, unharmed. Meanwhile, One tries to convince Three, Four, and Six that they need to continue fighting if they are to survive. Another corporation arrives and boards the ship as Two and Tash engage in a brutal fight with Two killing her. She then begins systematically taking out the corporation team and is eventually caught by Cain, but Five kills him with a gun she had hidden away. After the corporate ship departs, Two forces Wexler to give her the code to open the vault and then spaces him not knowing what she really is. Later, the android informs her that she is some kind of bio engineered construct and will likely be hunted down if her true nature is discovered. All but One are shocked at her secret but later the device is handed over to the planet that needed it and after activating the device, it pulsates but something goes terribly wrong resulting in the planet’s entire destruction. The Raza crew barely escape but now are forced to content with this new development.

Two’s surgical strike was for me the highlight of this episode. Knowing she’d return because “main character” didn’t really detract from what she did after she was spaced. Knowing now that she’s an engineered being of course still raises questions but at least she doesn’t have to wear that bandage anymore. I do believe she’s at the crux of her character’s growth in that now she can question everything about her existence and will have to make some kind of call on how she’ll act form here on out. I think her connections with most of the characters will probably wane except with Five who she’s always looked after like an older sister. She can always choose to ignore her abilities and try to remain as human as possible, but that’s the point is we won’t know until she does it. It’s good that we finally got some information on her after all this time.

The men weren’t really given a lot to do in this episode but deal with being locked away. Although One did convince them to work together even in the face of futility, it was unfortunate that they didn’t fashion their own means of escaping or even finding more secrets in the vault. As much as I appreciate One’s attempt at sounding like a leader, I can never get past him always sounding like he’s whining. It’s hard to know if this is just a character flaw or if the actor just doesn’t have the range to change his style. Even the real Corso seemed like a silly attempt to show the actor’s ability to be gruff and serious. In any case, it was Three’s obvious denial that he cared that much for Two that helped put things in perspective. Wise moves that will hopefully continue to pay off in the future.

I’d like to think that this will be the last time anyone tells Five to hide in the vents. She’s holding her own and even under certain threats, she still manages to utilize what she knows or has access to to help her fellow crew members. Now that’s she actually killed someone I doubt she’ll suffer too much for it, but it’ll be interesting to see if maybe that changes her demeanor slightly. Her quest to belong is finally realized, but whether there’s a downside to it remains to be seen.

The ending scene suggests there’s some drastic repercussions to be had. Was that planet fully populated and what was the device designed to do? Was there instability within the planet and the device corrected it or was it designed to augment existing properties on the planet and then malfunctioned? Either way it appears the Raza will likely take the blame for this tragic event because you don’t just walk away from a planet exploding and not look like the culprits who caused it. It’s possible this ties into the last two episodes of the season, but then again, they could very well just move the Raza crew right along like nothing happened.


The fight between Two and Tash. It was just really well done. They didn’t pull any punches and it looked like both characters knew what they were doing. This kind of choreography should be a standard for all future one-on-one fights, plus I like how Two just threw Tash to the side after breaking her neck.


Between Two and Five I think Two gets the edge. Five did a lot of good things, but development wise, Two is undergoing an overhaul and is finally coming to terms with what she is. By choosing to space Wexler, she’s ignoring some of her more human aspects because right now it’s pointless to feel guilt or compassion toward villainous characters when she herself doesn’t understand what she truly is. Moving forward, I’d expect she’ll become more distant for the sake of not connecting emotionally, but it’s entirely possible the opposite could occur.


That android hologram wasn’t re-addressed in this episode so I imagine they’ll do something with it before the finale. It seemed like a great idea, but if it’s just tossed to the side as a meaningless plot point, I’d be surprised.

Whenever you need to accentuate a villain’s irritating personality, just stick a toothpick in his mouth, works every time.

Watching Four meditate within the vault while the carbon-dioxide built up reminded me of a Gundam Wing episode where Wufei did the same thing in a similar situation. Both popped up when the door opened too.

I’m actually really glad the corporate team’s armor actually absorbed/deflected Two’s bullets. It’s so rare to see an enemy’s armor do that these days, you know, function like it’s supposed to.

In bringing up Three’s feelings for Two, does this mean we’ll be seeing that love triangle they’ve been off-and-on teasing since this show began? Two may not be interested in either though at this point.


8 out of 10. Everyone was on point in this episode and it was shot with precision and care. I didn’t feel there were any significant moments that didn’t fit or should have been dialed down. Two and Five continue to impress themselves and each other while the guys attempt to build on their camaraderie. The ending was literally explosive but I don’t know enough about this universe to understand if planets exploding is a thing or if it’s pretty unheard of. One way or another we’ll find out. Thanks for reading.

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