A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×03 (Amara’s dance recital is going to be like Carrie on crack)

SN 11x03


Maintaining the main story arc for the third episode straight, Supernatural reintroduces our sort of, kind of favorite redhead witch, Rowena as the Winchesters track her down to help stop Castiel from completely losing his mind and becoming a murderous angel. Meanwhile, Crowley kindly instructs Amara with the world’s evilness and quickly realizes she may be growing too fast out of his control. It’s just another day at the office as we metaphorically transcend the angel and demon war into a corporate, stagnate, suit and tie melodrama.


Rowena’s flair and charmed accent returns and I find she’s one of the few elements that helps ground the show in some candid meta moments. Her attitude toward the brothers makes it seem like she’s been in the picture all eleven seasons, but all in all I think she still fits in the show even though she deserves whatever the king of hell intends to put her through. As much as they wanted to put suspense in Castiel’s breakdown, I was never convinced he would truly lose himself. That’s the stigma with certain characters having longevity on this show. You just can’t kill Castiel, so stop trying. His popularity is his power, let no angel tell anyone different. Amara’s evolution is quickly pointing to some standard origin concepts which I’ll get to in a bit, but I do like the fact she is in fact eating demon souls. You’d like though that Crowley would try to offer human souls without depleting his personal staff. He should have said something about downsizing, or synergizing backward overflow, you know, boss talk.


Rowena fails to convince three witches to join her “mega”coven and kills them while Crowley instructs his ninja demons to hunt her down and kill her. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean keep Castiel moderately chained up at HQ while they search for any signs of Metatron and Rowena. In Colorado, Rowena has lunch with another pair of witches and is attacked, but she escapes. The brothers go to Denver and interrogate one of the surviving witches who helps them find Rowena. In Crowley’s keep, he observes Amara’s studies of the world’s evil and attempts to gain insight into her original capture and abilities. Amara often declares her hunger and begins feasting on demon souls. Sam and Dean find and capture Rowena and negotiate a deal to help Castiel, but he unfortunately escapes. They chase him down and force Rowena to end the spell, she does and escapes never believing Dean was going to let her go. When Crowley returns to Amara after finding another demon instructor dead, she is revealed to be in her teens, still hungry as ever.


I reiterate, I’ve always like Rowena. It may have took a few episodes last season, but she’s grown on me. She plays with the brothers now as any good semi-reoccurring villain would, as Crowley used to back before he became the king of hell. Plus when there’s zero comedic moments installed on the episode, she’ll make sure to do something to make us laugh. Mega coven was perfect if not silly in it’s delivery.

I’m perfectly fine with them getting Amara’s growth spurt out of the way now so that Crowley can begin to understand how much control he really doesn’t have with her. What also served to add to the dynamic was her adult and child conversation she had in the mirror. There’s a lot of speculative strangeness going on there, but I’ll leave those thoughts for later. For now, while her attitude fits for this kind of role, I do like that Amara’s patient with her understanding of the world as it is. She’s asking a lot of good questions without getting terribly upset. That comes with her hunger issues which seem to be growing exponentially. If Sam and Dean figured this out, they should just let her completely devour hell itself.

The bar scene with the angel and demon. They weren’t very charismatic, but that wasn’t he point. It’s a very relatable metaphor in which two distinct sides share their woes and treat their lives as though it’s like corporate work. If they want to capitalize on this, they should tune in with these two every few eps to gauge how each side is doing. This can be a fun exercise in giving the lower forms of demons and angels some substance we aren’t normally used to seeing. However, I’m pretty sure this was a one-off and won’t happen again.


Castiel’s spell had indeed run its course. I wasn’t really into it, to be honest. Certainly there’s vulnerability introduced to Castiel, but he’s never been short on that kind of problem. There really wasn’t anything to internalize nor was the spell meant to accentuate any dark feelings he had, which could have helped if we were told as such. He simply had no control and they made it last for three episodes. It’s over now, so let’s happily move on to the next iteration of his journey as a hooman.


I like Amara’s last few scenes, particularly her conversation with her older self. You get the impression that there’s a purpose for her and she’s trying to find out what that is now that she’s free. There isn’t inherit evil, there’s just feasting and realizing how tiny our planet is in the grand scheme of things. If they can keep this at a steady pace I’m certain it can last the whole season, so I wouldn’t rush to take her out of the equation too soon here.


I felt Rowena gave herself enough time to shine and show she’s still relevant on the show. She gives witches a point to have a plot and while she digs deeper to try and find that grasp in creating her own coven, she’ll be coming in and out of the Winchesters line of fire while avoiding assassination attempts from her son. She’s evil but with a side of neutral goals that don’t involve ending the world or anything that severe. She brings to light a certain focus on Sam and Dean’s issues with keeping secrets from each other and it helps to have a third party acknowledge this because Sam and Dean have a history with giving the silent treatment about those things until the end of the season. She moves things forward and that’s one reason she’s a good supporting character as of late.


I know I’m probably not the first person to make note of this, but from the way Amara spoke of god and the tone behind it makes me question if Amara is god’s daughter in that she was his first creation. Maybe that’s a no brainer, but I don’t think anyone’s stated that yet on the show. Maybe she’s the beginning of what his Trial and Error moments in the origin of the universe were like. After all, she requires souls to sustain and the one planet with life in the universe thrives on having them. Seems counterproductive to all of existence and that’s why he did what he had to, because unmaking her just wasn’t an option.

All of Crowley’s demon lackeys are poor excuses for evil things. Where are the tried and true painkilling bad ass demons out there? There’s bound to be a few left. I expect the angels to be borderline, domesticated in their personalities, but the demons need to tear more of the world up. They used to be a fearsome brand.

I don’t know why but I get the impression Amara isn’t alone in this. Whether it’s siblings or something else entirely, I just don’t see this plot being all solo, unless she completely turns the angel/demon aspect in on itself which is something I’d like to see.


Kind of a high 6 out of 10. I didn’t mind the continued the main story arc for another episode. This was a natural progression that helped tied a few loose ends from last season including Sam’s deal to kill Crowley that never came to fruition and of course Castiel’s near madness experience. Amara’s growth feels on schedule, which means she’ll be an adult before we go on our first winter break. Outside of that, this wasn’t a real progression forward as it was a wrap up of all preceding events. When Sam and Dean meet Amara again, then we’ll know where this season really stands. Apart from Rowena and Crowley’s scenes, this episode didn’t resonate as much with me. I may be asking for a stand-alone episode more than I should, but maybe an episode without any angels. I’m already cringing for the moment we’re forced to endure another Metatron-centric night. And worse, he’ll want to help. Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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