A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×01 (Klaus was right, that really was bad poetry)

TO 3x01

No city is ever safe when the eldest vampires lay to haven. On their struggles to maintain family order, there exists the possibility of a sire war, three factions loyal to only their original maker. That alone makes for compelling vampire storytelling. This season’s premiere of The Originals returns Klaus, Elijah, and a distant Rebekah to the forefront of a new threat based on the frantic stories of an old ally of Klaus’s, Lucien. The witches sow the seeds of mutiny against their regent, Davina, who is forced to use Hayley as an instrument against her kind. And somewhere across the world, another vampire really doesn’t like getting Dear John letters sent to her. All this and a fighting pit serves as season three’s era for the New Orleans Supernatural.

There was a lot of good done in this premiere, with a mixed bag misses and near fatal moments and I’m not talking about what happened to the sniveling art critique. What was good was both the flashback and the vision of future events combined with a sire war that Klaus’s kin, Lucien swears is a thing. I really do hope it’s a thing because that would be an amazing season’s worth of bloodshed between family. I’ll run on a theory I have on that in a bit. The misses include that horrendous display of aweful prophetic speaking by the witch-seer, Alexis as well as Lucien himself. He is just a ham and a half of stupendously bad over-acting. That and his wig was the worst out of the whole lot. Still, I found this premiere enjoyable with promises of a major war to come.

We’re given a brief summary of events leading to Klaus and Elijah still at odds with eachother. Freya writes to Rebekah while babysitting Hope. Marcel opened a fighting ring to train recruits and Davina attempts to lead the witches with some openly defying her. Vincent and Camille are privy to a string of murders done ala “joker” style that are tied to the arrival of a vampire named Lucien who was turned long ago when the Mikaelson family began their feeding massacre across the countryside. Lucien takes them to the local castle and introduces them to the upper class. In the present he reunites with Klaus informing him of a sire war secretly brewing between each remaining line of vampires and also shows him a seer who reveals signs leading to the destruction of the family line and the arrival of a powerful enemy. Meanwhile, Elijah contends with independent hunters contracted to remove the crescent moon wolves from the bayou. He dispatches the hunters but Hayley is missing. She wakens in human form at the cemetery where Davina reveals her plans to use her. After a brief scene showing a disgruntled woman from Lucien’s era having been turned as well, we find that Lucian is likely responsible for the strange murders in town.

There’s a lot being juggled in this first episode, but that’s okay. Every mainstay character is dealing with a subplot that will hopefully tie everyone together like a nice bow. The most rewarding is for me the idea of a sire war brewing. I think it’s a logical next step in the storyline of the Originals, but there unfortunately a tiny flaw. It was told from one person and he acts like a doltish crybaby. Yes, I refer to Lucien. I in no way like his character and he comes off as near borderline fanboy syndrome. But here’s where I believe things could get interesting. Say Lucien is right about the war and he’s in fact on Klaus’s side because Klaus is his sire. Is it possible that the other sides could have their own “commander” for lack of a better word leading their war and those other two being Aurora and her brother, Tristan. Hear me out. What if they both became vampires from Elijah and Rebekah and have rallied their sire line independently of the other. Of course that’s just wishful thinking. One reason why this sire war could be bogus is because it’s impossible to tell who’s sired from who. TVD tried doing this once and the Salvatore’s still don’t know which Original they came from. To me, that means this war may be a red herring, but I really hope it’s not. It sounds interesting.

Davina’s angle is fleeting at best. I didn’t expect an uprising to occur so quickly and though it’s just started, she’s already against a wall. Choosing to involve Hayley though is interesting. I reason that Davina will find a way to undo the curse in exchange for Hayley’s help. Maybe that’s too steep a price or maybe Davina can’t uphold that bargain, but I still think it should be made regardless, otherwise Hayley will deal with a once a month appearance. Maybe Davina can fix only her. But that also begs the question, how many crescent moon wolves are left and is Jackson among them? (He’s still alive, right?)

As aristocratic and violent as Elijah can be, I have to admire his ingenuity with killing humans. The rifle that became a spear was a priceless moment have to give Elijah credit for that creative kill. But this also feels like the lowest of the subplots. It was a means to keep him away from Klaus while Lucien went through the motions of convincing him of the impending war. Moving forward, I wonder how he’ll treat Lucien’s reappearance and whether he or Rebekah were responsible for Aurora’s turning. I still think it was one of them.

The Klaus and Camille therapy sessions, which tend to be background noise, are an interesting means in keeping relevance with those two. Again, Klaus is toying with her in a very honest way because his feelings are somehow genuine this time around. Yet, Camille isn’t putting up with is crap, nor should she after the way he continually treats her. This is quickly becoming routine though and it’s as follows:

Klaus opens up

Camille analyzes

Klaus denies and stalks

Camille calls him a jerk-face (or something creative)

Klaus is hurt and wanders off to sulk (Or kill)


It’s going to be a trend, I can feel it.

The near final scene shows a meditating Aurora who kills a monk after reading a letter. Now because we have no context to anything here, I’m just going to tuck this scene away and store it for a rainy day. It’s too hard to speculate what set her off in the letter and whether the contents are related to Klaus or the Mikaelson’s at all. The only speculating I can even fathom at this point is maybe she found out that Lucien is already in New Orleans seeking Klaus’s help and that gives him a leg up on the war. I’m reaching, I know.


I actually really enjoyed all the flashback scenes mainly because it cameo’d the entire Original cast of Finn, Kol, Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus. I like it when they can do that instead of using other actors to play those roles. The flashbacks suggest this will be a mullti-episode arc in dealing with their rise as vampires adopting a rich society and possibly learning compulsion along the way. Good stuff but bad wigs. Really really bad wigs.


Screen time was very well balanced between most everyone, but I believe Klaus gets the edge this time, mainly because he had to deal with Lucien the most and deal with him he did. I particularly liked Klaus’s delivery of not trusting anyone to Lucien, something that on paper sounds very cliché, but I think he pulled it off quite nicely this time.


I wonder if a few hanging bodies with slashes on their mouths trump an art critic whose body will be found torn literally limb from limb. Or maybe they’ll just blame that one on the wolves.

I also want to give a shout out to the director for having Marcel and Vincent fight in the octagon while exploring their issue with helping Davina. Normally, a scene like this would happen with both characters in a room where there was wine or alcohol. One character would pour a glass or two and then they’d non-chalantly discuss the issue at hand without ever drinking their drinks. This monotony happens way too often and I appreciate the mix up by having them spar. Break up the dialogue scenes more, this is good.

I may be blanking, but does this make Lucien the first human that Klaus sired as a vampire? If so that would make him an original progeny much like Aurora and I assume Tristan too. Hmm, I doubt it but what if the king became a vampire too. Just a thought.

Lucien’s party if you really look at it for the content of people and what they do, is actually relatively mundane and transparent. So, Lucien opens the door like he’s unveiling the mother of all rich-people parties and we see two bored girls on the left barely reacting to what I can only describe as weak rave-trance music. One couple make out in plain sight like you do, and the remaining clientele passively converse with martini glasses while they ignore the obvious vampire feeding going on. Maybe they’re there by choice or maybe they were compelled. It wasn’t a very convincingly good party. Lucien is high class, we get it, but does he actually control a consortium of vampires that are linked to Klaus or is he just boasting it? And apparently he’s a serial killer. Who knew?

Did anyone else get the impression that the “new bad” vampire in the vision with the big fangs was actually Marcel? Pay attention to the stubble on his face, they’re very similar.


7 out of 10. It was a solid episode with some moments of weight. The flashbacks gave insight into their rise into power and I’m interested in knowing where that storyline goes. There’s a threat of a sire war which completely has me hooked, but I also feel I’m being too hopeful that it’ll happen in the way my mind is picturing it. Lucien isn’t a very convincing character. I think he belongs in the nineties or in a Blade sequel of some sort. All in all, I’d say the season is off to a bloody pleasant start. Klaus isn’t afraid to dig deeper into his pain to prove he’s the king of villainy, but is he truly the master of cruelty? We’ll find out soon. Thanks for reading.

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