A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×03 (It’s the Ventrue versus the Toreador with a dash of Malkavian in the mix)

TO 3x03


The sire war plot thickens as Klaus and Elijah discover their bloodline is indeed setting on saving their own makers for the good of their race. Hayley and Jackson spar when Haley’s new mundane world and angry feelings from Klaus’s betrayal conflict. Marcel has second thoughts about trusting Elijah after his run in with Elijah’s bloodline and Lucien continues to profess his innocence to Camille and Vincent in regard with the serial murders in the city. We’re also given a glimpse into how he became the first sired vampire a thousand years ago.


This will be a slow simmer, but when it comes to boiling, this sire war will hopefully be the stuff of vampire legends. I have a lot of hope that this will get super intricate with enough betrayals and secrets to surpass the last two seasons combined. Thus far, the pieces we’ve been given are not enough to make a lot of sense with, but the promise of sharper stakes and sibling rivalry are a plenty. Mostly a good episode as it feeds us morsels before the entre. Klaus’s quiet moments of vocal reflection are the scenes that help us understand his character, but like always, he’ll retract the second things don’t go his way. Let’s dive in.


In the past, Lucien tries to convince Klaus to give Aurora a note but later sees Klaus and Aurora together. After raging, Lucien is taken into a dungeon by Tristan who tortures him. Later, Klaus attempts to reconcile but Lucien attacks him and gets Klaus’s blood on his wounds which heal him. He then leaves to kill Tristan but is killed by a guard. Later that night Klaus laments that he tried to give Lucien blood to heal him again but it didn’t work. Upon setting his grave on fire, Lucien wakes and discovers he’s now a vampire. In the present, Lucien is taken in for questioning but he tells Vincent and Camille that he’s being set up. Meanwhile, Marcel is greeted by Aya (sp?) a descendant of Elijah’s line who captures Marcel and takes him to Tristan’s where Elijah finds them both. Tristan arrives to tell Elijah that there is a weapon that exists that can kill an original and they must discover it from Lucien and therefore must be kept alive for the time being. Elijah then finds Klaus and warns him to keep Lucian alive for this very reason. Tristan later reviews the crime scene of another murder presumably impressed and ignores a call from his sister who killed all the monks in her dwelling and leaves for New Orleans.


It’s more prep work, but now we’ve completely identified Elijah’s sire line and the force it’s going to be starting with Tristan and the Stricts (sp?) led by Aya who are an old sect of vampires. They seem to appear more formidable than Lucian who right now only has a small harem if you can even call it that. I’m still fuzzy on how and why Elijah would sire Tristan but I’m sure we’ll get to that in the coming episodes. We’re establishing for now that there are prominent sides and they both claim they are the on the noble cause for their sire line. It’s a good premise to show that neither side is technically in the right or wrong and that whoever truly is committing the serial killing acts is likely on the side that’s slightly more evil than the other.

The flashback continue to tell a good story. I like the idea that the first sired vampire was more an accident than a plan of action which technically makes Lucien the 6th strongest vampire in existence, 4th if you count the fact that Kol and Finn are dead. They make this known when Aya takes out Marcel and Elijah takes out Aya, both using little force to subdue their weaker kin. We’re also seeing a much more reserved and innocent Klaus, someone who hasn’t discovered the true power of his race, but is quickly on the verge of such things.

I like Aurora’s set up and we’re finally going to get to see her interact with all our present cast which will likely include some serious mental instability considering where her mind is at right now. She loves her brother, but we still don’t know if she’s a part of her bloodline or not. Right now I have to assume Tristan sired her even though what I want to find out is that she’s part of Rebekah’s line. I don’t want one side versus the other. I want three sides all triple manipulating on all fronts. That will make for a stronger epic saga in my opinion.


Hayley and Jackson’s scenes were okay, but felt slightly out of place tonight. They had zero interaction with anyone but themselves and it was just so we wouldn’t forget about them and to cover the fact that Hayley is still very upset over the events in her life and is afraid the hold on the curse may not last. The sparring also was the wrong approach. He’s telling her not to hold back but they use sticks to fight, something that both should have broken on the very first strike. Granted, having her punch and kick a punching bag with Jackson holding it probably would have had an even less effect, but in truth, I think this kind of scene was better suited in an episode that showcased them more.

The interrogation scenes at the precinct really didn’t do it for me either. At this point, the viewer knows Lucien is innocent and it takes nearly the entire episode for Camille, Vincent, and Klaus to catch up and it ended up taking another murder happening outside of Lucien’s questioning which inexplicably sets up his alibi in real time. I’m not certain I really care who’s committing the murders because if the goal is to set up Lucien, then I’m hard press to be invested in that outcome. Lucien still has a lot to do to prove himself especially to Klaus and right now he’s still not quite likeable as a character.

Minor but Marcel getting the brush off from Elijah really shouldn’t be the precursor to his dissention from him. I get that choosing sides means sire or family or vice-versa, but I think it could have been handled with a little more finesse and Elijah is all about finesse. In a way, Elijah’s blue-blood style fits with Tristan and what he represents. I like that dynamic and how Marcel is still a bit under that radar because him and his vamps are not living in luxury as they once were. Maybe he’ll miss that more than his loyalty to Elijah, if you can even call it that anymore.


When Klaus tells Elijah that he won’t betray him. It’s those little moments when Klaus stops being selfish and has what looks like genuine moments of forgiveness and mercy that adds to that every conflicting character. He almost gets philosophical in his words because he’s old enough to be that way I suppose, but still. He had a similar moment with Camille about appreciating her sentiments with being asked not to kill Lucien, but I felt his sincerity with Elijah was much more genuine.


Klaus tends to win these when he has moments of sincerity and reflection that don’t end in hostility and unquestionable melodrama. Tonight, he’ll get the top spot because he’s starting to slowly get what’s at stake here and really wants his family to stay as one. At least under his conditions. I’m certain that will soon change when the blood flies on that painting and we finally understood who’s doing it and who’s getting it.


No Davina or Freya tonight. The witch plot is stale even when they’re not around because they’re certain to show up by the following episode. It’s so far removed from the vampire plot that I fear it may get too forced when the sire war really starts to heat up. Speculation really, but right now unless Vincent and Marcel get back in the game of Davina’s power struggle, I don’t think it’ll shape up into anything worthwhile.

Now that we know Klaus and Aurora were once lovers, will those feelings reemerge when Aurora arrives in New Orleans? Or was she involved with another after the fact? I think knowing who sired her will really help uncover the answers to those questions. But my money is cautiously optimistically on Rebekah. After all, Klaus did it, won’t the other siblings want to try it out as well to see how it works?

The way Lucien turned is a bit fascinating because he didn’t ingest blood but rather took it straight in the wound. I know later Klaus said he tried giving Lucien more, but by that time he was already dead and law states the victim needs vampire blood in their system before death to rise again. In this case, taking it directly in the blood stream was how this worked and considering how blood circulates, it counts if its in your stomach and being filtered. Just an odd thought about how that really works.

So, blood uncovered an address on Aya’s business card? What? Number 01, why do they have business cards and number 02, how does that even work with its reaction to blood, or vampire blood for that matter? I could see that as an effect if the vampire blood belonged to sire Elijah, but I don’t think that was the case here. As far as I know, all of Elijah’s vampire gang are from Klaus’s line.


7 out of 10. Pretty decent episode. Interrogation aside, the flashback and further set up of the sire war is still holding great interest with likely cloak and dagger-like vampire shenanigans to follow. The arrival of Aurora should hopefully spice things up even more and hopefully we’ll get to know what this new weapon of death will be. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a person who can kill the Originals and not just an object this time. To imbue someone with such power would cause a real power shift in the city. One I think Marcel would be eager to claim if he could take that chance. Until next week, thanks for reading.

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