A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×12 (The great great great great great grandson of Dr. Isaac Parrish lives on)

Dark Matter 1x12

With the planet’s destruction a seemingly negligible concern, all plots push forward to reveal Two’s sordid past within the company known as Dwarf Star, led by Science-Fiction alumni, Wil Wheaton. The crew perform a daring rescue operation with Two’s life in the balance. Five discovers a shocking secret regarding the crew before they were mind-wiped and someone on the shop finally makes their move in secret.

Two’s questions to her status as truly human or not is the main theme of this episode and it came during the penultimate episode. It fits in at the opportune time and deals with an interesting concept about the human condition and what having a flawed brain really means. This is somewhat paired with the android’s quest to rationalize her own behavior as a machine with friends. Both duality compliment the rescue plot and this stands as one of the better balanced episodes of the season. Wil’s performance as the cocky but subtle Alex Rook helped inject some sci-fi star power into this brand as well.

After the planet was destroyed The crew discover the device was used as a means to further white hole technology which acts in opposite of natural black holes. Calchek then communicates them about a job to rescue a scientist who is working for Ferris Corp. They take the job but it’s a trap set by Alex Rook who leads the company, Dwarf Star on the planet they landed on. Two is apprehended and shut down due to a dampening field that affects her nanites. Alex explains to the crew what Two (Rebecca) is and promptly sends them on their way. The crew plan a rescue attempt using the android to infiltrate the facility while Alex performs a diagnosis on Two. After Two attempts to escape, Alex concludes she’ll need a new brain to reformat and they proceed with the surgery. Meanwhile, Five discovers a listening device she planted under the dining table before she was mind-wiped and collects it. At the facility, the android successfully shuts the field down and Two kills the surgical team before blowing the facility up. Alex, however escapes and is later seen visiting an old man in a solitary room connected to a machine. He declares Two and her crew will need to be dealt with because they know what she is. Alex also refers to a prototype that will replace Two. Back on the ship, the crew settle in as Five discovers on the tape she found that Two and Four agreed to kill one of the male members on the ship before they went into stasis. Later, someone is seen taking the shock stick and using it on the android, shutting her down.

The human condition as it relates to superior forms of life including androids is a staple of science-fiction storytelling. It deconstructs and analyzes thoughts and emotions that conflict with logical beings as well as beings that are inherently flawed when they’re supposed to be in effect, perfect. Two asks a barrel of these questions before finding out where she came from, and further still, long after she escapes. What I think the scientists on Dwarf Star fail to realize is that a flawed brain is exactly what a human brain is. When you create a human mortal, there is no such thing as a flawless brain. They were looking for issues like psychopathic problems of a sort and weren’t finding anything because the human brain is meant to be unstable in unique ways. What I think they were truly looking for was what it took to create a subservient soul that physically had no flaws and had the mind perform specific functions like a robot. Emotions flair this up all the time and it goes to show that just because Two murdered a lot of people doesn’t mean she preferred it or would always fall to it. Alex warned the crew that eventually Rebecca would turn on them, but I think it’s easy to disagree with that assessment because the power of friendship tends to overcome all, usually. In any case, it was a good start to a new path that Two is now facing. Let’s hope she can own her own actions and not feel compelled to lose herself to the rampage that she’s accused of being drawn toward.

The android’s holographic devil’s advocate returns and offers more candid thoughts on her position and status as the ship’s relevant synthetic life-form. In her passive way, she’s attempting to prove to a stronger more logical program that friendship is necessary, yet the hologram makes a point. The android looks human and humans are drawn to other human-like things. This isn’t always the case, because a voice in the machine works just as well in other storylines to build connections, but it can be argued a voice is just a human as any physical construct that appears the same. What’s significant is her drive to want to be accepted. It’s not that she doesn’t understand it, it’s that she’s persevering in spite of opposing information. Her act with shutting down the dampening field is a good analogy in that her struggles to shut down what keeps Two docile is the same as what’s keeping the android from breaking her own shackles on becoming more human-like. It’s good development, although I still question the use of a hologram duplicate. The same could be accomplished for any one of the crew members. Even Three could be ideal, mainly because he doesn’t care.

Five’s discovery sheds a little light on the crew’s prior personalities, and it goes to show that everyone aside from Six was basically in jerk-face mode before going into stasis. Four seemed to be somewhat in charge and was the deciding factor on Five staying on the ship. Afterward, he converses with Two about one of the male members needing to be killed. So the question remains, are they referring to One, Three, or Six? As far as theories go, they all have equal reasons though One stands as the likely suspect because he’s not the real Jace Corso and finding that out could easily earn him a trip through the space doors. More importantly, someone took out the android and though one might easily suggest it was five, the height of where the shock stick struck the android suggests it was someone else. But was it the same person that Two and Four conspired to kill? Or does one even have to do with the other? Maybe it was the hologram! No one ever suspects the hologram.


The android’s entire infiltration from start to finish. I like it. They found a perfect use for her and she played an integral part in Two’s escape. She’s proving to be more than just an asset and is trying to grow on her own. Plus she can still kick a lot of ass and that’s always a plus.


This was Two’s centric episode and it stands that she should get the MVP this time. She couldn’t fight against her own programming and killed the scientists when the dampening field was released so in a way she was proving to Alex everything he suspected. But in that I think from an acting point of view she showed a lot of vulnerability and tried to defy her captors in spite of her nature to hit first and ask questions later. True she resumed being stone-cold later, but at the time it was interesting to see how she reacted when her mechanism to combat her problems was taken away.


Evil scientist mocks the victim by slowly carving into her head. It’s classic but a little futile. I don’t think we needed a moment try and feel sorry for that particular guy because he lost a bunch of friends who Two killed. He’s a scientist on the villain team, he’s evil, nothing more needs to be described.

The white hole concept was pretty fascinating and I was hoping that’d play a bigger role in this episode, but hopefully it’ll come back in future ones.

If I were Alex, I would have killed the crew and not invite them for dinner and explain everything that Two is. I get the pleasantries and finding out what the crew knew, but he’s the kind of character that would have made that call instead of waiting for an old man to tell him what he basically already knew.

And speaking of the old man, is the prototype meant for him? What is the connection between Rebecca and him and what’s the endgame here?

Is one of the crew actually playing possum and remembers everything before the stasis? Seems arbitrary, but whatever the case may be, it’ll be interesting to see if someone actually genuinely betrays the crew or if this is all just a simple misunderstanding.


8 out of 10. Pretty solid episode all around. Questioning one’s own human condition is necessary sometimes and with Two and the android they share something in common that I think supports the overall plot. Wil did fine for his bit part, hopefully he can make more appearances and be an enjoyable villain. No real nitpicks this time around. Not a perfect episode but it did leave us hanging as usual, which can be frustrating when you want things to wrap up smoothly. In any case, only one more episode left. We’ll see what secrets are unveiled and where the crew goes from here. Thanks for reading.


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