A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×13 (Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 6 was faking it!)

Dark Matter 1x13

Answers may have been given, but reasons are far from visible in the tumultuous season finale of Dark Matter. Rather than go epic, explosive, and death defying, we return to the root that started the show off with its categorical mistrust that settles on one question: Who is the real betrayer among the crew? That answer is seemingly given but again, we know so little about why and what that we’ll be left speculating for the coming months. The good news, season 2 has been green lit, so there will be a reckoning with our resident Raza team.

Elements worked very well in this finale while a few stuck out like sore thumbs. The guessing game can be both uplifting and frustrating at the same time because suspicion breeds all kinds of crazy scenarios with misdirection and red herrings. I can’t say I’m satisfied with the ending because I don’t understand the root of the problem as it was introduced many episodes prior. Do things make sense? Certainly not, but we’ll dive and see what we can see.

After the crew discover the android has been incapacitated, the crew search the ship for who they think is a corporate unit that never left. Their sweep yields nothing and they conclude the party responsible is one of them. Distrust is sown between all members as one by one, members begin to fall to an agent passed on by both injection and water. Four is the first to fall, followed by Six. Three and One constantly accuse the other and Five is left worrying that it’s truly Two who turned on them. While being locked away in the bridge, Five encounters the hologram who reveals her function and that the android is in fact defective. Five has the hologram delete itself and then escapes the bridge. The remaining are caught in the hallway with Three and Two training their guns on One. Five arrives and accuses Two of being the traitor until a pair of gas canisters knock them all out. An authority ship arrives and commandeers the ship, taking each of the crew away with Six revealed as the culprit who set them up. He’s seen the last leaving with the authority team.

Well, there we have it. In Five’s recording, Four and Two were referencing Six being the one who had to die and Five is essentially responsible for mind-wiping the crew but not necessarily with that intention in mind in order to stop them from murdering someone. It…sounds cut and dry, but that does leave plenty to speculate. For example, was Six working with the authority the entire time as a spy and infiltrated the General’s group? Was his revenge really genuine against him? Probably so. Does he still care about the crew? Or is he playing for a third party that has yet to be named?

My first and only real issue with this episode was the first 15 minutes. We all knew, and I do mean we ALL knew that there wasn’t a stowaway on board and I don’t think we needed 15 minutes for the crew to realize that. It just took too long to do those sweeps and even longer for the vent scenes that felt very “Alien” in retrospect. Aside from that I was pleasantly fine with how events unfolded. The right amount of distrust came about, characters playing for and against others. Natural tendencies came out and obvious retaliation came at the expense of tying up loose ends from previous threads. The plot held pretty tight until that the end and though it can be argued that Six should or shouldn’t have been able to wake up from his own injection, it’s a minor point. Why never gets answered and that’s fine too because this show is all about cliffhangers and that’s easily the biggest one to date. Will Six ever be trusted again? Surely he owes Five if nothing else and who knows, maybe this opens the door for the crew to unofficially work for the authority. Just because they wear dark Jason masks doesn’t mean they’re the bad guys, right?

One possible continuity flaw is how Five is so easily convinced that Two is the culprit. True there’s undeniable evidence that she conspired with Four to kill “someone” on the ship, but it was never proven that anyone might have retained their memories from the mind-wipe. She jumped at that conclusion first then tried to piece everything else together and it’s unfortunate that all of Two’s trust and friendship really didn’t count for anything after the fact. Maybe it’s a flaw of the human spirit and not so much the logistics of the technology involved. People can turn at the drop of a hat and Five is no different considering the circumstances.


The ending. Cluster moments laced in W.T.F when dealing with “who dunnit?” plots are always mind-numbingly awesome because one can spend so much time rewinding facts and scenes in your head making you second guess yourself until the truth is revealed. It’s psychologically exhausting but can have really sweet results if written right. Dark Matter sold most of the delivery on this and Six did stand out as a character who ideally shouldn’t be a traitor. What kind of a traitor has yet to be seen. I’m not writing him off as a villain yet because we just don’t know enough about why. After all, he was on a ship full of cutthroats before the mind-wipe occurred. Who were the actual villains in this case?


Well let’s just go with Six because he did dupe the crew and probably a great many of the watchers. As soon as the gas cans hit, my brain activated and cornered on Six, I’m just annoyed I didn’t guess it earlier. I like to be fooled so I usually turn my brain off during episodes or movies like these but those intrusive guesses still make their way. In any case, kudos for Six on fooling the lot.


Like a few, there was that moment when the hologram showed up that we could have easily believed the whole thing was orchestrated by her. She did say she was running on default parameters which suggested some old programming could be making her manipulate events. But it wasn’t the case. She really was just something the android conjured and now only Five knows the truth about her “defective” nature. I don’t think she fulfilled anything since Five made her delete herself, but who knows, maybe there’s something more the android will need to find out that will make her reinitialize the program later.

If Six was truly responsible why pretend to hold his gun like he’s looking for someone once he was outside of Five’s field of vision? Maybe he just took advantage of the situation before injecting himself which is fine. Minor nitpick here.

I would have liked to have seen Four and Six duke it out. Have a moment where they both wake up and then realize they both know and then they tear the place up before Six gets the upper hand. Aw well.

I loved that ending theme when the crew were being dragged out and Six struts outward past the camera. Good reveal and well placed music. I applaud.

Did Six really need a shock-stick to take out Two? On second thought, yeah probably.

If you’re going to stealthily look for someone who might have stowed away on your ship, it might be best to not bring up earlier plot points to your paired teammate if you’re going to get the drop on that stowaway.

Looking back, remembering Six’s conversation with Five makes a little more since considering he basically tried to convince her to leave the ship because she really wasn’t a part of the crew. In a way if he was duping them all from that point, what he was doing was trying to save her the hassle of being caught by the galactic authority. Or maybe I’m reading too far into it.


8 out of 10. Again, very impressed with the plot and twists, but the first quarter of the episode had my eyes rolling because it was more about the characters taking their time deducing the situation when we knew from the start what was essentially happening. I’m very glad the show is greenlit for a second season, otherwise I’d be scratching my head forever trying to understand Six’s role in all this. As a whole, this first season is keeping me inserted and I look forward to the next season when it airs. The cast is doing good work and I’m sure they have their work cut out for them in future installments. Whether Six remains a part of that structure remains to be seen. Great season and thanks for reading. Until next time.

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One response to “A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 1×13 (Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 6 was faking it!)

  1. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for the most thorough, well thought-out reviews the show has received all season. Best of luck with your projects and I look forward to reading your thoughts on season 2!


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